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  1. RigsbyDamp

    Help Repairing Weihrauch HW80k

    I solved the problem, the new spring came with a new washer which was thicker than the original one. I returned the old washer to its rightful place and hey presto, it worked. I thank everyone for their helpful contributions.
  2. RigsbyDamp

    Help Repairing Weihrauch HW80k

    Looking at the schematic: I seem to be missing the pin DP285 to hold the sear lever down, I thought I was meticulous is disassembling the gun but clearly not enough as it must have fallen out. I'd be grateful if anybody could confirm that this is the problem.
  3. Hello, I have yesterday replaced the spring and seals in my old Weihrauch HW80k and all went well until I had to put the trigger mechanism back in; I put it in cocked and it cocks on its own by pushing in the top lever. However, when it is inserted and pinned the spring will not engage. It is as if the back lever is unable to hold down the top lever and I wonder if it is something to do with the safety but I would be grateful for any assistance and I hope that my description is adequate.