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      Since the introduction of the "latest" VCR bill on 1st October 2007, sales of AIRGUNS (including replicas) AND MAJOR COMPONENTS (barrels, cylinders etc.) by DEALERS is restricted to a face-to-face transaction.   Please ensure you are familiar with the changes brought about due to the VCR act, which may be viewed on the BASC website.   BASC and ACPO have produced a guide to the VCR act in PDF format, which avoids legalese and is very understandable. See HERE.   AirGunForum members must ensure their transactions conform with current legislation before posting.   An inter-dealer network to facilitate the continuation of mail order business is being established by Portland Jon. Details are HERE or direct to his website HERE.
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  1. Carisbrooke rangers arc

    If you are on the isle of Wight and you want too try FT come along to carisbrooke rangers . Holly
  2. GC2 Action .

    Yup . it should go into retirement but it depends on how mr canes outfit works ??? HOLLY
  3. The Coming Season

    Positive thinking Stan . but noway hosay ??? HOLLY
  4. Hot Pellet

    Gotta sat took quite a lot of wind ??? HOLLY
  5. Andy shoots a ripper Keith ??? HOLLY
  6. Well Dear God what an awful day . it did not stop raining . it ran down the hill taking a mini flood/mud slide with it . i started well i think i cleared 4 lanes and then . and then the -covered in gore- top turret inner came loose . oh dear . should have put lock tight on it . still the GC2 seems to have held as far as it went . and when i got home there was still air in the shutz . so maybe just maybe we are on the up . i do hope so . i am not going to work tomorrow . gonna have a lay in . and look at the rain out of the window . Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??? HOLLY
  7. The Coming Season

    OK who will be the man at the GPs this year ? . i reckon Berty having had a while to sort his 9015 might be in with a chance ??? HOLLY
  8. Hot Pellet

    I was shooting grandads off the bench Stan ??? HOLLY
  9. Back to basics

    Right Matt , i am your man . 1/ you have a bad back . that means you need a lower weight outfit . plus get the weight back as far as poss . 2/ get a lighter scope to go with it . then this is the crux of the matter . bull pup it . this will do two things , lower the weight . bring the weight back . the side effects of this is to lower the effect of the wind on the end of the barrel and stock . by putting the carrying strap on the side of the stock and putting your arm through it . you can brace your self in four ways . one the left leading hand on the front of the stock . two your left arm through the carrying strap . three your cheek against the cheek piece and last the butt hook passing over your shoulder and angled towards you neck . don't get sucked into this gotta have a long un . short is errganomic , efficient and the way to go ??? HOLLY
  10. Airgunforum, what future?

    Jon try turning the pedals faster on your electricity machine , you tight git ??? HOLLY PS i go straight on .
  11. GC2 Action .

    OK got my bottle filled today . do i whipped out the GC2 Filler valve . and put some plumbers tape on the thread to see if that helps , fingers crossed . as said renewed the O ring between the trigger mech and the reg . . so filled that up tonight as well to see if that is gonna cure that . . ??? HOLLY PS GC2 tomorrow . whether leaking or not . may have to throw the pellets down range . will still probably win .
  12. I hope Mr Cane has his ass in gear . i need another rifle Soon ??? HOLLY PS mind you old mr shutz might be sorted for the one after next . or not . PS but not if it's raining .
  13. Airgunforum, what future?

    If you don't mind Matt . i have had my moments , i can tell you . mind you the ladies did not seem to happy with just a moment . still you cannot have everything in life .??? HOLLY
  14. Stainless Barrels

    I remember one of the first into the country , converted by dave welham for matt knock . he only had it a couple of months . did not get on with it . i think john walker has it now ??? HOLLY
  15. Right on the downward slope of Centrals Winter league now . the buccs this sunday . does not look nice weather wise though . plus my old GC2 is still leaking slowly . so looks like it will be hard work on sunday ??? HOLLY