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    Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle Review

    The brand new Crosman DPMS SBR fully automatic BB rifle just hit the market this week. The accuracy of this M4 style Co2 powered BB rifle is amazing! This video will give you an up close look at my Crosman full auto BB rifle as well as showing what its like to shoot 1400 rounds per minute at something. That's a whole 25 round clip in 1.1 seconds. But you can see it in slow motion. I'm also debuting my new Side Shot Scope Cam footage in this video. Tons of fun! …and there is a surprise guest you won't want to miss (my sexy boss from Sweden)…must see Airgun Channel. Click here for the Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rife Review Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle Review

    Sorry the surprise guest is in my Kral Accuracy Testing video here: Click here to watch: Kral Arms ARMOUR Accuracy Testing Video
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    Kral Arms ARMOUR (Accuracy Testing Video)

    Hey Guys! This is an official Accuracy Testing video on the .22 cal Kral Arms ARMOUR bullpup style PCP rifle. I also just got a Side Shot Scope Cam system (on sale at Utah Airguns for $199 right now). Cool video! Thanks for watching! -Nate P.S. …There is also a surprise guest you won't want to miss (my sexy boss from Sweden)…must see Airgun Channel. Click here to watch: Kral Arms ARMOUR Accuracy Testing Video
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    Gamo Swarm Accuracy Testing

    Hey Guys! Here is a video I just made where I shoot the Gamo Swarm at 25, 35, and 50 yards for accuracy testing. Thanks for watching! – Nate at YouTube's Airgun Channel https://youtu.be/o16hvesYalc
  5. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    UPDATE: (Pellet Clipping Solved) Kral Armour Review

    UPDATE: Donny FL helped me solve my pellet clipping issue. Here is a quick 5 minute video telling about it: Click here for: How to Stop Pellet Clipping on the Kral Armour
  6. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    Kral Arms ARMOUR Review (New Bull-Pup Style PCP Rifle)

    Hey Guys! I have finally been able to upload my first Kral Armour Review. This is a really exciting new bull pup PCP rifle that is very well made and accurate right out of the box. It's going to take at least 3 videos to cover this awesome gun. Here is the Part 1: Click here to watch the Kral Arms ARMOUR Air Rifle Review Video: Did I mention it comes is 4 awesome colors? Thanks for Watching! -Nate @ Youtube's Airgun Channel
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    Weihrauch HW44 Review (Regulated PCP Pistol)

    Hey Guys! This is my long awaited review (Part 1) of the Weihrauch HW44 Regulated PCP Pistol. This pistol comes in .177 and .22 caliber and includes an LDC. This video covers unboxing, basic operation, and open sight accuracy testing at 20 yards. Also a few power test shots at 40 yards. The next video will go into accuracy with a scope mounted to the HW44…but this video will tell you everything you need to know about this awesome gun. This is a definite contender to the Ataman AP16. I will also be doing a series of Head to Head AP16 vs HW44 videos. Thanks for watching! -Nate Click here for the Weihrauch HW44 Review Video Part 1:
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    Nova Freedom Review (#2) w/ 75 Yard Shooting

