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    GP3 this sunday questions ?

    We've had a normal day at Shebbear, force 5 blowing to force 6 in gusts.
  2. rich

    Air Arms

    A couple of Daystate ideas in the past few years have been innovatory. The way the second generation Airwolfs work, by having a transducer monitoring the reservoir pressure, and feeding that info to a look-up table that outputs to the "hammer" the right amount of clout to give the valve, to keep a flat power curve. This effectively does much of what a regulator does, and with no moving parts. And with the right kit, instantly programmable for a change in input parameters. Imagine that software being held on an SD card that you could take out and write new data to. Their other idea of the built-in chrono at the muzzle might not have been perfected, and it was perhaps hard to see how that would work in unison with the above system, but that too was revolutionary, didn't need daylight etc. Finally, now that the HO has clarified the situation regarding sub 12fpe semi autos, I can see that taking off, with new disciplines and new competitions coming in. Turning targets, for example, which are great fun but darned near impossible to do with magazine rifles, and out of the question with single shot. Every FT comp could have a proper speed shoot.
  3. rich

    Air Arms

    SteveC200, my antivirus found a threat in your link.
  4. rich

    Air Arms

    Pardon me, do Air Arms make bikes??
  5. rich

    Air Arms

    Exactly. The thread length is enough to handle the axial load, the pipe is thick enough to take the hoop stress from the radial load, the job of the O ring is to make the seal. Once the O ring is nipped up enough to make the seal and not to blow out under load, any more torque is unnecessary, in engineering terms. All it does is to focus the thread area as the weak point.
  6. rich

    Air Arms

    I remember I worked out once, looking at the damage to the C-spanner holes in my EV2, what torque had to have been used to get the tube undone. Yes I know, geeky maybe, but these things interest me. It came out to be something like 600 NM, that is six hundred newton metres. For those who don't have a feel for this, imagine a spanner a metre long, and you heave the best part of your body weight on the end, it's in that region. Remember that the pins that go into the end plug or reg housing are approx. 3mm diameter so you are very close to shearing those pins off. The torque wrench that does up the wheel nuts on my car is set to 80 NM, by comparison. And I don't want them falling off.
  7. rich

    Air Arms

    Neil, this mirrors what happened to my mark 1. It went to AA for a general service with an instruction not to fit AT (which wasn't present as it was a 2004 model, made before AT got going). I also asked in advance if they would set the rifle up with 7.9 grain Mossies, and they said send us some test pellets as we don't keep them. It came back with the pellets unused and a curt note saying it was policy only to set up with AA 8.4s. When I ran the rifle over our club Skan (which has an in-date calibration certificate) it was between 10 and 11fpe. A tweak of the transfer port made no change whatsoever as it was fully open. OK, let's tinker with the hammer spring; no success, it was already on the point of being coil bound when cocked. It had to be, the reg pressure was far too high. Nothing I could do, so live with it for now, and with the frustration and dismay. A few months later I was doing a training session with some of the students at our club, explaining what a reg does and how it flattens the power curve, sometimes with a small climb as the gun comes off the reg, then a rapid drop off. We set the chrono up and recorded every shot. It batted along in the high 700s, then as the pressure fell we saw the velocity creep up, 790, 800, 810, 820, and I'm thinking, it will drop off any minute now. Not a bit of it, 825, 826, then 829 - which is too much (!) - and a dozen teenage students wagged their fingers at me. A call to AA in the morning was unproductive. It was alleged that either I or one of my amateur gunsmith friends in Devon must have been tinkering with it. This was now some months since the service and I was told it was too late for me to take issue with their workmanship. If I wanted it sorted - and technically it was OTT if my chrono is to be believed - I would have to pay again, for another service. I suggested I would send it back, but only pay for the work once I had the rifle back here and was happy with it, which drew the response, you no pay, you no get gun back. A well known amateur (!) whom I don't intend to name had the rifle from me. Kevin J declined as he knew he couldn't get the air tube undone, he had just had that problem with Terry's. Not only was the reg pressure found to be far too high at something over 115 bar, it was reported to me that the trigger had been incorrectly assembled.
  8. rich

    Gp 1 @ Avon Hawks

    Go back to the Cardew idea of two rotating discs on a common shaft, running at a known speed. Pellet makes a hole in the first disc then goes on to make a hole in the second disc, at some angular displacement depending on the time interval. This works in sunlight, cloudy conditions, IR, pitch black, you name it. If you can get the pellet flight parallel to the shaft axis then the sums are quite simple. And the faster you run the discs, within reason, the better the accuracy.
  9. rich

