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  1. 1 0f 5

    should I v mach tune a mk3 tx200

    You need to be an expert to improve the TX. They are pretty much as good as you can get for a mass produced gun. I had a full ultraglided one and you could tell it was an improvement but then it'd been done by people who are experts in the matter. I've shot many modded TXs and lots were worse than std. Just adding the kit rarely does anything but lighten your wallet.
  2. 1 0f 5

    Information Requested- Urgent

    It is of interest to me but I can understand it is of no interest to those who do not shoot and is of positive disinterest to the Olympic committee. They have made a substantial effort to ignore it for several years so why will they listen now? What exactly has changed? Shooting is unpopular with the general public. Unless and until that changes politicians will not give a stuff and will remain largely hostile to us. As to joining a group for lobbying power I feel the shooting bodies (note that that's plural) have little to no ability to affect legislation. I say that because of legislation I have witnessed being passed in my time in the sport and that BASC only heard of AT through this board long after it's introduction. Until shooting speaks with one voice there will be little achieved. As a shooter I have officiated at my local club for several years and given of my free time quite substantially to bring others into the sport. I have taken part in and helped organise local and national competitions. I have also written many letters to my MP on the subject so your accusations are water off my back. I simply choose to spend my time on things that can happen. Believing you can demand that Olympic shooting events can be cancelled marks you as delusional.
  3. 1 0f 5

    Information Requested- Urgent

    The argument is only going on amongst those who have an interest in shooting. For everyone-else it's is a non point. Nobody outside the shooting community cares one jot about it and the Olympic organisers have demonstrated they simply don't care about the issue. It would have been altered by now if it ever was going to be.
  4. From that link it may have been this link that was the one meant. http://campaign.publicaffairsbriefing.co.u...3-490c7e6ead7e/ and it's Darren.
  5. Any evidence for that or just an opinion? I shot FT with a big mag scope at AA and could just about hold an AA grade with a small scope and guessing the ranges. I'll be the first to concede that I'd never win any FT competition with the likes of Taylor, Calpin and Baines in NEFTA alone, but I never went to them with an expectation of winning so why did I/didn't I go? The answer is I stopped because I enjoyed HFT more. There were a lot more shooters below me than above but many of them stayed - because they did enjoy it. Nothing at all to do with results. Given the numbers I'm not alone in that thought. FT is the prime? The Olympic boys will say different (the fact it is an Olympic sport whilst FT isn't is a compelling argument) and depending on your definition of prime HFT is prime by popularity. As to X factor comparisons you're being risible and yet again arguing from a converts viewpoint. Sorry Holly but you are the prime exponent on here of looking inward and wanting no change. You enjoy it as is and that's fine but don't expect other shooters to change to suit what you like. It hasn't happened since I've been shooting and it won't happen in the future. If that's the majority view then FT will carry on as is and the original poster will continue to wonder where new shooters are. Again there is nothing wrong with a group of like minded people protecting and enjoying what they like. I merely find it daft that some expect no change in themselves to bring about a change in others. I'll harp on no further as my point is made so will leave those who enjoy FT to ignore that point and carry on as usual.
  6. Alas the point is missed. FT is different from any other form of shooting I can think of. It's as different to mainstream shooting as Olympic style 6/10m stuff. It's those differences that put people off. Your comment is pointed at (and replied by) the already converted whereas the OP is trying to reach out to the unconverted. FT has for years looked inwards rather than outwards and you are one of the prime culprits in that area Holly. SFT was an attempt to face the other way but as I said the impression given is that it's tolerated rather than welcomed in some quarters. Unless there is a fundamental change in the high mag scope requirement or SFT becomes a mainstream part of FT then FT will struggle to recruit new shooters. Because many of those who enjoy the sport as is oppose such a view it created the space for HFT. There's nothing wrong with that at all but it should then be accepted that pursuing that view restricts the new entries. In Short If FT wants more shooters IT needs to adapt to them not expect them to adapt to FT.
  7. I used to shoot it but:- 1. I just never found the idea of large mag scopes and rangefinding by parallax appealing. It just removes the fun element from the equation for me. It's the same with dialling the range. I appreciate there's no rule to force you to dial and I accept it's more accurate than holding over. I just find adjusting for range more fun by aiming higher and lower. 2. see 1 3. see 1. In short it's just not fun. SFT is as appealing to me as HFT. It does however come across as being introduced to bolster numbers rather than as being integral to the sport. Maybe it's that perception that FT needs to work on.
  8. Just a reminder that the first round of the NEFTA hunter hft series kicks off this Sunday. It's at Anston near Sheffield. Anyone with a legal gun is welcome. http://sites.google.com/site/neftauk/Home/nefta-hunter-2009
  9. 1 0f 5

    King Ratcatcher

    They normally run around the 8 ft/lb mark but can be made to run at 11.5 without much trouble BUT you'll need a longer barrel to achieve this. The barrels aren't particularly well made so don't expect pcp like accuracy. The trigger is basic too. They're good fun as a project but such projects can and do get costly.
  10. 1 0f 5

    Refilling Air Arms S410K

    After you've pumped it up from empty you'll not be able to hold the gun still for half an hour due to muscles and breathing so bear that in mind if opting for the manual method.
  11. I've had several of these guns and JSBs have never jammed.
  12. 1 0f 5

    crosman 2260

    The short answer is yes but it's cheaper to sell it and buy a pcp unless you are a seriously competent engineer with access to a well equipped machine room.
  13. 1 0f 5

    Question About a Gamo PT 80

    As a general rule you won't harm a co2 gun by dry firing with co2 in. By firing with no co2 in the valve is not pressurised so the hammer is hitting an unpressurised striker. This has the potential to cause harm over the long term but I'd say moderate use would be unlikely to do any damage. Some pistols have a safety that allows the hammer to fall but blocks it from hitting the valve. This type is excellent for what you propose.
  14. 1 0f 5

    FT Scope

    With a scope you are paying for the quality of the glass as much as anything. China will knock out a cheap 8-32x50 for £30 at the factory gate because the glass is of a poor standard. S&B will charge a grand for a 4-12x40 because the glass is top quality. Grinding top quality lenses is time consuming and therefore expensive. Look through a cheap 8-32 and then find an expensive one. Unless you are Mr. Myopic you will see where the extra money goes. For informal shooting choose whatever floats your boat and budget. I'd suggest a multi-aimpoint reticle will be of good use especially in .22.