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  1. The SteyWhei

    Right work to do tomorrow . two rifles out . one the shutz . zero for sunday . and the wifes sreyr . testing exact 7.9s at 810 fps , and sniper mediums . 8.5 at 780 fps . should be good . but will it be perrrrrfect . ??? HOLLY PS weight added to the front of the sateyr to see if it can control the flip
  2. The SteyWhei

    OK first outing of the SteyWhei . with Adolf the barrel on board . half Steyr , Half HW 100 . so how did it go you ask . Hmmm as colin would say . not really sure Conditions windy , with wind coming from left to right and right to left in no particular order . never had a steady wind all day . started the day using AAs 8.4 doing 780 approx , shooting off the bench . zeroed at 35 yards . all gro ,ups done at 50 and 55 yards . in the wind present no consistent groups were evident . 90 % of stringing was level . 1/ the barrel does not like to shoot clean ( is it the legendary barrel that should never be cleaned ) 2/ it seems to like JSBs more than AAs 3/ it shot better as the day went on . 4/ strange this . it shoots better on knock down targets than paper . i did 8 targets and got all of them in a very tricky wind . 5/ sunday , no clean barrel . try snipers 8.5 and JSBs 4.51 ( thanks to Neil ) running all at 780 fps . The jury is out gents . i suppose there are no free lunches . HOLLY
  3. Well Andy we must send Monty home in tears after clearing his course . as we pass him on the way back . we will say . yes hmmm . not a bad little course ??? HOLLY
  4. OK we had rain , we had wind , we had cold at the last shoot at Buccs . i have ordered sun , sun and sun for this weekend . so roll up roll up . the aim is to totally destroy Monty's course . we want ten clearences at least . he will never be able to hold his head up in FT circles again . only one thing to say brothers . Let Her Rippppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  5. Airgunforum, what future?

    I would like to reply to you Matt but i am just getting ready post 3500 for the comp ??? HOLLY PS Nothing like getting a head start
  6. isp airstream

    If it is anything like birmingham . they get em from the foundry with the keenest pricing . fingers crossed we get a good one ??? HOLLY
  7. new sytron 45x45

    To me in testing you need a bench mark . i think that should be the most popular FT scope in use today ? a MK111 Nikko . then you would have an understanding of what the scope is capable of . not . well i though this scope was pretty good for the money . this means nothing . does it weigh as much as nikko . does it range find as well as a nikko . is it the same price as a nikko . is it as bright as a nikko . are the turrets as good as a nikko . is the side wheel as smooth as a nikko and so on . that way you have a comparison . not an opinion that the testers hide behind . it is like rifles , what does it group like not good old terry saying . yes it was as good as any other top class rifle . yeah what top class rifle are we talking about . tests , don't make me laugh ??? HOLLY
  8. isp airstream

    What matt is saying monty at sure shot is that there are no CZ barrels . least not made by that firm . he say's they are made in Bruno at the foundrys there , like they did in birmingham here . CZ the firm order em and they are made to order . dunno . i will go with what ever phil say's who has my barrel . like i say i am swinging toward a HW 100 barrel now in case the so called CZ barrel is naff . my carbine one is good and so far needs no cleaning ( two tins through ) so wait and see ??? HOLLY
  9. new sytron 45x45

    Only if i won the lottery stan . my problem is not range finding . it is hitting those -covered in gore- targets ??? HOLLY
  10. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Only going by what phil says Monty . he seems happy to return the barrels for replacement . i don't think matt wants any more bad publicity . that would follow from yet more dodgy barrels . if it does come to getting money back . i think i will get a full length HW 100 barrel . very happy with the carbine one on the wifes steyr . see what happens ??? HOLLY PS as said there is nothing wrong with the barrel on my steyr . just looking for that bit extra ? PSS HW make there own barrel in house .
  11. The gent who was gonna machine my Aeron CZ barrel , says that after inspecting two of them . he basically says they are rubbish inside . very poor quality . gonna try and get a refund . he is gonna look at my one and see if it is worth doing . sad that . you expect when you see CZ on the label to get a proper quality hammer forged barrel . looks in this case it is not so . we will see what happens . who knows might be lucky ..??? HOLLY
  12. new sytron 45x45

    I would like to get my hands on the New FT lupe ??? HOLLY
  13. The SteyWhei

    Yes Keith shot well for a light rifle . the plan is to sell the steyr barrel that came off it and buy a quick fill barrel or get mick tromans to fit one my cylinder ??? HOLLY PS that is not the barrel that goes on my rifle . i like a longer barrel
  14. isp airstream