    Shooting pentathlon

    A five-event shooting competition. Shebbear Pentathlon 8th May 2011 Event 1: This is based on Field Target but with a twist. Shot to normal SWEFTA FT rules, except there will be three targets on each lane. They will be colour coded easy, medium and hard. The easy one will be worth one point, the medium will be worth more, and the hard one, even more. But you won’t know how many more……….. You only shoot two of the targets and you nominate which two. So you can take the confident easier ones and get some points in the bag, or you can opt for the more difficult ones and bid for higher points. Ten lanes. Event 2: This is called Humane HFT. Again, shot to normal SWEFTA HFT rules but there is a change to the scoring. In normal HFT you get 2 for a knockdown and 1 for a faceplate. But a faceplate is equivalent to a wounding shot, so in Humane HFT you get 3 points for a knockdown – a clean kill – and you LOSE one point (you get a minus 1) if you hit the faceplate. A complete miss is a zero as usual. 21 targets in seven lanes. Event 3: The nemesis of most FT shooters, the standers. In this event you have two card targets, type PL14/06 that we use for indoor LSR shooting. All you have to do is to shoot five shots into each card, and whichever card has the higher score, that is the one that will count. You will shoot a NSRA spec rifle, that means a specified weight and trigger pull. Range 20 yards. Time limit 15 minutes. Event 4: A speed shoot. A set of silhouette targets, 20 in all, colour coded for value, you have 3 minutes to shoot as many down as you can. Your score will be based on the value of the targets you knock down, or the time taken if you get a full house. Single shot rifles only. Event 5: The Pull. Anyone who shoots clays knows the feeling, you get yourself ready for the shot, you call “pull” and the target is launched. You try to hit it before it’s out of range or out of sight. We’re doing something similar but with airguns. The target is not a clay pigeon but a tin rat. You call pull, the rat emerges from a tunnel and runs across your line of vision; your task is to knock it down before it reaches safe refuge at the other side. Five attempts allowed. In each event the winner will get 100 points, the next placed person 99 points, and so on. Anyone doing poorly in one event will therefore not lose by a huge margin and will have a good chance to recover on other events. There will be cash prizes for the winners of each event and an overall cash prize for the highest aggregate score. Your £10 entry ticket includes free tea and coffee all day, and two meal vouchers for bacon rolls etc. Soft drinks and confectionery on sale. Sideshoots include a long-range egg on a pole; put down your stake money and take two shots at the egg; break it and you take half the kitty. Also a pistol sideshoot. Taking bookings now; a limit of 40 competitors this time. If it's a great success we'll run it again later.
  10. rich

    The Regional Finals

    Yes it does speed it up. How do you suppose the HFT guys get so many taking part on one day? They only shoot one target per peg. Think about a course like North Petherwin with four targets per lane. Doesn't that slow things down? Last year we had folk waiting several minutes, I mean like 20 minutes, to get access to the next lane. And that was with about 40 or so taking part. SWEFTA's regular pool of shooters now numbers 58 on the start sheets of whom normally 40 or so turn up, with something like 40 names that take part in HFT, partly drawn from the same set of course. Holly I'm not called Castro but sometimes called an inveterate Fideler. Thanks for the compliment by the way, independently minded and not ashamed to be so.
  11. rich

    The Regional Finals

    If two shooters collude and choose not to time each other then they both potentially benefit, and they are both looking to maybe enhance the chances for their own regions, even uniting against a common foe..........(!). I don't like it, but I've seen it time and again. I'm not buddying the pair in front of me, is it up to me to challenge them? Re the start time, maybe it's altered but it used to be the case when Roger Moy was chairing that he wanted you there to hear his briefing before any shooting started. Getting 135 people through in 15 squads is a slow process, inevitably. Maybe a break from tradition (heaven help us for such heresy ) and make it one target per lane, that is, 40 shooting positions. With 40 people shooting at any one time instead of 20 it should speed things up.
  12. rich

    The Regional Finals

    OK about the notion of introducing new players to the national scene. But those of us who have shot the inters for ten years or more, and still have an ounce or two of competitive spirit left in our ageing bodies don't actually look forward to a 300 to 400 mile round trip to shoot 40 pellets, regardless of help with travel costs, if you know all along you have no hope of being among the top two. I've become quite disenchanted with the Inters, sadly. The format is tedious. Somebody has to be in squad 15 and they don't get to shoot till maybe 2pm, having had to be there by around 0900. Five hours trying to avoid the burger van is a strenuous task. I've lost count of how many times I've arrived at a lane to find the stopwatch flashing in set-up mode and it's abundantly clear that the previous shooters were paying lip service only to lane timing. Is that the kind of image that we want the excited new players to latch on to?
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    The trick is, not to lose your cool. Two targets in 60 seconds is not that hard if you are disciplined about it. I always range the second target, remember the distance, range the first, shoot the first then shoot the second. Do all of the wind reading and rough estimation before the scope comes to your eye. If you fall behind your opponent there is nothing you can do about it other than hope they miss. It does surprise me though that the BFTA allocates places on the basis of GP scores. The whole ethos of a showdown is quite different from a normal shoot. Even the kit you use can beneficially be different. For example, mildots or multi-point rets can be very useful in a showdown if you know your aimpoints.
  14. rich


