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  1. The bean bag is now full . so i am hoping i can get a better position tomorrow . fingers crossed if i can get my right elbow on my thigh . well i will try ??? HOLLY
  2. holly

    The Worlds in Poland....

    to keep at a top level is very hard . and even harder if you are at the very top . with a circle on your back . look at sir nick ??? HOLLY
  3. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    How long did you have your shutz before you put in some decent scores ? you had a winter league to get it right . i have had three shoots .no i am not worrying wrecker yet . but give it time . the rifle is ready . it is finding a way to get some better stability . then we will see ??? HOLLY
  4. holly

    The Worlds in Poland....

    Then you have not seen the new rules ??? HOLLY PS Little jack for me ??? HOLLY
  5. holly

    Electric Mountain Bike .

    I have ordered a HaiBike S Duro Seven , Hard tail . One . god help any body who gets in my way . gonna get fit . or get f*&^^%$£* . stand clear and give me some cycling room ??? HOLLY
  6. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    What you need Col is a Gary Cane stock to put your old clunker in ? thus modified . well even you might stand a chance .??? HOLLY
  7. holly

    The Worlds in Poland....

    Shooting in the morning was worth 5 shots . thus dear boy ? HOLLY
  8. you see Colin even Neil say's that shooting in the morning was worth 5 shots . SO ??? HOLLY
  9. tried it . dismantled it . sucked it . and other things . worn out . best fittings is my friend ??? HOLLY PS the good news is it went well for 20 shots till it emptied .
  10. ahh i see . the old brain is going is it . just sit down and have a little rest . at your age . you need it ??? HOLLY
  11. Not good today . the -covered in gore- air arms filler was leaking . drat . but position was def better with bean bag pumped up with some more beans . will try again with the shutz sunday if i get the new filler in time ??? HOLLY
  12. holly

    The challenge of East Devon

    well in that case you have peaked too early ??? HOLLY
  13. holly

    The Worlds in Poland....

    You mentioned a burger , what burger . you were in B grade , i was in open . life is a bitch when disappointment strikes hey ??? HOLLY
  14. holly

    So, East Devon....

    Training from the army . when you drink . drink big and top up from time to time /?? HOLLY
  15. Losing Col ? one of us won . one of us lost . now who could it have been . ahh yes . colin ??? HOLLY