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  1. Hi, just bought a tatty old BSA Scorpion pistol in .22. No sights. Dovetail grooves so Mk2?. Its hard to cock, it does fire, but its not producing enough power to push a pellet down the barrel. A full refurb is in order. I have a couple of breech seals (BSA and Weihrauch suggested a better seal by someone online), a new standard mainspring, Piston O ring, Buffer washer, Piston head washer, and Piston retainer clip or Piston Head retaining washer on the way from Chambers. I will try a piston sleeve. Any improvements/suggestions about the trigger? Any other suggestions. The barrel and action have quite a few rust spots blooming through. Any suggestions, try cold blueing stuff (any recommendations?) or paint (any recommendations?). I would like to put open sights back on, but will be using a pistol scope until I find some at reasonable cost. Dave