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  1. Spud

    Leup comp 35x help please

    Are you going to Mendips this week Rob ?, perhaps you can practice your knots and tie this one up for us.
  2. Spud

    Inter - Regionals

    Your turn Holly
  3. Before last years Inters, there was a lot of banter on this forum, have I missed it, or not started yet. :wub:
  4. Spud

    Anyone know of a good gun club

    Will be moving further away from my club, from 1 1/2 miles to 3 miles, will have to get more pocket money to cover the petrol, or talk the wife into moving into the barn beside shoot.
  5. Spud


    Sorry to hear that Allan, but best wishes for Christmas and the future, card is up with the rest of them, good luck.
  6. Spud

    SWEFTA League shoot - 8

    We did not do to bad at South "DORSET" today as well Tony,. hope you all enjoyed it.
  7. Spud

    Find clubs

    Go to the BFTA website and look for Club Contacts, there is a map, click on your area and a list will come up, I think there are about five in your region.
  8. Look up the BFTA web site look for club listing and contact Roger Moy, He helps run a club in Norfolk and can give you further info
  9. Spud

    FT practice

    " I only practice kneeling indoors at 25yds" Your lucky Rob, most of us do not have a sitting room that long.
  10. Spud

    Sherborne, Dorset Club?

    I did see on one of the forums that a few guys were trying to set up a HFT near Gillingham, but I do not have any details, if thats nearer for you. The one at Dorchester is between Weymouth and Dorchester on the Ridgeway, South Dorset FTC
  11. Spud

    CSFTA Wendover 8th Feb

    Rob, see post regarding SWEFTA, South Devon
  12. Spud

    SWEFTA League No. 1 Shoot

    Sorry Boys I will not be there either, due to road conditions, already had a car ride over my tow bar this weekend, took 4 of us to lift the car off, negative damage to mine compared with hers.
  13. Spud

    swefta ft dates

    16th August
  14. Spud

    swefta ft dates

    Rich, yours shows South Dorset as First comp, that has now been changed to August, first comp I think is now South Devon on the 8th Feb.
  15. Spud

    GP 2 MAD

    Holly, at the Burger stand, is that before or after shooting?