    Hey Guys! This is part 2 of my Review and Testing of the Nova Freedom PCP Rifle. This gun has a built in PCP pump. Find out how many pumps it takes to fill the tank from Zero, How many shots you get in the "Green Zone" , and How many Pumps it takes to Top Off the tank. This video is complete with Chronograph testing! Fun review! Thanks for Watching! -Nate Click here to watch the Nova Freedom Review (#2) with a sneak peak at the new Kral Armour in .22 cal
  9. Hey guys, This little $300 Yong Heng PCP compressor in 110 volt turned out to be very high quality. I actually destroyed the compressor BEFORE I was able to start it..but this is 3/4 of an awesome review video. This video shows you this compressor Up Close and tells you everything you need to know to preform the basic set up of your Yong Heng compressor before you use it. I also show you where to buy your Yong Heng. In this video you will also find out why you should ONLY BUY a YONG HENG brand PCP compressor and never the generic Chinese PCP compressors offered online. This video also features an up close look at some Hawke Airmax scopes, the NEW $1000 Weirauch HW44 PCP pistol, and the Ataman AP16 pistol. About this compressor: If you shoot PCP at all you really need to get this item. I can't believe I used to go to the Scuba shop and pay $12 a fill. Once you get a pump like this you realize how ridiculous getting your tanks filled a a scuba shop really is! Click here to see the YONG HENG (the $300 PCP Compressor) Up-Close Look and Review Video Thanks for watching! -Nate Coming next: The KRAL ARMOUR is here!!
  10. Hey guys! Here is Part 2 of my Weirauch HW97K review. It included accuracy testing from 25 yards all the way out to 50 yards. My 8 year old nephew also shoots a pretty impressive group at 20 yards with my Stainless on BLK HW97. Find out why this in one of the winningest spring guns in the history Field Target Competition. Click here for the Weihrauch HW97 Air Rifle Accuracy Testing Video Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  11. Hey guys! This is a video I have been looking forward to making for a long time. This gun is not a multi pump, and not a PCP….it's both! Revolutionary in it's design, quality, and price point, this gun is also super accurate at 50 yards and beyond. Watch me prove it in this Air Rifle of the Year Review Video with 25 yard, 35 yard, 50 yard, and 61 yard accuracy testing. Thanks for Watching! -Nate Click here for the Air Rifle of the Year 2018 Review Video
  12. Hey Guys! This video shows a few low cost Co2, PCP, and Spring air guns I just bought to try out. If your into $100-$300 air rifles check out this video. I also spend 3-4 minutes on affordable air gun targets available NOW! These targets include Air Veturi Shoot Em Down Silhouette Competition Targets. Guns in this video include Hammerli 850 Magnum, ASG Tac 45, Crosman 1077, Mrod Varmint, Sig P320 and MPX, and Gamo Swarm 10 shot spring rifle….with Elvira. Click here for Affordable Air Guns Video w/ Elvira:
  13. I just got a Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle. I have not tried alot of big bores but I think I can safely say this is one of the best values out there. The feel and handling of this .357 is natural and the gun is crazy fun to shoot. No recoil, lightweight, conformable to carry, and accurate. See what this rifle does to cans and poker chips in Slow Motion HDand see this exciting big bore PCP air rifle close up in this video. Click here for the Benjamin Bulldog .357 Review Video with BB-8 Plus footage of 960 frames per second HD slow motion. You can actually see the .357 bullet! (It’s the white streak) Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    Low Cost Night Vision (The Suncore P1-0540 is amazing!)

    Hey guys! This is the low cost Suncore P1-0540 Night Vision device I ordered. I was very surprised that this digital night vision worked amazing! It gives you a very clear picture in complete darkness. The picture is more clear than even 3rd Gen night vision scopes and it’s in full color! These are an amazing value. This review video shows you where to buy them and I give a demo of the P1-0540 working in complete darkness. Click here for the Suncore P1-0540 Low Cost Night Vision Review Video Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  15. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    Weihrauch HW97 Review (World Best Spring Air Rifle) Part 1

    I'm going to check out that trigger. It sounds great!
  16. Hey Guys! This video shows my new Stainless Weihrauch HW97, what many say is the best spring powered air rifle available. This underlever cocking spring powered air rifle is rumored to have the best trigger or ANY airgun and to be the most accurate spring rifle you can get. See it up close in this HW97 review video. Also find out how I got this brand new rifle for almost 1/2 the price! Click here to watch: Weihrauch HW97 Review (World Best Spring Air Rifle) Part 1 Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  17. This video shows some cool new Auto Reset Shooting Gallery Targets I just got. Watch me completely destroy, and then repair this shooting gallery all in one day. Click here for the Magnetic Knockdown Auto Reset Airgun Target Review: Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    How to Run any Full Auto Evanix PCP Rifle (Video)

