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    l shoot all forms of target shooting including 10 metre air pistol and rifle, .22 benchrest rifle, gallery rifle, sporting rifle and full bore rifle. Due to my disabilities I am unable to shoot prone any more and I have dispensation from the NSRA to shoot standing disciplines while seated.

    I am a firm believer in the value of competitive shooting and I think everyone should shoot competitively to help improve their skills. I am currently the club secretary of Penrhiwpal Shooting Club - www.penrhiwpalsc.co.uk

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    Carmarthenshire, West Wales
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  1. maurice

    Doubling up comp cards

    Many years ago a shooter in a club I was at did just this. He was shooting in two different postal leagues and reasoned that once the cards were posted off no-one would be able to tell he had shot them back to back. What he didn't know was that the same chap scored both leagues. The result was a two year ban (that's 4 seasons) on all competition shooting for both the shooter and the witness. Easrlier in this thread someone said maybe the witness doesn't know the rules - if so they must not witness targets - that is also one of the rules and frankly should be self evident as the witness is signing that the rules have been followed. They can't do that if they don't know the rules.. In my current club only committee members may witness external competition cards for just this reason.
  2. maurice

    Interesting event for springers?

    At my club I got fed up with people moaning there was a lack of events for springers. It seems that almost everyone has one at the back of the wardrobe, but unlless it's used for hunting or (rarely around here) for HFT, there it stays. So as I was club captain at the time I decided to provide people with an event specifically for springers & gas rams, which I included just to increase the numbers shooting. As we're predomihnately a paper punching club I set it up to shoot on NSRA P14/06 targets, which seem to give about the right amount of a challenge. The event is shot over seven three weekly rounds during the summer (just like a postal league competition). Shot on two targets per round, one at 25 yards and the other at 45 yards - ten shots on each target. Any sights may be used but the sights may not be adjusted between targets. Shoot either target first and set the sights however you wish but don't adjust them until you've shot both targets. Shooting position is sitting at the bench with the elbows (only) rested on the bench. No other support allowed and no specialised shooting clothing or slings or gloves etc. This event has proved very popular and is certainly a challenge for the good shots while not being so difficult it puts us lesser mortals off. Because of the limited numbers shooting in our internal club competition I score it using a handicap system similar to a Macrae handicap where everyone is shooting against their own average. I offer this freely to anyone who wants to try it - alter or amend it as you see fit for your club or group. Believe me it's quite entertaining to get the old springers out again and shoot them on paper. I personally use a .177 HW98, a .177 Prosport and a .22 BSA Lightning, alternating the guns from round to round just to have the pleasure of shooting them all. Some surprisingly good scores can be made if you're any good. Of course the practice with a springer has improved people's shooting all round as well. If anyone does try this event please leave some feedback to let us know how you got on.
  3. maurice


    Can anyone point me at the correct taergets foir this competition. I've looked on the NSRA shop online but I can't see anything speciofic for bell target. TVM.
  4. maurice

    hawke 3-9-40

    That looks a nice scope (now with mil-dot I see) but no parallax adjustment - set at 25 yards. Have a look at a Nikko Stirling Gold Crown. Ramsbottoms were doing the 3-9x42 parallax adjustable mil-dot at around £46 including one piece mount and free postage. I've had three of these on various springers and two mates also have them and I've yet to see a poor one. Still got one on the HW98 (the other two were sold with the guns they were on) Bright sight picture and robust enough for a springer, at the price they're a bargain. I think several people on here have also bought them and no-one has had a bad word to say (well not yet anyway). Or if you can afford it look at the Bushnell Banner 4-12 at around £100 from Sportsman Gun in Paignton (or wherever they've moved to now). I've got two of these and they are a quality scope but without the mil-dots.
  5. maurice

    Bell Target

    There's (or at least was a couple of years ago) a group of clubs in the Pembrokeshire area. Try a google as I'm sure they did a postal league type competition.
  6. maurice


    They're usually available on Ebay. Not the best in the world but servicable. Or ask air arms if they can sell you a set from the S200T.
  7. The few minutes you're talking about will not cause any problems at all. A couple of weeks probably wouldn't matter either. The seals seem to perish through age rather than pressure and leaving it cocked, while not good safety, will not cause any harm to the gun. A good way to check on the condition of the seals is to see if it will hold pressure for a couple of days/weeks. If it does the seals are good, if not they're probably leaking slightly.
  8. maurice

