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  1. rockdrill

    FT Question.

    Also some targets are designated as 'eliminators' to be considered in event of a tied score - i.e. the shooter who has hit more eliminators takes the higher placing. So this requires target to be shot in sequence.
  2. rockdrill

    EV2 MK4 in poplar wood stock

    I'm surprised they don't just take the plunge and ditch that stock in favour of getting one designed for FT by someone who shoots FT. The stock was originally designed as a 10m stock for the RN10 and got cobbled around for the EV - time for a clean slate.
  3. rockdrill


    The rifle not being current - no problem. The scope not being current - I can see a problem here as some of the scopes that were used back along are still current models! e.g. Leupold 6.5-20 EFR. Overall I like the sound of a classic FT shoot as even my newest rifle is about 14 years old.
  4. rockdrill

    The Worlds in hungary .

    I sincerely hope it never goes Olympic. That will be the best way of destroying the very thing that makes FT special.
  5. rockdrill

    Trophies, money or nothing for Ft winners?

    SWEFTA give out certificates for the placings at our league shoots and have trophies for the end of season winners.
  6. rockdrill

    GC2 Action .

    Holly, As I only used the action with AA 4.52’s I found that it was very much borderline to the limit, with an uncomfortable number of pellets going OTT. So the adjuster is wound right down on its stop and hasn’t been touched for some time. I would say just give it a good tweak, maybe with a small extension bar on the key and it should free up OK. Dale
  7. rockdrill

    Insurance for the Worlds

    BASC membership insurance covers you for all legitimate shooting activities (including target shooting) and covers you for I think up to 90 days per annum overseas, although USA and Canada are excluded from this cover.
  8. rockdrill

    Zeroing Scope

    For me there is a bit of a yes and no to that statement. I 'zero' my FT rifle for 35 yards and my dials work from that datum point. For me I find it useful to work in that way as I always have a fixed reference point to check that everything is working as it should.
  9. rockdrill

    Starting up in FT

    In the SWEFTA region there are a few people who are using the MPR and seem happy with them.
  10. rockdrill

    Starting up in FT

    Hi Greg, Out of the box the MPR stock is a bit on the short side. However a little ingenuity and a couple of hours shaping some metal can provide a solution to this without resorting to the addition of the expensive EV2 style butt plate option Air Arms offer: http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1707 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1708 This is a 'bitza' comprising an early S300 bolt housing, .177 barrel from a Rapid 17, Daystate silencer, S400 striker housing and firing valve block, fettled 3 sear trigger, 400mm cylinder with Welham regulator, S300 inlet valve block, home made valve cover, MPR stock modified to fit for length and a Steyr scope rail to sort out not having sufficient eye relief. A very accurate little rifle. Dale
  11. rockdrill

    World FT Championships SA

    In terms of flights, Emirates may be cheaper and are a nice airline to fly with - but having done a bit of reading around on their policy for firearms transportation it appears to be more involved with getting permissions to transit guns through Dubai than if you used one of the direct flight airlines. SAA are very good with transporting airguns as are Lufthansa - both airlines I have flown to SA on and taken airguns. Dale
  12. rockdrill

    Leupold Competition Series

    I take it the first sentence is aimed at Jon, an extremely talented engineer who has built several FT rifles from scratch and has very wide experience with rifles and scopes for FT. While I may not agree with every statement he makes I think his assessment of Nightforce is not unfair, some of their scopes were not as good as they should have been for what they cost. I bought an 8-40x56 back in early 1994 and to be honest was really disappointed by it, I quickly traded it off for one of the first Tasco Custom Shops to come into the country. The one Nightforce I did own that I wish I had kept was a prototype 15-52x56 side focus - similar in appearance to the Custom Shop but the optics seemed far superior - it is a real shame that scope didn't get into production as it would have been the mid 1990's equivalent of the big N/S but higher quality. I haven't had the opportunity to evaluate the current production Nightforce front focus scopes so they may well be superior to what they were, but given the price tag attached to them it would be an expensive gamble. A friend of mine has several of the NXS scopes on his centrefire rifles but I can't say they really shine for me in terms of the optical quality for what they cost. For your information the GC2 was that good. The reason they stoppped making them was purely economic - they cost more to make than they could profitably sell them for. Re: PR20-50x50 scopes, IMO they are perfectly usable at 50x - that is how I always used mine - however not everyone is comfortable shooting on that magnification - which is nothing to do with the usability.
  13. rockdrill

    Leupold Competition Series

    The Competition Series scopes focus down much closer - my own 35x version came down to 12 yards out of the box, with a little tweak I brought it down to 10 yards. They can be brought down to just under 9 yards I believe. As to accessories - I don't know you would need to persist with contacting Leupold on that.
  14. rockdrill

    SWEFTA league

    A big thanks to those who braved the less than perfect weather to come and visit CFTC yesterday. By next time we should have better access sorted and our club hut in place as well. A few pictures from the CFTC shoot: http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1600 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1596 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1597 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1598 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1599 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1601 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1605 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1606 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1607 http://www.airrifle.co.za/picture.php?albu...;pictureid=1608
  15. rockdrill

    SWEFTA league

    Just to bring this one to the top. Since my previous posting, we have decided for the inaugural shoot on our new ground to go with 50 targets on the FT. As it is split over two courses there will be ample opportunity for anyone who might wish to refill their rifle. The Hunter class will still be 25 targets comprising the whole of the south course (targets 26-50). Look forward to seeing everyone. Dale