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  1. New H&N barracuda FT

    It is not the accuracy . they are pretty good . it is the windage and the drop . at 12 foot pounds , i would say for hunting 35 yards . if really still maybe 40 yards and you know your ranges . they do hit really well . nicely formed and consistent . that is only my take of course .??? HOLLY PS Mind you the only thing i hunt is blue bottles on the 55 yard target when it is sunny .
  2. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    The early cylinders on the shutz were steel Col . so in with a chance ??? HOLLY

    Not wrong Jon . i used to run to there songs , listening in on my Walkman . oh year ??? HOLLY PS Hang on should we not have a couple of bob on our hero ? yes will big Col break through to the front ? errrr NO
  4. Thank You PPI ?

    OK back to the serious stuff . out tomorrow is the new GC2 . gonna be a stern test in this weather . wind is blowing around from all directions . if it can handle this weather it should be good to go at bisley to sort out that uncouth Colin Chappie ??? HOLLY PS the Southend Bandit .
  5. Grading

    Money is all that is needed ??? HOLLY PS Lots of money .

    Mind you berty will have to contend with us at springfield Col . should he be worried ??? HOLLY
  7. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    When in doubt flat out ??? HOLLY
  8. Springfield GP

    saw it Colin . yes a good effort but they will i think still need a portaloo or two at the GP ??? HOLLY
  9. New H&N barracuda FT

    Stick with the snipers colin . neil will give you the SP . he sent me a tin . everybody at the club tried em . nice pellets . but for me a good hunting pellet ??? HOLLY
  10. Thank You PPI ?

    Young andy had to pull me up from the sitting position on the last lane . i thought it was my lot ??? HOLLY
  11. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    Yes on the biggest one . he wrote off a car with his bike and ended up in a field ??? HOLLY
  12. Grading

    Sounds like my old motor cycle club . i thought they should have changed the name to Sodom and Gomorah . ahh yes good days . those ladies knew how to keep a chap happy ??? HOLLY
  13. Thank You PPI ?

    The snag was water or lack of it . won't catch me with that one again .??? HOLLY
  14. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    You have gotta be joking col . dop has never been graceful about anything ??? HOLLY
  15. Grading

    A Cold Shower will sort it Col ??? HOLLY