    There may not be many people out there who think much of these rifles, but they are possibly the most misunderstood air guns ever made. Evanix are not known for accuracy or reliability. They are however some of the most accurate and reliable PCP rifles available. The semi auto and full auto models they produced until a few years ago got a reputation for not working well. That was all due to people loading their magazines incorrectly (and other mistakes) because they were not properly instructed on how to operate these awesome rifles. I get 1 hole groups at 50 yards with my full auto Evanix and I never have a jam or mis-feed. Not ever. Find out why in this informative Evanix tutorial video: How to Run any Full Auto Evanix Rifle Here are some sample groups I shot with the rifle in the video: Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  19. Hey Guys! Here is a video showing some of the affordable air rifles and pistols I will be reviewing soon on my channel. I also show some awesome targets I got at Pyramid Air and a few other places. The guns shown include the Benjamin Bulldog .357, Swiss Arms TG-1 Rifle, Crosman PFM16 Co2 Pistol, Sig Sauer P320 Co2 Pellet Pistol, Drozd Blackbird, the Crosman Legacy 1000fps Pump rifle, Crosman 760 Pumpmaster, and .177 cal heavy Eun Jin pellets. Click here to watch the whole video: Click the Silhouette Target Competition Targets picture to skip straight to the Air Venturi Silhouette Targets part: Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  20. Hey Guys! This is the first break barrel I have purchased in 25 years. Find out why in this up close look at the Swarm Maxxim. Rated at 1300 feet per second, this spring powered air rifle will shoot 2X heavy pellets at 975fps with out a problem. If your considering buying a spring powered break barrel style air rifle, there is no better choice. Click here for the Swarm Maxxim Review Video
  21. Hey Guys! I was finally able to do some shooting with my $399 refurbished Hatsan Sortie semi auto PCP pistol. This video shows a quick close up look and review of the Sortie in synthetic stock, as well as plenty of shooting! Click here for the Hatsan Sortie Accuracy Testing & Review and last week: Evanix Max Review Preview Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  22. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    Weirauch HW44 PCP Air Pistol (Best New Air Pistol 2018)

    Hey guys! This is the new high end Weirauch HW44 PCP Pistol available in .22 and .177 at Airguns or Arizona right now. (and Krale in .177) Here is a non-review on this pistol showing all the specs and where to buy. Thanks! -Nate Click here for the Weirauch HW44 PCP Air Pistol Video P.S. I bought one today!!! This video also covers how to order air guns from overseas to save $$$! and Special Guest appearances by all these folks: and BB-8 gets his Sig Sauer MCX Pellet gun in the mail from an AGN Classifieds ad! Thanks for watching! -Nate
  23. Hey Guys! This video shows the new Hatsan Flash and Flash Pup that comes in .177, .22, and .25 caliber. Find out what this PCP rifle has over other $299 PCP rifles offered right now. One of the most exciting PCP rifles of 2018. Before you buy an Umarex Gauntlet or Benjamin Frontier, make sure you consider the Hatsan Flash. Coming at the end of May! Also there is a Celebrity Guest in this video. Click here for Youtube’s Airgun Channel Hatsan Flash Official Non-Review Video this video also shows Pyramid Air’s Airgun Ballistics Calculator and How to Slow Your 1200FPS airgun down to 930FPS for better accuracy.
  24. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    How to get a 4500psi Carbon Fiber PCP tank for Under $200

    In your country I heard you can use them for 30 years...get a Yong Heng Compressor for $300 to pump up your own expired tanks..if you dare. -Nate
  25. I just made a video on how to get a 4500 psi PCP tank and fill station off eBay for under $200...what to look out for, and other tips. No need to pay $700 for a PCP tank and fill station, get the same thing for under $200. Click here for my video: https://youtu.be/X2MZda52ssk for more great videos (coming soon) please subscribe. Here is a link to my commercial free Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOK4tO1I_NPdZqUXkZ7RtIA?view_as=subscriber Thanks -Nate M