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    Firearms chat

    Would members please ensure they use the FAC forum for all technical information and detail that could take an airgun over the UK’s legal (unlicensed) limit. The FAC forum is reserved for those who have a firearms certificate (in the UK) or who are permitted muzzle energies in excess of 12fpe (rifles) and 6fpe (pistols) in their own countries. Access requires the completion of a questionnaire available from admin@airgunforum.net (when requesting, please remember to include your username).
  2. DaveL

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Did you make the stock as well as the action, Jeff?
  3. A bit of an eye catching title, but it's aimed at a guest, a non-member, who seems determined to send Admin a response to every post he reads. So far he's sent a couple of hundred - YES, A COUPLE OF HUNDRED - responses over yesterday and today. He's using the option to report posts to admin so I'm swamped with these rubbish, one line comments. Join the f'ing forum or f-off, you troll! Apologies to the people who have figured out how to use the forum properly, but what this means is that all guest comments and queries have been banned. DaveL
  4. It's one smart spambot as many of the comments passed seem pertinent to the topic that has been read. Matt has managed to turn off guest posts, thereby saving my sanity! Whether that's good or bad is a matter of opinion. I couldn't find the blighter to check out his email address, so I'd really appreciate a "how to" either by pm or email, please. Cheers. Dave
  5. Airgunforum.net is looking for a new owner. Hopefully, one with fresh and new ideas. It started life on 12 December 2001 thanks to Alf Wheeler. I joined on 16th December. Alf and I worked together through some difficult times and I think the hassle from other quarters grew too much for Alf, so he gave the forum to me. We had lots of new ideas and it made this forum an interesting one for many, however, new ideas are soon copied by others, so it wasn’t long before staff on here ran out of ideas to enhance the board and keep it moving. My own shooting was curtailed by eye problems and John B’s work demanded more of him, so involvement and interest in airgunning flagged for us both and ownership of the forum was taken by Ray (Raygun) for a short while. Sadly, Ray developed lung cancer which was not diagnosed until quite late. He seemed to have responded well to treatment, however, an attack of pneumonia proved too much for his weakened system and he passed away. He is greatly missed. Since then, John B and I have maintained the forum as a going concern with John B hosting it on his personal webspace, but membership activity is very low and concentrated mainly in the FT, FT Hunter and SAR forum. I visit the forum at least once per day to do any necessary admin., but there are no new ideas or stimuli to get things working again. It’s decision time. Either the reins of the forum are passed to another person – with full support from both John B and me or it closes down. John and I will honour our promises, unlike some fly-by-nights, but that’s another story. In May of this year, I registered the domain name for two years but the software is out of date and although I bought lifetime support from the authors; that seems to have gone to the wall. So please feel free to post your comments on this thread and feel free to PM me if you have something positive to offer. Failing a change of ownership, I propose closing the forum on or around its 16th anniversary. Dave L
  6. DaveL

