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  1. CAC

    New Scope

    Tried the prototype JH had last year and if production models are the same will be a very welcome addition, snapped in and out well very repeatable
  2. CAC

    New Scope

    Memory definitely playing tricks was green and red 🤔
  3. CAC

    New Scope

    Forgot to add probably the most underrated scope I used , and the only one I never really saw move in temp and at £200 the cheapest , a Deben 10-50 , superb for the money and used until the turrets checked out, that was a blow , upsides and downsides to them was not the greatest optics ( when in direct comparison to good glass) and variable in quality control , 2 different lens coatings green / blue one was better , think green , but memory may be playing tricks. At the money best entry level scope by a mile.
  4. CAC

    New Scope

    Never lost targets with comp series, just did not like shooting on high mag , suits some not others , I would like to think my technique is OK after all these years 😉
  5. CAC

    New Scope

    Over the years I have had nearly every scope deemed good for FT , big Nikkos , pm11 s , comp series , 20 -50 , big bsa , Sightron ,March 10-60 , in my opinion by far the best rangefinders are the S&B , the PM11 are slightly better than the FT and move a bit less , but hey they all move , used some good 8-80 March and used ones that were terrible same with 10-60 March ,mine was a dog , moved nearly as much as the S&B and iffy Optics ,hated it but a pal has a good one I could use, just , I have had 3 Pm11s and used plenty each one is the same as the other as with the FT really consistant in optics and build quality ,yes they move further than some people go on holiday but when you learn them they are the best of the super scopes IMO .The PM11 snaps better than Nikkos and have great glass , I have looked through a couple if Khales and the seem to differ but never had one to adjust to my eyes so won't comment further , again looked through other people's Delta and whilst they seem good have not played long enough to comment , I now use a S&B FT and know what it does , learn them and they are as good if not better than anything out there in my opinion , despite the jokes regarding the pointers spend the time and be methodical setting it up and it will reward you , you cannot have an opinion on one on a short time bit like an old 20-50 you are learning all the time , if you wat a bolt on and shoot just buy a Nikko but difficult to look through after using better glass 😀 PS a good comp series would come next but hate fixed mag so not an option for me
  6. CAC

    Masters and showdown

    Dave Penman has done his EV for years , Jack won't send it to anyone else
  7. CAC

    Masters and showdown

    Fortunately it's only the EV that gets the service not the Nikko 😄
  8. CAC

    Masters and showdown

    Jacks EV comes all the way to Bonnie Scotland for its service 😉