    I thought about it monty . but cannot duck the last but one shoot shoot . my shutz is still leaking but only slowly . so will do the course and sort the new Steyr out in the week . don't have the barrel to put on it anyway yet . let us hope sure shot gets a move on if they are a gonna exchange em ??? HOLLY PS Food Hey . hmm like the sound of that . don't let andy any where near it .
  15. The SteyWhei

    Well the rifle/barrel performed well again to day . tried three different pellets in it and after much testing the AAs came out on top . the barrel has not been cleaned in around two tins of pellets . seems to be ok as such . will keep on shooting it till it starts to go down hill and then clean it . it does NOT like the pellets seated . spat em all over the place .just lightly place them in the breech . only snag is now the forend with the shorter barrel is lighter . the rifle flips more . gonna need a bit more weight on it . . so two more pellets to try in the week and the wife will be ready for the coming summer ??? HOLLY
  16. isp airstream

    well it is a beaut of a rifle john . but it begs the question . . why do you need such a rifle to shoot 45 yards max . cos i want it i suppose will be the answer it is the same , or was the same in FT . once Ft got off the ground , it became a kit race . till we are at a stage where a top flight outfit is in the region of £6000 or more . £1000 for a stock . do you need it . maybe not . do you want it . YES ??? HOLLY
  17. The row i had with calps was over his idea of swiveling hard left to hard right in the lane . those who do the inters may remember the course at Newbury a couple of years ago . which he laid out . about 4 or 5 lanes in we were on a upward slope . i sat down and took the hard left one . tried to swivel shuffle around to get the hard right one and managed to fall back wards off the bean bag . . yes the rifle was not loaded .yes cos i am an old -poot- i am a bit awkward but so are others . it should not have happened . and it would not have if the targets / lane had been positioned with the slope in mind . a few years before that . coming back down the other side . a lane had been positioned on a rut . making it awkward to sit down as i did so i hurt my back . up to then i had been on for a really good score . the pain from my back put paid to that . all it takes is some thought ??? HOLLY
  18. The SteyWhei

    well no silencer i am afraid to try , shame . maybe later . so barrel as was , no clean . snipers in 7.9 and 8.5 . 4.52 air arms and 4.51 air arms . and 4.52 JSBs . We Are Ready ??? HOLLY
  19. new sytron 45x45

    The Sightron is probably the best range finder i have used . Would i buy one ? No . too heavy . small field of view and optically a bit dark . . probably too dear for what it is . but if range finding is what you lack . there you go ??? HOLLY PS get a set of weights to work out with though .
  20. Laying out a good course for the winter league is not simple . to me it is about keeping the big boys ticking over for the GPs and keeping mr C grade happy too . cos mr C grade may well be the future of the sport . our last winter league at carisbrooke . woody put in a 39 . to me that is perfect course setting . this year the course so far ( it will be altered ) is put out as i said . with one gettable target and one hard target a lane . because the ground is so difficult to get across . we just chip away at the course through the course of the year . plus we don't have any super shots . just average mugs . then of course you have to look at the course as a whole . is this a course for everybody . well hopefully it will be when we finish ??? HOLLY PS by the way , we have a couple of bitch lanes . one i call Woodys End .
  21. isp airstream

    I pick up my steyr at the next buccs shoot . so if they leave the zero range out i might forgo the pleasures of the shoot and see how that goes ??? HOLLY
  22. I am in favour of the old style of putting out winter league courses . one target per lane a C grader should get and one target that should test a AA grader . 20 of each . that does not mean to say that the harder ones should be long . it could be a 35 yard mini up a tree in the wind . no 180 degree targets , 45 degree at the most movement on the bean bag . otherwise you lose the ability to suss the wind that made you miss the first one if you do . had a row with calpin over these type of targets at the GPs . all shooting points to be flat . specially uphill ones . with enough room to sit down without falling over . all targets to be seen in every position . barring that get on with it ??? HOLLY PS simple like me .
  23. isp airstream

    The weather forecast looks good for next week . fingers crossed ??? HOLLY
  24. isp airstream

    Yes i seem to remember you winning the shoot at Basingstoke last year . and that was in no way an easy shoot .??? HOLLY PS let us hope it does not rain again for the shoot at buccs . that was awful last time . rain mud and cold . urggg
  25. The SteyWhei

    We have to depend on groups to to tell us how good a rifle/pellets/ scope/reg is . at least off the bench in good conditions . today would have been perfect . ah well fingers crossed for sunday .got some 451 AA . 4.52 JSBs .4.52 snipers to try sunday . plus will try unscrewing the muzzle brake gradually to see if that will alter in anyway the way the rifle shoots . i find that on occasions by putting washers behind the screw on brake . the added weight can alter the barrel vibrations . sort of a crude version on Jons one ??? HOLLY