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  1. RN10

    Standing Training

    Colin I will lend you my old smart turbo trainer 30 minutes is like an Hour riding in Hilly Kent with out every one trying to knock you off . All it needs is some thing like a iPad to run an app on and a Bluetooth chest strap and I have all the other bits to go with the trainer. Look what it has done for Simon P with his new walking fitness program as he is suddenly 1 off top score and and from what Holly said poor Dc did not know what hit him when he saw Simon score. God help every one if Simon gets a 80 mag scope and a 15 to put it on.
  2. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I was but sadly not at the moment .
  3. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Holly I have my Elite Qubo smart turbo trainer up for sale and you could ride in the warm.
  4. Funny I have been moaned at this week for wearing my 2006 Blue top all the time. Black and white coats have worn well.
  5. RN10

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    He could have my 2002.
  6. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I have done 31 miles in the trainer today, had a ride on a smart turbo trainer On Sunday in a bike shop which if it was a ft rifle it would be above the level of a 9015 . In the end I just could not buy it mainly due to reading about how many are going wrong.
  7. RN10

    The Shutz Barrel

    Never worked out how a pellet will not group big time close in then is ok at long range.
  8. RN10

    8002 shutz ?

    I thought John said he sold it a long time ago.
  9. Some come back some are leaving .
  10. I would have matched my Blue stock RN against a 2002.
  11. RN10


    Wahoo Kickr Core.
  12. RN10

    So....round 4 of the Winter League at ETL

    Let me guess you could a few lane in forget which pellet was for what range. They would love you at a chronological.
  13. RN10

    So....round 4 of the Winter League at ETL

    What was wrong with Dan rifle.
  14. Part with the 2002/20-50 for a high spec turbo trainer is the real question.
  15. Just done 30 km in hour setting a bench mark for Simon when get over to try the trainer out.