    (New Video) Ataman AP16 Pistol Review -World's Top PCP Pistol

    Pellet sizer sizes are usually chosen to best match the barrel on any given airgun, so if you have several guns, you may end up with an equal number of sizers or more, depending on how many different size sizers were tried to best match the particular gun. As it's available in .22 cal only, it would not interest the target shooters but would probably make a good, though very expensive, ratter. Even then, here in the UK with its low cap on muzzle energy, I'd guess a .177 would still be the gun of choice for a ratter as the trajectory would be less like that of a mortar LOL! The pistols look nice but somehow seem to me to be very nose-heavy. Also, I'm really surprised that an expensive pistol like the silver one you showed didn't have the cylinder pressure gauge "the right way up." Of course, here in the UK, we're limited to 6fpe for air pistols and they need to be darned difficult or impossible to adjust upwards. If an air pistol is taken for testing by the police, the lab they use may very well tinker around to try to get the pistol over the legal limit and if it does exceed that figure, you're in dead trouble because the pistol then becomes a firearm and its possession is treated just the same as if you had a .44 cal Desert Eagle. I know which I'd prefer but the "ban this, ban that" brigade have this country in a stranglehold. Do take care when waving a laser around because a reflection back into your eye can cause permanent damage. What was the power of your laser? Generally, 5mW is about the max available to the general public and even that power is very dangerous. They are, unfortunately, often abused by idiots and can cause permanent eye damage. The battery will be a lithium polymer giving 3.7v which is close to the ideal voltage for a green light emitting diode. As Matt says, please put your next contribution in the video section. Your videos are extremely good and much appreciated. Cheers and thanks. DaveL
  7. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    I don't know what's upset you, John, but right now the need for tech support is at its greatest, especially for handling new members, so without your help, I reckon we're well and truly screwed. DaveL
  8. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    What have they said, John? Could you share with Matt and me by email, please? I haven't had a communication from them, so I'm still totally ignored after trying to smooth things over with that dratted man-hater! I guess she was a failed test pilot for a broomstick factory. Dave
  9. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    There has been no deliberate dragging of feet. John B was in the midst of building works and we needed to wait for him to communicate with NatS. Clearly, John read the thread's drift differently as, frankly, I was quite amused at the way it had meandered to and fro in a manner that is so typical of the small band of users. I don't know what has passed between NatS and John-B. I'm in the dark over that. Nat, would you kindly let me know what has passed between you and John? I was willing to hand over to you, but without John's co-operation, I don't think it can be made to work. As it stands at present, I agree that there's little to enthuse anyone to keep the forum going but I have indicated some of the things needed to make it viable once more. Those were merely suggestions to give any prospective owner a hint of what's needed, together with the new owner's own ideas. Eaton Rifles, your analysis of my intentions offends me. You don't know me, or my circumstances and you're clearly no friend of mine so I hope you go sow your nasty opinions elsewhere. To those who have offered financial support, I thank you but I don't need it. What I need is freedom from the shackles of a forum that I don't have the time or energy to inject some new life into. Requests have been received to copy certain information from the forum and I ask that patience be shown. Whatever the outcome, nothing will be wasted. DaveL
  10. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    NeilS - John B's presently up to the earballs with building mods to his home, but will contact you soon. Monty - have you seen the index files for most of the tech sections? That represented our state of the art before facebook et al emerged but who knows what new BBS software may embrace? I too would like to see a far better indexing system on the forum because the best I could come up with - a file named INDEX - seemed to be beyond the wit and ken of many users, judging by the number of moans I used to receive. Once pointed to the INDEX file, the penny dropped and users were happy. We used to put up pix of different guns and give a rundown on them. That stopped when the people who drove the forum at the time exhausted their inventories. Only rare contributions from users. We used to do stripdowns and rebuilds but that suffered a similar fate, probably exacerbated by AT, so there's nothing on here about guns that are 10 years old or less. I used to put the stuff up on the forum, but it's been so long, I've forgotten how to do it. I asked the question about what future the forum had precisely to get the for's and against's out in the open, to help facilitate a decision. John and I have merely propped up this forum for some years because we were out of shooting. My error is in not having asked the question sooner but it's easy to drop into a routine. Get on computer, do emails, do forum, go look at stuff you're actually interested in and so on. That's my poor excuse. I do apologise sincerely for my tardiness. DaveL
  11. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    John B presently hosts the forum on his site and he'd probably be happy to continue for a small fee, but that's my speculation. I've asked John to contact NatS because they will probably speak the same language. I have my hands rather full with matters domestique at the moment, but have a ruck of passwords etc. at the ready for now. To those who can't help with running the forum, rack your brains to think of things that are and are not possible to do to set the forum apart once more, as it was in the past before everyone else decided to catch up. Think of material you could provide that could add to the "library" as it was once called. THAT is supporting a forum as distinct from being a USER of a forum. C O N T R I B U T E. Moderators should be willing to take on an area of responsibility, such as keeping he listings of manufacturers and gun dealers up to date. Incidentally, we also pioneered things behind the scenes that helped make all the forums places where the cheats and swindlers found it heavy weather to get up to their mischief, but users weren't able to see its success. I'm sure many would chuck a buck in the hat, just as I would, even though the forum is no longer something that's at the top of my list of interests. My hopes are that it would be administered competently, moderated firmly and FAIRLY in an even-handed manner, in keeping with the standards we set out in the very beginning. Pressures can come from different places, such as when there was the anti-tamper debate on here, where discussion was suppressed elsewhere. We weathered that storm and were able to show that anti-tamper protected the manufacturer and not the end user, but that's old material now. So, guys, please stop squabbling, be friends and push in the same direction. That way, something good can come from this handover. DaveL
  12. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    I am offering to GIVE the forum to a suitable successor. Whoever invented the idea it's for sale needs to clean his glasses, so let's stamp on that piecee of "false news" straight away. John and I have PROMISED to give support to a successor during a handover period that does NOT have time limits. We keep our threats and promises and so don't make a lot of either. John presently hosts it for free so I don't know what hosting would cost. Some time ago, I bought lifetime support for the board's software but frankly, I've forgotten what that implies. John hasn't updated the forum to the latest version because the present state is adequate for the level of use. Last May I purchased 2 years of domain registration and totally ignored the buckets of spam trying to sell me the same registration for a vast sum or the system would disappear. It's still here. Yes, I've had enquiries to purchase the domain name, mainly from American sources but they were wasting their time. It NEEDS some dynamism, some updates, some mods who would do some work and some members who would contribute material. For the remaining membership, you shouldn't forget that you are USERS of a facility provided for your convenience. DaveL
  13. DaveL

