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  1. holly


    well deserved too if i do say so myself . and i do ??? HOLLY
  2. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    Problem with it Col is that it all depends on the angle of the barrel . down , it shoots lower . up , it shoots higher and it does not have to be very high . not right with out a jig to put it in . but that would require a jig for every rifle . all right if it is yours ??? HOLLY
  3. holly

    So, East Devon....

    Not too bad considering how i was sitting . the heat did not get to me . mainly this time cos i had enough water and a bit fitter ??? HOLLY
  4. Noway day's i think mountain biking is safer ? unless your name is dan eley ??? HOLLY
  5. holly

    New baby for SEFTA.....

    A 9015 is just a fancy 2002 . i have a 2002 ( in need of a service ) why would i spend good money on a another rifle ??? HOLLY PS and remember colin . that your best FT shooting was done with a 2002 ?
  6. holly


    I onl;y have one holiday a year Nat's . it last's for 365 days ??? HOLLY
  7. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    The part i did NOT agree with putting the chrono in the open part of the course . not just in the open part of the course but at the end of it . so you had been out there for 45 mins at least in the scorching sun trying to find shelter to put you rifle in whilst waiting to shoot .. as we came out the woods , i said to the marshal on the chrono , can we go on the chrono now . no you have to do this part of the course first . my steyr is set at 770 fps . it went over at 789 . ??? HOLLY
  8. holly

    So, East Devon....

    Luck was not needed Nat's . just the ability to with stand the heat in the open part ??? HOLLY
  9. holly


    Two holidays a year Man ? what are you trying to do . make it bad for the rest of us ??? HOLLY PS Nat's has 4 holidays a year .
  10. holly

    New baby for SEFTA.....

    The rifle might be sexy , shame about Ozzy ??? HOLLY
  11. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    Wind in the morning ? no wind in the morning . straight down the throat , easy peasy ??? HOLLY
  12. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    The challenge for me was one of stupidity and how to avoid it . for the last three shoots i have at the comps not felt as comfortable as i have at the club . ? which i put down to nerves/ pressure / who knows . i could at the club in shoes get my feet flat on the floor ( good ) . at the comps i could only get my heels on the floor . ( bad ) it was on the way home today that the penny dropped .the bean bag i use for comps i keep in the car . the bean bag i use at the club stays in the caravan . one has more beans in than the other . thus sitting higher , my feet are flat on the floor . Dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ??? HOLLY PS off tyo the bean shop now .
  13. holly


    Stan for a man who actually cannot remember when he last put his hand in his pocket . you seem to know where all the good gear is ??? HOLLY PS is it wishful thinking ?
  14. holly

    BL00DY Typical

    There too dark anyway ??? HOLLY
  15. Fitness . Well first ride out on the old bike for ages . got out early to avoid the holiday makers and dog walkers . only snag is no young ladies on the beach . went as hard as i could to try to get back some saddle fitness . don't want a sore bum stopping me . on the longer rides . the trail i am looking at starting on is twelve miles long . so half way to start . then all the way after a week . then bring the times down . to think i used to cycle to portsmouth and back in a day , from east london , when i was sixteen . well that is not a gonna happen . but the sunshine trail that runs outside my house IS ??? HOLLY PS this is route 23 on the trail maps of the island