    ProSport Wont Fire, Help Please

    I've got a slightly similar situation here. I bought a brand new prosport in .177 (latest walnut stock too) last week. The gun cocks and fires ok (and is soooo accurate it's almost boring) but occasionally the safety doesn't set. About one shot in ten no auto safety and it's not manually settable. The shop said bring it back and we'll fix or replace it but they're a good hour and a half away. A friend at my club who had a prosport for years said they can be a bit temperamental sometimes so I'm going to put a tin of pellets through it first in case it just needs running in a bit. Hopefully it's just a slight burr somewhere that will wear off in time. Shame the safety cant be sdet manually as I'd prefer that since I only ever shoot on a range at paper targets I don't really need the auto safety but I want it to work properly as it's a new gun. I have found that you need to be quite purposeful when cocking the gun - it wants a good smart pull on the lever right to the very end. I find that half hearted efforts are more likely to not pop the safety button out and I can imagine might also fail to cock the trigger.
  9. maurice

    10m Target Shooting - After advice

    Totally agree with everything said so far. You need to match the size of the foresight element to the target and lighting conditions relevant to your eyes. Be careful not to go too small though as this will cause as many problems as too large. Keep experimenting in diferent lighting to establish the right sizes for your eyes in various conditions. In my experience most club guns have far too small foresight elements as they're often set up by experienced 10m shooters with excellent eyesight. Then novices with variable eyesight and no experience struggle to see the correct sight picture. Personally I find too big less of a problem than too small. If you want a set of foresight elements (and assuming the rifle takes standard 18mm Anshutz style elements) try a company called Intershoot on Ebay. The NSRA want £5 each for elements - I've seen them as low as £3 each but Intershoot do a set of 10 in a plastic rotating dispener/holder for £12.99. From 2.4 to 4.2 or thereabouts. I've just bought a set from them 'cos I needed to change my foresight - from 3.8 to 3.0 or 3.2 as a result of better lighting on my club's indoor range. Brilliant service - I ordered them via Ebay buy it now on Sunday evening and they turned up yesterday (Tuesday).
  10. maurice


    Look on the National Smallbore Rifle Associuation website - their clubfinder is very good, and they look after airguns as well as smallbore. NSRA They list the following clubs in Kent; Black Lion Rifle Club, Dartford Rifle Club, Faversham Rifle & Pistol Club, Folkestone Rifle Club, Hildenborough Rifle & Pistol Club, Ightham Rifle & Pistol Club, Ramsgate 1957 & Dover 1900 Rifle Club, Reeds Target Shooting Club, Sidcup Pistol Club, St Albans (Dartford) Air Weapons Clubs, Swalecliffe & District Target Shooting Club, Tonbridge Rifle & Pistol Club, Tunbridge Wells & St Peters Target Shooting Club, Tubslake Shooting Club, Westerham Mimiature Rifle Club One of those should do you - or there may be others in neighbouring counties that fit you better. Enjoy.
  11. maurice

    Budget HT rifles?

    For my money for a PCP the AA S200 or S400 are about the best "budget" buys you can get. Worth every penny and will shoot excellently - far better than almost all of the cheaper stuff. If you want a springer - much more fun to shoot than a PCP (IMO) have a look at a Weihrauch HW95 or HW98 (my favourite springer by a long way). Or if money's really tight try a BSA Lightning (XL preferably). I shoot PCP's in competition to remain reasonably competitive but for fun (and the extra challenge of shooting it well) I shoot a springer - or a firearm, but that's another story.
  12. maurice

    airarms s200

    I have the target version - the S200T in .177 which I use for 10 metre postal leagues. I think it's a superb piece of kit and of course mine came with the removable cylinder with the pressure guage. Being a 6 ft lbs target rifle it has no silencer so removing the cylinder to refill is not a problem. I also have a spare cylinder as otherwise a 60 shot course of fire is stretching it a bit.
  13. maurice

    Rifle Ranges

    Haver a look at the National Rifle Association Website. Their club finder is quite excellent. Don't worry about the name - they look after airgun clubs too. NSRA
  14. maurice


    Hi Wayne, try the National Smallbore Rifle Association website. Their clubfinder is pretty good. They look after airgun clubs as well. NSRA
  15. maurice

    Target shooting Caliber.

    As I said, the postal league competitions for Sporting Rifle that my club shoots are NOT scored with a .22 gauge unless you shoot a .22 gun. If you use a .177 the targets are scored using .177 gauges. Individual competitions may differ but this is the generally accepted way of scoring Sport Rifle. It gives .22 rifles a slight scoring advantage which is probably offset by the better accuracy of the .177 guns. I've just checked my copies of the rules for both Cumbria & Northumbria TSA postal comps and Hendon RC postal comps and they both state that scoring will be according to calibre used i.e. a .177 will be scored as a .177 not a .22.