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  1. RN10

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    How much are we betting on Simon 50p.
  2. RN10

    Winter Draws On ?

    Holly would be to tuff to eat .
  3. Simon talked some sense and it is true as one big thing is when would I get the time to set it up.
  4. I think I have been talked out of changing the mount.
  5. I have got it in my head my scope is to high but have shot it for 10 years plus.
  6. Is the rail dove tail on a 15 the same as a 2002 do you think
  7. Any one know who makes the rail on the 2015 in the picture for the video link.
  8. Remember the new average speed limits on the M20 as it has raised them over £300000 so far. In one of our local papers.
  9. More chance of me winning with my £1 bet on Nat to the amount I might go all out and up the bet to £3.
  10. £1 bet on Nat to win.
  11. Any one who looks back over 20 plus years of I have done the SEFTA WL other than one year when I did some RC racing which the team knew about before that one started I think I have hardly ever missed a single rounds till the last 2 rounds of the of the 17/18 WL being in AE with my dad both days. When I was asked if I would shoot this year I said yes but there may have to be comps I can not do with my mums on going illness.
  12. Not sure how many I will get to sadly.
  13. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    Where are people buy the highly ajustable forends from
  14. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    I have not done a GP for years but hear how long they are now but I think the Essex 50 course was very good with some thing for every one to have a go at hitting and not set up for just for maybe the top 5 % of FT shooters. . New firing line work well and was last maybe used 20 years ago. Nodought it could have been made a lot longer but from what I could tell EVERY one was enjoying it while it was going and shame I could not stay at the end but I now know it was a good job I got home when I did. Let’s face it if people can not even do a club comp with out it being to GP level what is there of them to shot. One of the reasons why I asked the question was the SEFTA winter league comps getting way to long a while ago as I kept hearing this near GP courses in the winter and it was not aimed at anyone or club and we seems to have forgotten about new shooters trying to find there feet in FT. I do not think the 50 could have run or be run any better with a good entry , good lanes some on the new ? Firing line and I think one one stoppage right end when a stand broke I think and then good food layed on at the end with every one having a good day out in the sun shine . Keith.
  15. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    Lol so funny.
  16. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    Had only looked at the pictures on my phone and now I have looked on my iPad -covered in gore- hell my hair has gone .
  17. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    And there was Nat thinking she had shot well till the pictures come out and super coach has a look .
  18. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    Added 10 years more like in the wrong hands.
  19. RN10

    Essex 50 pix

    -covered in gore- hell I look old .
  20. RN10

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    Shot her little socks off.
  21. RN10

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    I could used the die4 perms I have which I won at my first ever comp
  22. RN10

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    My 2002 not been used since January so I would not know if it still works.
  23. RN10

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    I am sure some one will soon be along and post no chrono works.
  24. RN10

    Rock moved?

    The rock may not have moved but the rail way line at KW did one comp when Holly ranged it with his scope. We wondered why the trains where going slower.