    Airgunforum, what future?

    In the beginning and for some years, we offered to re-draw expertise into fairly well written articles - BUT - it relied on members committing their expertise in writing and submitting it to the editors on the forum. We had some contributions that verged on the unintelligible, but even those contributions were turned into understandable English and were always credited to their original authors. Some were reproduced as submitted but as other forums copied the ideas, so material supply was diluted. When material was in short supply, the management team wrote material under various pseudonyms but it wasn't possible to continue just on the contributions of the very few, so material dried up and since then, nothing has been submitted for years and years. Moderators came and went. Too often they went after they agreed to update and maintain a section of the forum. Often they just disappeared without a word and this has left maintenance to John B and myself for the last few years. Perhaps the title was desirable but any work associated with it was not. I guess it's nothing new to the few who really run things. Now, with both John and myself on the outside of shooting, we're looking to hand over the reins to new blood or to bow out as gracefully as possible. Dave
  14. DaveL

    ***PLEASE READ***

    Hi All. As this is now the most used area of AGF, would you please read THIS so that you will be prepared if this dose of "False News" comes your way. Many thanks. DaveL
  15. DaveL

    isp airstream

    Wow! Holly, as much as that? Stick a stamp on the tenner and post it where the sun don't shine Cheers. DaveL
  16. DaveL

