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  1. Hey Guys, it's been a few weeks but I'm back in the PCP game (after air gun shooting was outlawed at the 5 acre farm I live at). My Yong Heng compressor really came in handy this last week. I drove 1 hour away, and hiked 500 yards into the woods, to the air gun range 5 days in a row. I was able to fill my 45 minute PCP tank each day so I didn't get stuck in the forest with low air. Here is a video with all you need to know about the high quality and affordable Yong Heng PCP Compressor: This Yong Heng Review video also covers Moisture Filters for PCP Pumps, the best oil to use, safety tips, How to get an Affordable Carbon Fiber SCBA tank and PCP fill Station, and Set up of the Yong Heng with additional parts you will need before you can use it. Thanks for watching! -Nate '
  2. I got a chance to shoot the new Evanix MAX AIR .25 cal out to 75 yards, testing different weight JSB Exact pellets. You will be surprised at the 75 yard results. Plus, this video also shows a 3 shot burst at 75 yards that may be the most amazing shot in Airgun History. Thanks for watching! -Nate P.S. These bullpups are in stock now at Jefferson State Airguns if anyone wants one.
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    5 min Diana Outlaw Testing Video w/ 35 Yard Accuracy

    An interesting thing happened on the way to the Diana Outlaw .25 caliber Review Video...but not before the Outlaw and I killed a few bullseyes. Thanks for watching! -Nate
  4. This was the best $749 I ever spent on an airgun. If you saw my Hatsan Flash accuracy video, I put 14 shots through about a 3/8 in hole at 35 yards. The Flash .177 was super accurate. Now the new Galatian Tactical version semi auto is out and it does the same thing…extreme accuracy at 35 and 50 yards…and in semi auto! Here is a video of my time with the Hatsan Galatian Semi Auto Tactical Version: Thanks for watching! -Nate
  5. Hey Guys! I finally got to shoot my new .25 cal Evanix Max Air semi auto PCP air rifle. It was awesome! Here is a video with some power and accuracy testing at the airgun range. You may have seen some of the Evanix Air Speed reviews from Hajimoto, Jefferson State Air Rifles, and Shooter 1721. The accuracy on the Air Speed is amazing. The Max Air is the bull pup version of this rifle. This will be the first of 2 or 3 Evanix Max Air .25 cal shooting and review videos. It also tells you when and where to buy this rifle and how much affordable they are. Thanks for watching! -Nate @ http://www.Air-Gun-Channel.com
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    Close up Look at the Diana OUTLAW Regulated PCP Rifle

    This video shows the unboxing and assembly of the new Diana OUTLAW regulated PCP rifle. Accuracy testing video coming soon. …but if your considering a $499 regulated PCP air rifle…or an actual Diana Outlaw…you will like this video. Really a beautiful gun… Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    FORTITUDE (the EXACT Pellet for Best ACCURACY)

    This video shows accuracy testing on a broken in Benjamin Fortitude regulated PCP air rifle. At $300, this turns out to be a great deal. See what this fully regulated PCP air rifle is really capable of with 10 shots groups at 35 yards that will knock your socks clean off. Filmed on location at AGC studios and edited by a genuine AGC staff member. This video is straight Gangbusters! Click here to watch: Benjamin Fortitude Accuracy Testing (Finding the Pellet for Best Accuracy)
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    Full Auto Friday (plus How to Outfit an Evanix MAX AIR)

    (This is not a Review Video) Happy Friday. This video shows the new 2019 Evanix MAX AIR high powered PCP rifle in .25 caliber. ..as well as a custom Full Auto Conquest in .25 and me and my old friend, Bad Medicine, (a .25 cal Full Auto Evanix Max with A.I.) do some messed up stuff to keep us all safe from paint cans. Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    FORTITUDE Accuracy UPDATE!!! (Amazing 10 shot groups)!

