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  1. No mate the A 41 Radio . booger that thing ??? HOLLY PS usually with the A13 whip on it .
  2. holly

    The Shutz Barrel

    Kneeling on the bag is commonsense colin . it is comfortable , it is stable , it keeps the knee/leg dry and you already have one with you ??? HOLLY
  3. holly

    Fit to shoot .

    You don't think i was to generous do you ??? HOLLY
  4. Colin all those big bore bangs have left you shaken and stirred . i recommend a large glass of cider to calm you down . BUT no sex ??? HOLLY
  5. holly

    Now there is a Funny Thing ?

    Same difference to the march . only thing it does not like is low winter sun . it will white out . the lupe on the other hand does not like changes in light or heat/cold .??? HOLLY
  6. Ian £ 750 ish was the income from the winter league only . so it was spent on prizes and clothing . the only other income was from GPs if any were held and that went to the club who held it . as said . watches , chronos , radios were provided by the clubs . i think the only other expenses was paying the area sum to the BFTA for the regional team on the sunday . the saturday was a freeby .HOLLY
  7. holly

    New Scope

    You never get bored with a good scope . you lust after one maybe that is out of reach . today i was shooting one of the lads rifles with a Mk111 nikko on top . on going back to the march it was like chalk and cheese . despite me thinking that mine is darkish . . i mostly use mine to shoot on 20 . now that is superb . would be nice to have a illum ret though . like i say . looking through grandads will be expensive . you will get a pain in the wallet ??? HOLLY
  8. holly

    World Class Veterans....

    I did not like the way he kept kissing that monkey cheeta ??? HOLLY
  9. holly

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Hush dear boy the walls have ears . ??? HOLLY
  10. The prizes were Roughly £ 350 . the rest of the average £750 was made up of team clothing . i used to ask what we had from lord briscoe and spend it . all bills provided . there was no chrono unless the clubs ( springfield and Kent woodsmen ) Ian for instance supplied it . any radios were either owned by the clubs or individuals . also clubs mostly supplied the stop watches . or supposedly the club marshals watched the timing . it is not curridge park any more ian . so why not give the people going some encouragement ??? HOLLY
  11. It is your region , if that is what you want ? nothing . then fine ??? HOLLY
  12. Pete is already working on something for me . i thank you ??? HOLLY
  13. holly

    Fit to shoot .

    Quality goods only ??? HOLLY PS But i will give Keith a tenner scrap for the lot .
  14. holly

    Now there is a Funny Thing ?

    Nope it changes very little in the heat ??? HOLLY
  15. holly

    The Shutz Barrel

    With the amount of older shooters in the BFTA i doubt it . i cannot see the problem , as long as it stays on the rifle . as far as i know they only banned straps ??? HOLLY