    isp airstream

    Be prepared for Shaun's dad to give you the evil eye if you ask him to do a stock. He hates doing them but when he does, the result is up there with the best. I have an Airstream that Shaun restored and serviced but I've never had chance to shoot it at a target because of an eye problem. I recall shooting it over the chrony some time ago and even without sorting its preferred pellet or leading the barrel, it was impressively consistent DaveL
  17. BASC appoints new chief executive A NEW chief executive has been appointed to lead the UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). Ian Bell will join the BASC team in February 2018. Ian, a brigadier in the British Army, will take up his position at BASC at the end of his current deployment as Commander British Forces Germany. He joined the army in 1983 and later commanded 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. Ian has a life-long passion for fieldsports and first joined BASC as a Young Shot. He is currently President of the British Forces Germany Game Shooting Association and a long standing member of the Defence Deer Management Organisation. Ian said: “It is a huge honour and privilege to be appointed chief executive of an organisation which has worked over many, many years to protect and promote shooting. I am passionate about shooting and fieldsports and determined to ensure the association remains at the forefront of the UK’s shooting community. “BASC’s membership is at record levels because it is fiercely committed to representing the interests of its members. For the future well-being of shooting sports, it is essential that BASC continues to connect with its members and continues to be a vibrant organisation that can deal with all the challenges ahead.” BASC chairman Peter Glenser said: “We are delighted to have chosen Ian to fill the biggest job in shooting. Throughout a rigorous recruitment process, it was obvious he has a passion for shooting and a clear vision for where he wants to take BASC. “Shooting is enjoying a golden period of popularity, but there are many challenges in the months and years ahead, not least of which is the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. BASC’s council is confident that, in Ian, it has found an outstanding individual with a huge amount of leadership and strategic experience and the drive to ensure BASC remains the voice of shooting. For more information, please contact BASC's press office on 01244 573007 or email press@basc.org.uk A photograph of Ian Bell is available here: https://basc.assetbank-server.com/assetbank-basc/images/assetbox/e87998f0-1bd7-4524-ac1a-7a22abf2c09e/assetbox.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Garry Doolan, garry.doolan@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales, LL120HL garry.doolan@basc.org.uk
  18. Book a place at BASC Scotland-sponsored fundraising clay shoot Bookings are now being taken for a charity clay shoot organised to raise funds for the Royal Marines Association. BASC Scotland will sponsor and support the shoot at County Clays in Dunkeld on October 6th and 7th. Prizes up for grabs include a Browning B725 Black Hunter shotgun. There is also a BASC trophy to win. Proceeds will go to people who have been affected by serving and to family members who may have lost loved ones. Jake Swindells, BASC Scotland's country officer, said: "We are very proud to support such a worthy cause. The event is being supported by some impressive manufacturers and suppliers and BASC is very happy to do the same. The proceeds from the event will go a long way to helping those who need it the most." For more information, visit https://www.rma-charityshoot.com/events-and-tickets -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Debbie Collins, press@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Wrexham, Wrexham, LL12 0HL debbie.collins@basc.org.uk
  19. Kevin works his way up to scurry league success A man who has previously occupied every place in the winning line-up of one of Britain's largest gundog events has finally taken the top spot. Kevin Warburton won the BASC Chudleys Scurry League 2017 at the Midland Game Fair with his Labrador Echo with 92/100 points. Matt Dutton, one of BASC's game and gamekeeping officers, said: "For winner Kevin and his dog Echo, this was their first year as a pair competing in gundog events. Kevin and his other dog KD, Echo’s Mother, have competed in the BASC Chudleys scurry league since it began and over the years the duo have occupied every other place on the winning line up except for first place. However 2017 was finally Kevin’s year and he and Echo earned their well-deserved first place. “The final was a great culmination of the scurry league event. It was hotly contested in a very sporting way by all the finalists and Kevin came through to be a popular and deserving winner on the day." Mr Warburton said: “This is the fifth year I have competed in the BASC scurry final having been placed in the top five each year but never achieving first place. The competition gets harder and harder and the handlers and their dogs continue to improve, but it has been fun and enjoyable making new friends and having a great time. “This year I started competing with Echo, using the scurries to assist with my gundog training in the field. Throughout the scurry season, Echo has continued to develop and improve and so I was delighted when on the day it all went to plan and we managed to win the final. I would like to extend my thanks to all the sponsors who have generously provided such great prizes for a great competition." More than 1,600 individuals entered the scurry competition which ran at shows throughout the spring and summer of 2017. Eighteen finalists took part last weekend. Following a run-off tiebreaker, second place was awarded to Nick Wilkinson with his dog Kiwi (80 points) and third place was taken by Lucinda Southern and her Labrador Macy (80 points). Fourth place was taken by Trevor Linfoot with his Labrador (and scurry veteran) Bob (70 points) and fifth place was awarded to Shelley Sandiford and her Labrador Theo (63 points). The finalists had accumulated the highest total of points over 10 qualifying events throughout the year involving various disciplines including obstacle scurries, water retrieves, long retrieves and pick-and-mix retrieves. The final involved five individual scurries over a testing course that included mixed unseen and marked dummies, long retrieves and a partridge pen. Sam Horrell, chief executive officer at Dodson & Horrell, the manufacturer of Chudley’s dog food and main sponsor of the BASC gundog programme, presented the prizes to the winners. The total value of prizes in the final exceeded £8,000 and included Chudleys dog food, a Sherlocks dog kennel, Tuffies dog beds, Percussion clothing, Sporting Saint dummy launchers, Ogden’s shooting supplies game bags and Jack Pyke gilets. All 18 finalists received personalised commemorative clothing, a gundog dummy launcher and a bespoke game bag. Keith Welsh who gained the most points in qualifying for the final was presented with a Lintran dog box. