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  1. The SteyWhei

    Now you have found a barrel which works leave it on there and DO not change it.
  2. Fit to shoot .

    Sounds like a challenge of one lap round the rock . Any is the new pup here yet.
  3. Scopes ?

    If my one out there is playing with Rn10 regs I still have all my Joe Korick setup tools here I will sell as I never use them.
  4. Scopes ?

    The way my 2002is setup and has been like it for years is the hammer is turned in almost as far as it goes and still cocks ok then the reg turned down to get the power near where I wanted and then I use my transfer port mod the bring it down to around 775 with 8.4 pellets nd it has stayed at that FPs for years hot or cold and over any chrono reading the same. When Wayne sorted my oring problem a while ago he did say my Reg was set fairly low.
  5. Scopes ?

    I trust my old 20/50 .
  6. What rifle do you use.
  7. shooting in the cold with a pcp!

    My 2002 stays within 10 FPS any temp but all you ever here is there is no chrono that works any way but this always seems to come up when people are found to be over. How people us rifle which go 2 inches low when it gets cold I have no idea.
  8. Messing with a Steyr .

    How about a sweep stake which barrel land furthest from the stock in testing.
  9. Your New Years Resolution .

    Get back under 13 stone.
  10. The Course .

    No do not change it as it has taken you a year to learn this one . Not a back little wood on a sunny day.
  11. I wonder ?

    I have the same TR on a shelf.
  12. Bazzas 9015 ?

    I would like to try some of the pellets people say do not group in the later barrels as my old thing seem to shoot any of the 8.4 pellets the same.
  13. The spare Shutz

    I have new glasses on the way in case some thing come my way at some time lol . I am told I will have 20 20 vison with them still I will see my misses better.
  14. The spare Shutz

    We only use normal rifle scopes set up just to give you a chance really.
  15. Grandad

    Best Wishes Grandad. See u soon .