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  1. RN10

    Rock moved?

    The rock may not have moved but the rail way line at KW did one comp when Holly ranged it with his scope. We wondered why the trains where going slower.
  2. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    The set of flash wheels I had which kept trying to kill me when the front one keep wobbling and trying to throw be of the bike at speed down hill and now I just will not go over 30 mph down hill now. Disc are the best thing ever happened one road bikes for me.
  3. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    U are faster than me then down hill.
  4. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Not much chance of shooting the 2002 in the wI I think not missed one for about 20 plus years.
  5. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    3 white bikes on my main long route to work now which is very sad. The electric bikes are being speed unlimited by some people and I get passed like I am not moving on my bike some mornings by riders hardly turning the pedals. . One bloke was trying to over take cars going up Shooters Hill on a MTB with 2 hub motors a while ago.
  6. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Well done.
  7. There is not a club in SEFTA who's targets I do not trust 100% and as the name bloke found at a comp you do not get away saying he had it them as could he not have missed them . 20 plus years WL. I have only called maybe 2 targets first one when I was new to comps made me feel like an idiot as it was a split and 2 nd had frozen solid and first shot on that lane with full pellet on kill.
  8. RN10

    Selling my spare Shutz

    I have forgotten where my 2002 lup is
  9. Why should every club have to change targets just for a few cheats who will still try to cheat.
  10. RN10

    Desperation ?

    Funny how some people never seem to have any problems with chronos.
  11. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I am all 4 ebikes if it gets people out in the fresh air and being active. The latest Giant roads bikes are good for about 4 hours riding. Not a fan of the moded ones doing silly speeds.
  12. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I have finally a new a Garmin Edge Explore which is a very good bit of kit and even connects to my mobile. 64 miles yesterday which seem to be about my limit theses day as I do not get to ride as much but luckily not have get fit to shoot due to not shooting . Getting a bit ######ed off at times with mainly electric de limited Mtb’s when you get passed like you a not even moving.
  13. I only did one none WL comp last year a could not believe when a person the lane behind use called the shortish targets on the lane he missed as they must be faulty . Funny the 4 shooters before him had no problems or the ones after after him . He was not given them by the marshal. Late found out he is a name shooter. In 23 years I have I think only ever called 2 targets first when I was new and it was a split and the other was due Barry Warren telling me to as it was the first target we shot that day and it was found to be frozen solid .
  14. RN10

    Springfield today...

    Flashing lights all the time is a must do.
  15. RN10

    Springfield today...

    Colin sounds like you need to take Simon on.
  16. RN10

    Far Coly ?

    Must be on about me as I live in the M25 but I just never shot.
  17. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Strava records where you have been and how fast and how long you are out. So to the cafe and back.
  18. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Holly just use Strava on mobile to record your rides.
  19. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Try your bike on a turbo trainer and you could still be on here at the same time.
  20. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Get some padded shorts and you will be able to see how far the battery's will take you.
  21. Troll sucking a burger would be Holly
  22. Cake sounds good.
  23. RN10


    Dan Dan the AA man's should beat the other 2 paint chippers.
  24. RN10


    I hear you can not go up a grade at a Comp so as it is said a totally elitists sport if ever there was one. I feel sorry for shooters who put the time and in and in a lot of cases a lot of £££££ in kit wise in SEFTA and who thought they may have got to Aa to see the goal posts moved. I wonder what the Aa graders think about as I have no axe to grind with any one in AA as they did not move the % . First time I have been out of the top grade in 20 years but that is down to me only shooting maybe 10 comps a year with no practice and having got away with it till this WL.
  25. RN10

    isp airstream

    2002 never moved in 10 years plus hot cold snow rain. Shame I do not shoot it much now.