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Debbie Collins, press@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Wrexham, Wrexham, LL12 0HL debbie.collins@basc.org.uk
  20. BASC urges Welsh government to promote shooting sports in schools BASC has urged the Welsh government to encourage state schools to promote shooting sports as a way of making young people more active. BASC has focused on shooting’s health benefits in its written submission to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee’s inquiry into physical activity of children and young people. Highlighting statistics from the Personal Value of Shooting Study completed last year, the UK’s largest shooting organisation has called for young people in state schools to be given the same opportunity as those in private education. Dr Peter Marshall, BASC’s best practice development officer, said: “Participation in shooting is growing, with at least 76,000 active participants in Wales. Shooting is open to all backgrounds, ages and abilities and is an activity that people can take part in throughout their lives. Education is a key part in learning to shoot which will instil good habits and high standards. “Many children from private schools get to enjoy shooting as part of their extra curricula activities. However, these opportunities do not seem to be afforded to children at state schools. “School children should be given the same opportunities whatever their background or education. It’s important to remember that shooting is a socially inclusive sport, which is safe, fun and in which boys and girls can compete on an even keel.” The Personal Value of Shooting Study reported that 88 per cent of those who shoot felt it provided them with moderate to high intensity exercise while 92 per cent of those who responded believed they would spend less time on outdoor recreation if their involvement in shooting stopped. Dr Marshall added: “Shooting is a good tool for getting children out of the classroom and engaging them with the countryside. The health benefits to being in the outdoors are well evidenced and should be available to as many young people as possible. “BASC welcomes the Welsh government’s decision to analyse the physical activity levels of its schoolchildren and hope shooting will be recognised for the opportunities it provides.” In its response to the consultation, BASC has offered to provide shooting introductory days to Welsh schools based around the association’s previous engagement with the pioneering West Rise Junior School in Eastbourne. Duncan Greaves, BASC council member for Wales, said: “BASC is open to running introductory days to shooting sports in Welsh state schools. “We have provided primary school children at West Rise Junior with an annual opportunity to have a go at clay pigeon shooting, air rifle shooting and learning about the important role that shooting plays in the management and conservation of the British countryside. It has proven extremely popular with the children and is a model which could be rolled out elsewhere.” For more information, please contact BASC's press office on 01244 573007 or email press@basc.org.uk. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Garry Doolan, garry.doolan@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales, LL120HL garry.doolan@basc.org.uk
  21. Lib Dems support shooting and angling at party conference THE importance of shooting and fishing was highlighted at a rural reception hosted by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Angling Trust at the Liberal Democrats’ 2017 Conference in Bournemouth. Speaking shortly after conference passed a ‘Natural Environment Policy’, Alistair Carmichael MP applauded the work of both BASC and the Angling Trust. Mr Carmichael, MP for Orkney and Shetland, said: “We understand that the rural environment isn’t something that just happens. It is there because of farmers, gamekeepers and those involved in the fishing industry. Your interests will always have a willing audience with the Liberal Democrats.” Garry Doolan, BASC’s head of press relations, said: “The rural reception continues to be popular at conference and is a fantastic opportunity for BASC and the Angling Trust to highlight the role of organisations with a stake in the health and prosperity of our countryside. “Mr Carmichael was very supportive of BASC’s work, which illustrates the cross party support we strive for at the association. BASC continues to work with all political parties to represent shooting’s interests, whether that’s at Westminster, during conference season or at a more local level.” Peter Glenser, BASC chairman, said: “The association ensures that politicians and other policy makers never lose sight of shooting’s massive contribution to the management of the countryside. People who shoot spend 3.9 million work days on conservation – the equivalent of 16,000 full-time jobs and shoot providers spend nearly £250 million a year on conservation.” David Mitchell, the Angling Trust’s head of marine, said: “There are three million anglers in the UK, but fishing is about more than just catching fish. Angling provides a huge number of well-documented benefits, including personal health and well-being and a major contribution to conservation and the economy.” BASC and the Angling Trust will also be holding events at the Labour conference in Brighton and the Conservative conference in Manchester. For more information, please contact BASC's press office on 01244 573007 or email press@basc.org.uk. A picture of Alistair Carmichael is available here and is free to use: https://basc.assetbank-server.com/assetbank-basc/images/assetbox/e87998f0-1bd7-4524-ac1a-7a22abf2c09e/assetbox.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Garry Doolan, garry.doolan@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales, LL120HL garry.doolan@basc.org.uk
