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    Sounds like dan is on the up . i did say that berty would be the man this year . looks like he has made a good start ??? HOLLY

    Well this weekend the three muskateers . Desperate Dan , The Groucher and syco . head off ooooop north to try there luck , in the groucher mobile . who will have the boasting rights on the way back . who will have a hang dog look on there face . this and many other things will be revealed SOON ??? HOLLY
  3. well today was a very nasty little wind at the club . not much learnt . but will keep at it . looks like plan B is coming up next . only trouble is , i can't remember what plan be is ??? HOLLY
  4. In walnut grade 2. not laminate it is £1278 incuding VAT . start saving ??? HOLLY

    Sounds like a good day out Matt and a steep learning curve . but you gotta be in it to win it ??? HOLLY

    Well Lads , what are the Scores On The Doors ??? HOLLY

    The excitement Mounts . who shall be top dog at Redferns ? not an easy ground that one . be interesting to how see Darron does and of course all the boys with there 9015s . was the last shoot a flash in the pan or will in be anschutz all the way . might have a couple of bob on Berty for this year ??? HOLLY
  8. Thank You PPI ?

    No col . Mr Canes shooting machine has to be number one . but i would like to use the GC2 in opens or such . gotta run a couple of tins through the rifle to make sure it is up to it first . i cannot abide a rifle that does not shoot well . the Scimitar went . if this one is not as good as my old one . away that will go to ??? HOLLY
  9. Thank You PPI ?

    Some PPI was owed me , so i thought why waste it on bills . noway hosay . hmmmm now what can i get , hmmm after looking at everything new . i really don't see anything that can take all season shooting . specially on our very wet muddy ground . . hmmm what ? then blow me down that nice steve Carter comes up with a PM . GC2 for sale on the BBs . my old one has been playing up of late . so talked to the gent . the rifle had belonged to dave at SCR . out of his collection . had just been serviced by him . well there is nothing else i like . so came today . i think the fella was being modest about the condition . the action hardly has a mark on it . the stock . which is very much like a CS 1000 , is immaculate with very nice figuring in the walnut . all in all a very nice rifle . ??? HOLLY PS and before groucher say's anything . no it won't stay immaculate for long . cos i use my stuff . not stick it in a cupboard .
  10. REDFERNS .

    I have to think of you boy's ? suppose i turned up with a 25 year old rifle and scope and kicked ass . you boys would never live it down . ??? HOLL
  11. REDFERNS .

    I don't mind helping out Rob . . but my day is done big comp wise . let you younger fellas go for it . i enjoyed my worlds . hope all those who enter enjoy theirs ??? HOLLY
  12. Thank You PPI ?

    Nope no room Stan . mr steyr and me ??? HOLLY
  13. On changing em over . the vibration on my steyr seems to have gone . so although i thought the WL barrel was not touching the forward support , it must have been . more testing required on both rifles . ??? HOLLY
  14. Thank You PPI ?

    This rifle is MK11 . it has not been upgraded to the MK 111 bleed valve . which basically means it is harder to cock and you get less shots . . the rifle on the chrono was doing 785 in the heat of the day . i was only getting around 70 shots . with the MK111 bleed valve i should have been getting about 90 shots at 780 fps . accuracy was pretty good but windage not so good . now the GCs are usually pretty good . so when i got home i got the phosphorous bronze brush and brass rods and gave it a couple passes up and back with cleaner . . sure enough two ton of muck came out on the patches . i have found that older rifles in very good condition . don't get shot much . but oiled a lot cos of long periods of storage . the oil after a while dries hard . leaving the barrel a bit crusty ( like groucher ) hopefully this will improve it . will give it good few pellets through it next week ??? HOLLY
  15. Thank You PPI ?

    No Stan , you cannot afford one and they would not sell you one if you could . Stan And Dave Stay away , as you would lower the tone of em . ??? HOLLY PS i was shooting it today . it is Damn well nearly as tall as me . Beautiful .
  16. Wife down the club today , with her steyr . so it was the first chance to compare the two barrels . HW 100 Carbine and Walther Loather .. interesting . i know i was not shooting em at the same time but i think the HW100 was slightly more accurate and slightly better on windage . not much in it . may be at 55 yards half an inch of wind for the HW100 and just on or slightly less than an inch with the WL barrel . out of 5 shots fired at the quarter inch bolts holding the targets on ( yes Rob i know you said they were bigger , well they look small at 55 yards )three hit them some where on the bolt with the HW100 . two with the WL . ( off the bench ) . not a huge amount but in FT every mill counts . so will try changing em over . ??? HOLLY
  17. Grading

    Rob , you baffle em with science . i baffle em with a load of old B---------------s ? same as what is between grouchers ears ??? HOLLY
  18. Back in 1900 and frozen to death . i qualified for my first showdown . ( 18 times in all ) to do this you had to be in the top 6 i think it was at a GP . i learned that a GP was being held at a ground near luton off the old A5 Broomhills . the course was set by dave welham . it was a public shooting ground . so for two weeks before hand i drove down there to get the hang of the wind there . on various parts of the course . anyway , i did qualify . much to my and my shooting mates surprise . the showdown that year was held near manchester . i had to borrow a car to get there . my first round was with funny enough dave welham . he was a top name then .he beat me by two targets . so i went into the plate . i was not then a barrel cleaner . did not really know much about it . half way around the second course . the barrel went off and i hardly hit the plate after that . anyway i got my badge and away home i went . loved it . great atmosphere . one mistake and your out / yep good memory /?? HOLLY PS the next week at the club . i stapled a notice to one of the chairs in the club " SHOWDOWN QUALIFIERS CHAIR ONLY " when they saw it , the chucked the chair and me out the door .
  19. Big Bazza who is a fan of pups since he bought my cricket . sent me a few words he found on face book from a gent in kent " Air Rifle Tech "sittingbourne i think . he is talking about a budget rifle from SMK ( Spit ) well at least that is what i usually say . but have a read about what he say's about the SMK ATEMIS P 15 . titanium air cylinder . floating hammer . reg . £300 on special offer . ??? HOLLY
  20. Thank You PPI ?

    I wished i could Darron but room is limited in the holly heap for sringfield GP . shame ??? HOLLY
  21. Thank You PPI ?

    As said Steve , very nice . if it shoots as well as it looks , i will be a happy chappy . ??? HOLLY PS out with it tomorrow , so will see how it goes .
  22. Thank You PPI ?

    How Sad . picking on an old Man . looks like i am gonna have to give you boys a thrashing with it at Spring GP ??? HOLLY
  23. Thank You PPI ?

    Yeah , well i have got a Skoda too ??? HOLLY
  24. Grading

    Wow at last AA . yeahhhh ??? HOLLY
  25. Grading

    You could be the next new thing Stan . or Maybe Not ??? HOLLY