    Speckled Hen; not a patch on what it used to be, when it was brewed by Morland's of Abingdon. Now it's a mass market Greene King product.
  15. rich

    TM 1000

    The 50 foot close focus adaptor is so-called because it alters the point of focus from the infinity setting to 50 feet, say 17 yards. So if the bare scope only focuses down from infinity to 50 yards, there will be a gap between 50 yards and 17 yards where you can't focus; that makes it pretty well useless for FT. Even the 25 yard model still leaves a gap between 17 and 25 yards, as did some of the older Leupolds. I had one - I think it was a VX111 ?? with a prem conversion to 18-40x mag and that had a blank distance between 17 and 25 yards. Not too much of a problem with standard mounts but maybe with Holly's tall mount he needs to know the difference between 17 and say 20 yards.
  16. rich

    TM 1000

    Butting in.... Here's a pic of a 50ft adaptor in a Butler Creek; the alloy ring is a locking ring to hold it in place. If you make the hole in the BC a shade too big the 50ft drops out. I turned up this ring and screwcut it 48tpi to match.
  17. rich

    Interesting ?

    Do you think anyone is naturally gifted at doing standers? Who, for example? Granted, some body shapes are more naturally stable.
  18. rich

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    A 15mm kill tests your set-up and it also examines your technique. There's less room to get away with poor position and hurried trigger release etc. If you want to bring nerve into it, well there is the thought that you ought not to miss a target like this at 25 yards. I mean, it's only 25 yards. . and if it's placed well compared to the previous target it can be pretty unnerving. They also have a use in my book, if the first target in a lane has to be a shortish one. On a windy day a 40mm kill will give you a hit and let you see where the shot went, which may help with target 2 on this lane which is longer. A 15mm isn't so friendly.
  19. rich

    Doing well in Sussex L.S.R ...Again!!

    I quite like the Ultras for this discipline. This is a practice card using the 177 Ultra which is un-regged. Good for 25 shots then needs a squirt of air. Makes you sick, doesn't it?
  20. rich

    Doing well in Sussex L.S.R ...Again!!

    Morning. I shot round 1 of the individuals NSRA yesterday, scored 46, 49, 45 (aargh!), then 47, 47, 47 making 281 ex 300. That was using a BSA Ultra single shot in 22, with a Tench regulator. Giving the Airwolf a rest. In the winter season I shot 285, 280 and 276 and that put me close to the top of B grade; this summer they've put me up to A grade so 281 will be no good at all. The top score in A in the winter was 295, 295, 293. To get that you have to have at least one 50 in every round. In a few weeks we're going to have an internal comp using spring guns only. There are three 22 springers in the club, my old HW80 is one of them, and we're going to make 3 groups where everyone shoots a practice card then a "real" card with one of the rifles, then with another rifle, and finally with the third one, and tally the scores up. Just a piece of fun.
  21. rich

    The format

    Err, I've had my bus pass for six years.....
  22. rich

    The format

    Paul maybe you're a bit younger than me . . .
  23. rich

    The format

    My favourite target on that part was the long stander. Two lanes to go and looking for 4 out of 4. With only one pair of shooters following after us, there must have been an audience of twenty just watching - no pressure, like.
  24. rich

    The format

    I was told, they set Saturday's course out anticipating more wind than there was. Then I was told, - crikey I get told a lot don't I - that they were cross about having two clearances and resolved to make Sunday tougher. Sometimes it would be nice if some more thought was given to the lefties like myself, who have to sit in the craters that the righties' feet have excavated. Not a lot of fun at the end of the second day when you are on the back run and coming down the hill, naturally awkward and unstable made worse by the 200 or so pairs of heels that have been digging in. Two years ago it was pretty wet and slippery, and I wasn't the only leftie to finish the last few lanes in the kneeling position for safety.
  25. rich

    AA S410 TDR

    They usually need a good dose of heat to break the locking compound. I've done quite a few now and anything less than a hot air gun on full is a waste of time. You might as well reach for a blowlamp to start with.