  22. BASC welcomes new deer officer BASC’s game and deer team has welcomed Audrey Watson as a new deer officer. A graduate in Ecology and Forestry from Edinburgh and Pennsylvania State Universities, Audrey has worked for BASC since 2011 as the Green Shoots Wales officer, having previously worked in countryside management in local and national government and in the charitable sector. She said: “I am very excited to be moving over to the game and deer team and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with our members in my new role within the organisation.” Glynn Evans, BASC’s head of game and deer management, said: “I am pleased to welcome Audrey to the team. She has a wealth of practical deer stalking knowledge which will help us deliver and further develop the services we provide to members.” BASC vice chairman John Thornley said: "Audrey will enhance our commitment to providing our members with the very best advice and opportunities for deerstalking. She has very broad experience and knowledge of the deer world which will be an asset to the existing team." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Debbie Collins, press@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Wrexham, Wrexham, LL12 0HL debbie.collins@basc.org.uk
  23. Film highlights common ground in fight against flooding BASC will join other major stakeholders at tonight’s premiere of a documentary which explores the steps that can be taken to reduce flooding. ‘High Water Common Ground’ will be shown for the first time at Hebden Bridge, the Yorkshire Pennines market town hit by floods on Boxing Day 2015. The film, featuring interviews from experts and those in communities directly affected by flooding, explores how flood risk has been managed in the past and calls for authorities, organisations and communities to work together as the most effective method for flood prevention. BASC is among a group of official supporters for the film – including the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Government, the National Flood Forum, The Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and the Angling Trust. BASC chairman Peter Glenser said: “BASC was keen to support this film, which has been pain-staking in its research and production. The film provides a balanced, non-judgmental view of past flooding events while emphasizing the importance of seeking varied, innovative solutions to support future flood risk management strategies. The management of our uplands for shooting has a role to play in reducing flood risk.” BASC North regional officer Gareth Dockerty said: “The film shows how upland gamekeepers and those involved in the provision of land for shooting engage with their communities to manage sensitive habitats in a sustainable way for wildlife and people.” Filmmaker Andy Clark said: “The release of High Water Common Ground represents a significant commitment from stakeholder organisations to re-evaluate the ways that we approach flood risk management at national and local levels. “It is not the duty or burden for any single organisation or community to tackle flooding alone. The incentive is to promote best practice, putting aside blame and accusation and looking to adapt certain management practices that could be better utilised to help manage flood risk.” Tonight’s screening will be followed later in the year by a premiere in London. The film will be screened at flooding workshops and conferences before being released to the general public for download. To watch a trailer for the film, click here. For more information, please contact BASC’s press office on 01244 573007 or email press@basc.org.uk. More information about the film.: http://highwaterfilm.co.uk/common-ground Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighWaterCommonGround/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Garry Doolan, garry.doolan@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales, LL120HL garry.doolan@basc.org.uk
  24. BASC introduces 500 Scouts and Guides at the Suffolk Moot The British Association for Shooting and Conservation introduced 500 Scouts and Guides to shooting at the recent Suffolk Moot. The event was an activity camp open to Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Senior Section from Suffolk. As well as taking part in activities such as abseiling, flight simulators and geocaching, visitors also had the chance to try shotgun shooting. Dr Peter Marshall, from BASC’s sporting services team, said: “It was great to see hundreds of young people experiencing shotgun shooting for the first time. They really enjoyed the experience and we hope this is just a starting point for them.” Max Raffe, one of the MOOT camp organisers, added: “This type of activity was new to those involved and all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. We were made aware of what BASC could provide after seeing a report about the activity at the Essex Jamboree in 2017. "The BASC team provided a very professional event. Suffolk Scouts and Guides are thankful to all involved and we look forward to providing this activity at any similar events in the future." Duncan Greaves from BASC Council added: "We are delighted that our presence at last year's Essex International Jamboree has inspired other groups to get involved in shooting sports. We hope that this will form the foundation for a future in shooting sports for some of them." BASC’s has also been involved with the Guides and Scouts at four other events over the summer, introducing a further 500 youngsters to shooting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are receiving this message from Debbie Collins, press@basc.org.uk at British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC). United Kingdom, Marford Mill, Wrexham, Wrexham, LL12 0HL debbie.collins@basc.org.uk
  25. DaveL

    Kneeling Rolls

    I have neither desire to become embroiled in personal disputes nor wish to act as referee to PMs from parties concerned. Please, ladies, handbags at dawn? PM one another to sort it out and leave this forum and me out of it. Thanks. DaveL