    (This is not a video) I shot 550 rounds through my brand new Benjamin Fortitude to "settle the regulator" …it must have worked. Here are my results testing the first 3 of 10 different pellets, (including H&N FTT's), once my first 550 shots were done. These groups are 10 shots each, .22 cal Fortitude (broken in) at 35 yards. I sat down, shot these 3 groups on the first try, these are not my best groups of the day, they are my ONLY groups of the day. I guess the Fortitude made me look pretty stupid today (some of you know why). -Nate I got the Baker trigger sitting right here. I'll try and install it this weekend and make an instructional video. I hope I can do it. I'm kind of afraid to try. I shot those groups with the stock trigger but I'm definately going to install the Baker trigger.
  10. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    Benjamin FORTITUDE Review #3 (Settling the Regulator)

    The Saga continues…watch me believe in the Fortitude. This is video Review #3 in a series of Benjamin Fortitude testing videos. Click here to watch: Stay tuned! Next week I'll have H&N pellets. I can't wait! Thanks for watching! -Nate
  11. Here is part 2 of my Benjamin Fortitude.22 review. This gun has been disappointing as far as accuracy. The 50 yard results were about the same as the 35 yard results. I guess that means better huh? I'm trying to run about 500 pellets through it to see if the "Regulator" improves and try some different ammo. This video covers shots 50-200. Get through this video without laughing and win a free target! (used). Click here for Benjamin FORTITUDE 50 Yard Accuracy Testing Video Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    Evanix MAX AIR (Unboxing & First Look) Semi Auto PCP

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on this new Semi Auto Evanix MAX AIR .25 caliber air rifle for testing. Here is a first look at an exciting new PCP that willhit the market next year (2019). Click here to see the Evanix MAX Air (air actuated semi auto) Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  13. Hey guys! This Brocock Compatto is amazing! The slingshot hammer system ABSOLUTELY mimics a regulator. I have never seen a non regulated gun shoot like this. If you have never owned a Compatto or Bantam, check out this video and see what it's all about. I would say this is one of the BEST used guns you can buy. At $500-$600 used WITH a moderator included, it's a great value..see why in this video review. Also, did you know they have the Bantam and Compatto in .25 cal now? This video also shows the NEW 2018 Bantam Sniper HR, MK2, and Compatto Target HR editions available now. Click here to see Brocock Compatto .22 Review and Accuracy Testing Thanks for watching! -Nate
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    Diana CHASER Pistol (Accuracy Testing) with Open Sights

    Hey guys! I got a chance to do some open sight accuracy testing with the new Diana Chaser Co2 pellet pistol. Talk about bang for your buck! Power and 1/2 inch groups at 15 yards…with open sights! They really got this Co2 pistol right. It was worth the wait. I did not know a Co2 gun could be this consistent. (and for 50 shots!). Click here to see and More Diana Chaser testing coming soon! Thanks for Watching! –Nate @ Youtube's Airgun Channel
  15. Hey Guys! I finally got a handle on this HD Slow Motion video thing. (I had to learn how to adjust the camera's ISO settings). Here is the result. I hope you enjoy it! This is a Benjamin Bulldog .357 vs some unfortunate flower pots and crayons. Thanks for watching! -Nate Click here to watch Slow Motion Sunday #1 Coming soon: Full Auto Friday
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    New Diana CHASER (Pistol Version) Review

    This video review gives an up close look at the new Diana Chaser Co2 pellet pistol. At 50 shots per fill, this is an efficient and powerful plinker shooting a .22 pellet at 460 FPS. No adjustment of the sites were necessary to hit spinner size targets at 7 yards away with ease. Really a fun gun. I can't wait to shoot the Diana Chaser Rifle Kit! (next week). Click here to watch the Diana Chaser Review Video Thanks for watching! -Nate
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    New Diana CHASER (Pistol Version) Review

