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  1. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    Well it's been a busy 6 months since we lost and found grounds. We are in woodland which is just under 2 acres with a small river, and industrial units behind us. The parking is proving a blessing. so big and hard surface. So far we have placed and secured a 8 seat covered firing area for pistols and rifles and we have just finished building a new club house. The woodland course has 30 targets so far ranging from 9 yds out to 55 yds, and we are about to start on the next 30 targets and with imagination they will be fun. Some members have moved on which we did expect to happen and on the plus side we are now getting more interest, it'll take time to build up but the signs are looking positive so far. Thanks to every body for your help and suggestions. Here's a link to our website.
  2. Cornish Kev

    Target Colours

    Did have the ex mod vehicle paint (black and green) worked a treat ans still does on some targets. Another one was a body kill zone but all painted the same coloue except for a yellow circle on the head. I got a few new names that day.
  3. Cornish Kev

    Target Colours

    Toataly agree with that and also use paint that stops range finders being used.
  4. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    Just over a month ago the woodland we rented was sold and we had no indication until to late. We have to be out by the end of June with the site fully cleared. The future looked bleak with no ground. But some how and I don't know how we has secured another woodland area with masses of parking on hard surface and a short walk into the woods. For the coming months we will still be running but with reduced facilities until they get built. The main thing is we are still here and shooting.
  5. Cornish Kev

    The T16 Sterling Arms

    Looks very interesting. Have some spare room in the cabinet.
  6. Cornish Kev

    Airgunforum, what future?

    Hope all goes well for you all tonight with the conversion.
  7. Cornish Kev

    Airgunforum, what future?

    That's good news Matt, thanks.
  8. Cornish Kev

    Airgunforum, what future?

    Hope all goes well for you. I have found Invision support very good on the whole.
  9. Very true, you just have to listen to them moving around.
  10. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    Just a quick update. The club has gone from strength to strength in the last 2 years with over 40 members. We have 2 woodland ranges with 30 targets on each and ranging from 9 to 62 yds plus a bell target at 90 yds, 1 course firing uphill and the other is downhill with both levelling out on the last few targets. Also have a dedicated zeroing/plinking range with a range to 55 yds and a covered,seated firing point for 6 people at a time. We are redesigning the pistol range and adding a hft range for pistols this year.
  11. Cornish Kev

    Chronometer/Chronograph - which to buy?

    I think Sportsman Gun Centre is the importer or that's what we were told. CED is one nice bit of kit, well worth the money.
  12. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    Should have had my glasses on when typing Yes the club does still exist and has a steady flow of enquiries. WVAGC or WVAGC Either of the above links will get the site. Cheers, Kevin.
  13. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    When we started planning 2 years ago CFT was located at Bodmin and we had many enquiries from air gunners around the area interested in a new club. We are quite lucky really as we have a 170 acre farm at Ladock as well as the area in Truro. We have a steady flow of enquiries and slowly the membership is building up. I think that another club will give a wider choice to air gunners and help promote the sport further. Hopefully this answers your question.
  14. Cornish Kev

    New Club Truro, Cornwall

    A group of us have been given the chance to set up a new club in Cornwall. The club is called Woodland Valley Airgun Club. We are insured for Public and Employers libility. We have got an area of woodland to use with a small tent for shelter and admin. Parking is limited but we can also use the farm yard which is within a very short walk. We are close to the main A30 and Truro is 10 mins away so you can have a few hours shooting while the family do the shops. If anyones interested contact details on our website Woodland Valley Airgun Club. So far the interest is very encouraging with 12 signed up members already. We get alot more interest and signups from the website than we do from posters and flyers. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  15. Cornish Kev

    s410 bolt and magazine

    Had a similar problem on my S410 had to realign the mag indexing pawl.