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  1. Pod

    Super Pellets

    I use the Rangemasters in 4.50 in my Air Wolf and they are excellent. They fly flatter and take less wind than the JSB varieties. Get lovely groups at 50 yards. I bought as many as I could find when I heard that they weren't being made anymore.
  2. Laser sights can be so useful! We have a Daystate Harrier that always needed to be re-zeroed. The rifle is set up for my boys to use so I fitted a laser so I could see exactly where they were aiming and advise if needed. What we discovered was that if we looked through the scope and adjusted the parallax, the laser dot appeared to move around all over the place compared to the cross hair. And didn't go back to zero even when the parallax was returned to the starting position. Duff scope. Got a cheap replacement and it holds zero perfectly, but I have noted that this one moves when the mag is changed - only slightly but it is repeatable so it stays on zero as long as the mag is returned to the starting position. Very useful things lasers!
  3. Pod

    pellet sizing

    I used to size 4.53 pellets with a 4.53 sizer and velocity dropped off 25fps (Steyr LG100FT/JSB Exacts)
  4. 9/64" is the correct size.
  5. Pod

    How To Even FT Out ?

    Maybe lower power limits - 9.5/10.5/11.5 ;)
  6. Don't shoot many comps now but used to use Daystate FT 4.53 and then Daystate Selects 4.53 for FT and HFT. Recent batches have been of variable quality so last FT comp I tried Daystate Rangemasters. I was well pleased with how they performed. Did not have to give any windage on any shots (Sporting FT) and the trajectory at 11.4 ftlbs is very flat; 30 yard zero gives just over 1.5 mildots at 55 yards. I got my Sporting FT PB with them Have been buying as many tubs as I can find as it seems they are not going to be available anymore
  7. If the power had gone up to 13.2 ftlbs or thereabouts and nothing else has been changed, then yes the new zero point would be about 44 yards.
  8. Thought I'd better explain how I got the above from Chairgun: Select the Accupel as pellet 1. Select the same pellet as pellet 2. Select the 'drop from horizontal v. Range' graph. Use the compare function and select pellets 1 and 2. Adjust the power for pellet 1 to about 11 ftlbs. Adjust the power for pellet 2 until its trajectory is about 1.25" above the 11ftlbs trajectory at 36 yards. This should give the data to explain what you are seeing - i.e. that the pellet after cleaning is 1.25" above the original POI when nothing else has changed. By the way, this equates to about a 60fps increase.
  9. The biggest increase I have seen after cleaning (a .177 with a VFG kit) is 20fps. Its pretty unlikely to be an increase in power that is causing the POI shift - but according to Chairgun if it was running at 11 ftlbs before then it would need to be running at about 13.2 ftlbs to raise the POI 1.25 inches at 36 yards.
  10. Pod

    Female Quick-Fill for EV2

    Don't know if this is any help: http://www.air-arms.co.uk/PDFS/EV2EXISS2.pdf
  11. Pod

    can it be right .

    I was under the impressions that Sporting FT rules for the prone position were that the leading arm, forward of the elbow, had to be unsupported
  12. Pod

    FT Pellet

    As far as I know, there was supposed to be.... And there may well have been at the start of the agreement. The drop in quality recently suggests that the extra QC that Daystate were paying for was not being done correctly. This may have played a major part in Daystate seeking another source for their own branded pellets.
  13. Pod

    what do the numbers mean?

    Basically a scope is described by its magnification range and the size of its objective lens (the lens furthest from your eye). So in your case you have a zoom range of 3 to 9x magnification, and an objective lens size of 40mm. Some scopes also have parallax adjustment - some on the objective lens housing (AO - Adjustable Objective) and some on the saddle of the scope - like another turret - usually called sidewheel or side parallax. The '25 yard' statement most likely refers to scopes with parallax adjustment. Once zeroed at a set distance, the zero point should be the same on any magnification at that distance.
  14. Pod

    Pellet Sorting

    From what I have read, the barrels are the equal of a match grade LW barrel but are considerably less pellet fussy.
  15. Pod

    Can't Hit Squat?

    Daystate barrel adjustment (as far as I know) is via the 3 (or 4) grub screws in the breech and only does up and down. If it is shooting off to one side then the fig 8 clamp should be loosened off to see if the barrel springs back into position. If it does then the fig 8 should be retightened so that it is not pushing the barrel. In my opinion the fig 8 clamp should not be used to push a barrel off to one side as I think that this will cause POI issues over the course of a fill.