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  1. peter5761

    Quarnford nr Buxton

  2. peter5761

    re bluing

    I use the BWC stuff, its more a black than blue, de-greasing is the key thing, or it gets a little blotchy, I used it on a couple of relums and cadets, If you take your time and de-grease and dry before each application you can get a good finish, 10 applications gave a v good finish, for a proper finish send it to Manchester Airguns, to be hot blued,prob the best blueing in the country. Also used the tru oil, again prep is the key to a good finish.
  3. peter5761

    air gun springs

    If you need Relum parts in the future also try Vic at PROTEK Supplies, 01243824284 he sorts me out for my Relum Bits, Just rebuilt another Super Tornado with parts he supplied.
  4. peter5761

    rat catcher

    BOSS valve from Bryan Associates in USA and a RJ Machine Breech to cope with the increased power,couple of washers behind the Hammer,should do the trick, and buy a combro to check it all on!!!!
  5. peter5761

    Strange sound...

    Easy Fix, take out the spring,Grease liberally with a thick Grease,cut a Plastic Coke bottle up to make a sleeve just long enough to cover the compressed spring,Wrap around the spring,build up gun. IMO the people who slag off these Chinese rifles are the ones that have never owned one,not everyone can afford the more expensive rifles,If in doubt ring Manchester Airguns and ask the Lads there how many they sell, and have returned.Virtually none!! A small amount of work can reap big rewards with these much maligned rifles. Just look at the barrel fitment on a New BSA Springer, a PIN !! SMK -- Machined Pivot Bolt with Lock nut !!! Lets not forget where BSA and Webleys are now made !!!!!!!!!! ***Send it me, for the price of the postage back I'll tune it for you ******
  6. peter5761

    lightweight air pistol - target

    "they are no longer made and FAS has gone out of business." Incorrect, a google search for "fasdomino" you will get the exporters of FAS pistols, they still make a range of pistols, I just re-sealed my Nephews 604 last week. I can offer one for sale if anyone is interested, its £140 + £8 postage RMSD its also on Airgunbbs
  7. Just bought an AS392T C02 for vermin, Have the intention of trying the FT course with it, I can always fall back to the Ripley !!!!!!
  8. peter5761


    That Phone number seems to be not in use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. peter5761


    Quarnford on the leek to Buxton rd, every other sunday, look in my sig for the dates. There is a Wooden sign on the Main Rd opposite a House, Up a steep incline parallel to the main rd.Through a steel gate, follow it round over the top and down into the next valley, through another steel gate.
  10. peter5761


    start with a 22" and cut down 1/2" at a time, you will find some surprising results. then get another barrel and cut to desired length Chrono after every shot.
  11. peter5761

    quick question

    How many clicks on a big nikko for one rev ????
  12. peter5761

    Quarnford Buxton

    Shoot 8th JUNE
  13. peter5761


    Thanks for that, I have a Copy of the Trigger Diagram, The Guy I bought it off has had it from new,I have had every Rife under the Sun and this is the "Keeper " Superb Engineering and made only 25 miles from me :D What charge do you put in yours? 190-200 Bar? atb pete.
  14. peter5761


    I am right in thinking that these are the Holy Grail of Rifles? I happened across one on the Tawd Vale website last week, immediately went to see it and bought it.Luckily it was 10 miles from me, Absolutely Brand spanking new in looks, with I think is a CS1000 stock modified. I had a CS1000 on an XM100 NJR . Just wanting to know some history on them, told that only the action is supplied.Mine is an AR5.
  15. peter5761


    Any Ripley Owners on here????