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  1. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I was but sadly not at the moment .
  2. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    Holly I have my Elite Qubo smart turbo trainer up for sale and you could ride in the warm.
  3. Funny I have been moaned at this week for wearing my 2006 Blue top all the time. Black and white coats have worn well.
  4. RN10

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    He could have my 2002.
  5. RN10

    Fit to shoot .

    I have done 31 miles in the trainer today, had a ride on a smart turbo trainer On Sunday in a bike shop which if it was a ft rifle it would be above the level of a 9015 . In the end I just could not buy it mainly due to reading about how many are going wrong.
  6. RN10

    The Shutz Barrel

    Never worked out how a pellet will not group big time close in then is ok at long range.
  7. RN10

    8002 shutz ?

    I thought John said he sold it a long time ago.
  8. Some come back some are leaving .
  9. I would have matched my Blue stock RN against a 2002.
  10. RN10


    Wahoo Kickr Core.
  11. RN10

    So....round 4 of the Winter League at ETL

    Let me guess you could a few lane in forget which pellet was for what range. They would love you at a chronological.
  12. RN10

    So....round 4 of the Winter League at ETL

    What was wrong with Dan rifle.
  13. Part with the 2002/20-50 for a high spec turbo trainer is the real question.
  14. Just done 30 km in hour setting a bench mark for Simon when get over to try the trainer out.
  15. Here we go AGAIN I stick up for some one and now I am the target. Leave my hair alown as I do not have much and it gets upset very easily.
  16. RN10

    Grades ?

    Leave COLIN alone if you kick him much more he will end up in Australia.
  17. RN10

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    Lol Planks .
  18. RN10

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    How much are we betting on Simon 50p.
  19. RN10

    Winter Draws On ?

    Holly would be to tuff to eat .
  20. Simon talked some sense and it is true as one big thing is when would I get the time to set it up.
  21. I think I have been talked out of changing the mount.
  22. I have got it in my head my scope is to high but have shot it for 10 years plus.
  23. Is the rail dove tail on a 15 the same as a 2002 do you think
  24. Any one know who makes the rail on the 2015 in the picture for the video link.
  25. Remember the new average speed limits on the M20 as it has raised them over £300000 so far. In one of our local papers.