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  1. theodopperless

    FT Returns to MAD.

    Yes Simon, HFT is highly contagious, but you're welcome to just come and shoot FT and just watch others grovel about in the mud. Ian is cooking all day too. Jen said you tried ringing? 07449895053 is the correct number. Atb. Dop.
  2. theodopperless

    FT Returns to MAD.

    Yes folks its that time again. This months Sunday monthly will be held in our lovely woods and held strictly to UKAHFT and BFTA 2018 rules! Yes thats right, we have 2 comps held at the same time this Sunday. We rarely do FT these days, but Maldon's FT courses are still GP standard and will leave grown men cowering in terror as they try and beat "Lucky Dan Eley's" record 19ex40 at MAD. The HFT will be just as easy as ever! If you want to have a go at the other course, we will be swapping around after lunch, so you can tell your friends that you turned to the dark side for the day. As usual all targets are the same for everyone, so no advantage to be gained. A nice easy course this month, so no excuse for not coming in with a big score. Weather is set to be sunny and 21 degrees and as usual NO WIND! Also on offer is our large plinking range and practice course. Unfortunately, Ian will be cooking the food Sunday. Kick of is at TEN THIRTY with compulsory safety just before. A fortune in cash and heaps of gold will also be won by a few lucky people. More info on*www.madarc.net 07449895053. Cheers. Rich.
  3. theodopperless

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    does anyone remember the world champs in germany in 2004? now that was a long course. i was on crutches at the time (awaiting a new hip) and by the time i got round my hands were bleeding and raw. it must have been over a mile i reckon. good course that was but my gun bearer that the germans kindly supplied was stark raving mad and tried to get davinia wainright and myself to join his elite fighting team and go back in time to defend his realm against the zarg warriors! i kid you not. dop.
  4. theodopperless

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    thanks for the kind words you lot. i had a half day off work today once i found out that other clubs in the region couldnt take it on so that i can start planning the firing line. i wont be using the hill at all but also wont be bullied into putting out a regimented gimme course so that everyone can just put in big scores. i personally think that gp's should be tough, after all theyre a national event that people pay a lot of money to attend. if its a plinkers challenge youre after then stay away but if you want a top notch course with fifty targets for everyone then pop over and enjoy shooting in the lovely essex countryside. if anyone wants to come over in the next couple of weeks and give me some help/input then thatll be lovely. atb. rich
  5. theodopperless

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    stan. ive got your butler creek in my car fella. atb. rich.
  6. theodopperless

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    holly. thanks for your comments im sure ill forget them by the time ive finished this reply. the trouble is with you is that you bleat on in your nonsensicle fashion with little thought of the impact you create. you only moan because you can and you contradict yourself with every sentence. you simply lack the wit or intelligence to do anything else other than offend. if you had anything constructive say i would listen but alas you dont. it wouldnt have mattered what i had done to make the course any better you would have still complained. personally i think its time you just fcuked off and took up something else. i had two weeks off work building that course and thought that the view from the top of the hill would impress people that thought essex was flat. im sure that if youd seen kilty and myself staggering up the hill with a treble extender ladder you would have realized we were doing it for the good of sefta but alas you were to busy stuffing your face with hob nobs a slating other peoples hard work to even realise what goes into building a good course. cheers. richard woods
  7. theodopperless

    another shoot at MAD this weekend!!

    sorry paul, thatll be sunday fella. atb. rich
  8. As theres nothing happening in essex this weekend we will be hosting an impromptu shoot in the woods to the latest ukahft spec. food will be served from about 9am with the kickoff at 11am. everyone is welcome to shoot regardless of their discipline so if any FTers want to learn what its like to shoot a challenging course then youre welcome to come and sit on your cushions and shoot. £3 gets you a good days shooting and invaluable practice for your given disciplines. juniors shoot for free and so do first time visitors. see you all there. rich.
  9. theodopperless

    SEFTA winter league . MAD today ?

    ha ha thats funny as i was on ten mag with fixed parralax. ill be there at the showdown alright. i remember the heady days of the final between wayne twelftree and myself (he slaughtered me) and would like the opportunity to relive my youth!! gonna try and do iceni on 19th feb too. jennie had a great time today and says hello and kisses to everyone on the dark side!! xx
  10. theodopperless

    SEFTA winter league . MAD today ?

    Ah the prison days..................... such fond memories!!
  11. theodopperless

    SEFTA winter league . MAD today ?

    griggzy said you were just RUBBISH!! haha dop
  12. theodopperless

    SEFTA winter league . MAD today ?

    big thanks to all the shooters who braved the "ditch of doom" today. i thought the course was a nice intermediate introduction and a good precursor to the upcoming grand prix on the 13th may. L.D.E slipped in with a strong 38 but as holly says there was no wind. the G.P course will start in the new meadow which has 200ft of elevation and faces the river crouch and its unending suction/compression traits. mortals will be drawn unsuspectingly in and unceremoniously spat back out again but will L.D.E prevail? the centre section of the course will be in the "wind free" woods and the last third will be on another virgin ground in the "upper valley" long and gruelling is the name of the game but if your witts are about you a strong 42 isnt impossible atb. dop.
  13. theodopperless

    SEFTA Winter League

    evening all. dont listen to holly he just has recurring nightmares of his solid 27 the last time he shot at M.A.D. the course will be in the woods this time so no hells corner to worry about although we will be utilising a small part of "doom ditch" where the wind does pretty much whatever the opposite is of what you think! that said we at maldon have put out a nice "newbie friendly" course so everyone can do really well with plenty of new personal bests. i cant see any reason why Milton or L.D.E wont clear the course........ unless theres the slightest hint of a breeze in which case i think hollies 27 is looking good! see you all there. dop.
  14. This saturday sees the first of our summer league series, the rest of which can be found on the www.madarc.co.uk website. kick off is at eleven with bacon and egg rolls and tea/coffee being served from about nine thirty ish! format is a 30 shot comp to ukahft rules set in our lovely 5 acre wood. entry is £5 for non members and £3 for members. cracking bit of practice for the forthcoming ukahft series. plenty to do afterwards with the plinking range and meadow course open all day and if you want to shoot the course again afterwards then feel free. see you all there. cheers. rich.