    New video here: https://youtu.be/gMgQlLRil4s
  18. Hey guys. This video will show you what's really up with the (semi-auto?) Kalibrgun Capybara PCP rifle. This video also shows many of the new guns that are coming out in 2018. Its going to be a very Merry Christmas if any of these guns actually make it to market for 2018. This video is more like a 30 minute TV show…about Air Guns! Click here to watch Capybara Release Date + New 2018 Air Guns Video Packed into this 32 minute video (in the order of appearance): * Benjamin Bulldog .357 * Kalibrgun CAPYBARA * My ex-girlfriend * AOA's Websight * FX Red Wolf Walnut * Alex Max * The CAPYBARA Whisperer * Tiro Esportivo SBC * Diana Bandit PCP Pistol * Hatsan Galation Tactical Semi-Auto PCP Rifle * Sig Sauer ASP20 Spring Rifle (Beech and Synthetic) * Ataman M2 Ergonomic Rifle .30 cal * D.B Walton * Hatsan Flash .177 * Hammerli 850 Magnum * Sig p320, Weirauch HW44 *ATN 4k Night Vision Scope * FX Monsoon Semi Auto .22 cal * Ranger EX Long Range RC Plane * Storm Anti Gravity Drone (UHF/1.2 Ghz Drone w/ Dragon Link) * Drager Carbon Fiber PCP Tank Fill Station * Kral Armour * Air Venturi Hellboy all metal M4 BB Gun * Brocock Compatto * Yong Heng $300 PCP Compressor * Ali Express PCP Compressor Moisture Filter * Nitecore MH12 (or MH10) 1 inch flashlight * Nielson Specialty Ammo .25 cal slugs * 5.1gr GAMO 18k Gold PBA Ammo * Crosman Fast Flight Plastic .177 Ammo * Shooting Chrony Chronograpch w/ case and Printer * Daystate Rosso Series (#119) Replacement Stock * and more. Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    Hatsan Flash Accuracy Testing @ 35 yds & 50 yds (Video)

    This video has alot of shooting! I think you will be amazed at this gun's accuracy, I know I was. Thanks for watching! -Nate Click here for the: Official Hatsan Flash .177 caliber Accuracy Testing Video
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    Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle Review

    The brand new Crosman DPMS SBR fully automatic BB rifle just hit the market this week. The accuracy of this M4 style Co2 powered BB rifle is amazing! This video will give you an up close look at my Crosman full auto BB rifle as well as showing what its like to shoot 1400 rounds per minute at something. That's a whole 25 round clip in 1.1 seconds. But you can see it in slow motion. I'm also debuting my new Side Shot Scope Cam footage in this video. Tons of fun! …and there is a surprise guest you won't want to miss (my sexy boss from Sweden)…must see Airgun Channel. Click here for the Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rife Review Thanks for Watching! -Nate
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    Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle Review

    Sorry the surprise guest is in my Kral Accuracy Testing video here: Click here to watch: Kral Arms ARMOUR Accuracy Testing Video
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    Kral Arms ARMOUR (Accuracy Testing Video)

    Hey Guys! This is an official Accuracy Testing video on the .22 cal Kral Arms ARMOUR bullpup style PCP rifle. I also just got a Side Shot Scope Cam system (on sale at Utah Airguns for $199 right now). Cool video! Thanks for watching! -Nate P.S. …There is also a surprise guest you won't want to miss (my sexy boss from Sweden)…must see Airgun Channel. Click here to watch: Kral Arms ARMOUR Accuracy Testing Video
  23. Hey Guys! This is a long overdue test of the Ataman AP16's accuracy out to 35 yards. In this video I punch paper and a few other things with a scoped AP16 as well as with open sights. The result are impressive. Thanks for watching! -Nate Click here for: Ataman AP16 Accuracy Testing (and Rat Hunt) Video This video is posted in the Hunting section because a Rat was harmed in the making of this video. (He didn't feel a thing).
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    Gamo Swarm Accuracy Testing

    Hey Guys! Here is a video I just made where I shoot the Gamo Swarm at 25, 35, and 50 yards for accuracy testing. Thanks for watching! – Nate at YouTube's Airgun Channel https://youtu.be/o16hvesYalc
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    How to Sort your Pellets for Accuracy (Video)

    Hey Guys! Here is a video about sorting your pellets like a hardcore target shooter. The video also shows a test of sorted pellets through a new Kral Arms ARMOUR in .22 caliber. Thanks for watching! Click here to watch: How to Sort Pellets for Accuracy Tutorial and Demo