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  1. master_shriller

    My Target rifle is up for sale

    This advert is 2 1/4 years old.
  2. master_shriller

    Diopter peep sights / foresights

    I am after any diopter peep sights and foresights with interchangeable elements, also foresight elements. Please. Regards Ben
  3. master_shriller

    Weihrauch HW 45 Power Output

    Thanks Pierre Regards Ben
  4. master_shriller

    Weihrauch HW 45 Power Output

    I bought a used HW 45 the other day, it is marked with a capital letter F inside a pentagon. I believe this is the German home market power output marking which means it has less power than a UK spec pistol. I would like to know what is the German power output, how is the pistol detuned and how do I bring it up to UK spec power levels. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks Ben
  5. master_shriller

    Benjamin 117

    Try http://www.chambersgunmakers.co.uk/Sherida...0etc%20plan.htm Ben
  6. master_shriller

    Increasing power of Rohm Twinmaster

    Hi Jonathan You have PM