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  1. Good today at the club . many things tried . some worked some did not . the wind was a howling through the trees . the windage was very strange . some took loads . a lot inside kill . BUT WHICH . ??? HOLLY
  2. holly

    Euros weekend....

    You want wind Jon ? you should have been at Carisbrooke today . Now That Was Wind ??? HOLLY
  3. holly

    Target sprint

    Darron you are built for comfort . face up to it ??? HOLLY
  4. holly

    Sniper Mediums needed ?

    Cheers HOLLY
  5. holly

    Target sprint

    what do they after the warm up then Jon ??? HOLLY PS probably try to run around Darron's wallet ?
  6. well that makes a change ? Andy normally thinks of . Work , real ale and the Italian restaurant at Carisbrooke . in that order ??? HOLLY
  7. holly

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    wishful thinking Col ??? HOLLY
  8. holly

    New Scope

    All you have to do is mag it down to 20 or so . find it and straight up to your chosen mag to range . simples like me ??? HOLLY PS or just leave it on 60 mag to shoot . good for minis .
  9. holly

    Target sprint

    Lot of our targets don't have any paint on . if you don't knock it down . you just have to guess where it hit ??? HOLLY
  10. holly

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    Too knackered after two hours riding . all i am good for is my coco ??? HOLLY
  11. holly

    Sniper Mediums needed ?

    Grandad is like me will try anything . have you tried the Exacts RS . grandad bought a load of then . buy a tin off him and try em . do shoot well ??? HOLLY
  12. holly

    New Scope

    well true Col . but you cannot deny they work in all extremes of temp . if you want to see a really good one . have a look through grandads . no on second thoughts . you won't want to go back to the comp ??? HOLLY
  13. holly

    Target sprint

    If the worst comes to the worst Col . Neil you and me could form our own grade . GE grade . sounds good . ? no matter how badly we shoot . we always have a GE ( Good Excuse ) whaada yah think ??? HOLLY Ps i think this could be a well supported grade . probably led by darron .
  14. holly

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    Plenty of willing , more mature ladies over here col . only snag is the wife is willing me to stay indoors . or else ??? HOLLY
  15. holly

    Sniper Mediums needed ?

    Yep trying Neil ? col you will be back on AAs 8.4 . your looking for something that is not there ??? HOLLY