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  1. stoogey

    Heavier pellets?

    i disagree.. ask the HFT guys about setting the scope height to suit a distance and/or the glass.. the tragectry alters greatly acording to the pellet weight and power, and where you put that arc on the ret maters again...or, gues what? yu cant shoot past 30 lol. e.g. you want to shoot at 5-15 yards use opens, theyre a lot closer to the bore center.. 5-35 yards a 4x32.. the old 4x40 and upwards have always been a 'hunting scope' to what ever distance your eyes let you see. the height puts the zenith around the center of the cross hair. if thats at 35 yard taint much cop on rats at 5 yards because the climb becomes a dot every so many inchs....way to steep for practibility. as is setting up a standard open sight for 40 yard stuff....(eye sight being the limit on further...) if your dialing in, i think it still matters because a lot of scopes have 'dull' spots of a lesser image...so angle and height can be tweeked to give a little better veiwing, that and winding 100 clicks about for 5 yards is starting to get a little tedious lol.(just for examples sake.) ''tragectory the same for any rifle''...nope.
  2. stoogey

    Heavier pellets?

    jsb heavies, or at a push the daystate heavies are 'similar'.. sort your scope height out, and tune to the pellet on the power reason? i have a 5 yard step on the dot and half dot at about 11.2/11.3fp's on my set up. very simples to use out to 60yards. might just be my barrel but the jsbs performed better further...80 yards. daystates about 60-65..(my bunny maximum range btw lol)
  3. stoogey


    fffff look up on the german 'frogs'. russian front brigade. scratch that.. cant find um, they went to all the life term prisoners, perminant stay mental institutes and offers a deal.. rusian front or die. they went in with what ever they were wearing on realease and took it from there.
  4. stoogey


    the candlepower forum is rather a torch exstremist sight lol.. theres even a zombie apocolypse subject some where, as in a 57 clicky mode 5 million luminum torch was winning lmao!!! no exspence spared, couldnt help but notise every zombie in ten mile would make a B line for the flash mode followed by morse followed by morese in multi colours followed by wow that lights the town up.... hehehehehe weird lmao! merry christmas all.
  5. stoogey

    A Daystate And The wife

    had a shoot with the 'new' as it was then MK111 karbine version...only on a range like but it shot one hole groups quite literally, shorter and lighter than the fully electrectic regged big brother..
  6. stoogey

    Bull Pup V normal sized FT rifles .

    '' almost as if they're more optimised for HFT or hunting after all who needs accuracy past 45 yards anyways?'' oh owch nobody asked me? lol cuz i do.
  7. stoogey

    Bull Pup V normal sized FT rifles .

    i beleive the legnth needs to matched or 'tuned' to suit the projectiles, as does the crown? e.g. too long or short it hinders, crowned rong and accuracy is lost (silenced or not).
  8. stoogey


    lamping in the wood? lmao? the links are just links for the images btw,,, i dont know about 300 yards tbh, but from having aquick ganders at some ones T20 stuff i'd say theyd do as a pocket and a lamper, with a 50mm head. for a very small AA torch i really like these, they need good batteries in and dont last that long in comparison to the 18650 version, http://www.dhgate.com/product/10pcs-lot-brand-new-ultrafire-300lm-cree/160915208.html , i actualy carry the bigger 26650 about and use it to shoot with,(need to cable tie it to a mount though as its 31mm..eeeehh t-rats, always a last little downer int there lol), it lasts about 4 hours with a 1 amp driver in there, couple hours odd at the factry rating 1.7amp on full, but the soshie batteries for it are actualy about 4200mah a chuck of useable capacity. the little feller is like 3 quid up.. in the uk they started at 45 quid cheepest up to a wapping 145 i sore on one site..ffs!! slight mark up of 1000plus percent or what lol. distance wise on the little feller, about 70-90 yards, middle 1850 is about 100, and the big guy is about 120 standard...the T-20's seem better, especialy the 50mm version. the latest play about is a bike light, havent changed drivers or re-sorted the battery pack out yet but for 15-20 quid battery and pouch included for an economy 150 yarder.. cant beet that now? http://www.lights-box.com/single-1-cree-xm-l-u2-3-modes-led-bike-light-lamp-8-4v not forgetting a screw and a scope ring..or some such, but there yu go. As always theres a matter of actualy doing something for yu sell or buying the ready made one lol.. my fenix tacticle as good as it is uses some weird size battery x 2 and dont last long at really..(the batteries are low capacitied because of the size.CR123 or something). the end game is, for 50 quid i could light up just as much and get a decent charger and a couple battery packs that would last for some hours. for distance stuff, as far as i know per pound sterling something with this wapping head on is pritty good, i have one but still havent sorted it yet, but poking torches up it to see what it does looks very promising lol.(20 quid led and a driver on top should do the trick, cant think without searching a large bookmark list but its eather GT or MPX led, at 1 amp it kicks out 500-600 lums, and goes up to 4 amp standard..poop that in some big head should do the trick lol. http://www.taschenlampen-papst.de/Crelant-7G5CH-Taschenlampe-Taschenlampen-Thrower .. It's big though theres more on the T20 and other stuff on the nightvisionforumuk or the candlepower forum has a shed load of stuff on it.
  9. stoogey


    ahhh pooop.. yes balnace your packs when chargeing every now and then, or.. the pack dies early. two versions of 'balanced pack# 1. buy 30-50 batteries, go through individualy chargeing and sdischarging and pick 3 or 4 out that are identical in properties... thats a blanced pack. 2, hobby blance charger pack has a seperate wire plug, thats for balancing whilste on charge/discharge... the latter is plenty untill you start drawing 60-140 amps out of a pack... tthen you need to buy 30-50 etc. and yes i said 60-140 amps, not milliamps. regaurding the 8.4v packs you get with the bike lights, theres 4 cells in there (6 gor the largeer one) and there rigged in 2S2P 2 series and 2 in parralel. 18650 are eather 3.7 oe 3,6v per cell 'average voltage', empty is generaly 3v and full is 4,2v, hense they call them the bigger 8.4v pack. its only a 2 cell pack...2 x 3.7 or 3.6 isnt 8.4 lol. its biggga dan yours lmao! the 2 cells in paralel seem to give me 2 amps...funny that i even used accurate measing meters and timed in use, definatly 2 amp on the charger dial too, but when you translate from chinese to english it say 6 amp pack..icant work out how like ?? the packs are stepping down to a couple volts...so pulsed drivers mean they are drawing less....whatever. fur the price the torchs are worth a punt.. if the prices go up then they would not be worth the effert. and a last note, them 12.6v packs in the boxs, they definatly need a balnce lead plug.. the middle cell dies in the pack else. if any body has dead ones i wouldnt mind the box, i'll pay for the postage....
  10. stoogey


    PART 2... the majic of pc's posted early lol. on the drivers it'll say 3 mode 5 mode etc, meaning you click through 3 or 5 times every time. usualy the 3 mode will have a strobe, as you know we all like going through strobe mode lol..once or twice ..lol if it sais with memeory, that means where you click to it stays when you switch off and back on, untill you change the battery. if it sais groups, therell be clickit instrunctions how to get into 'groups' each group having diferent settings e.g. one group will be morse sos , flash fast, flash slow, the other group hi low medium etc. some of the narmal drivers (the non buckbooste) actualy dont dim as the battery wares down untill very near the end, most do though (a hint to shooters troubling at night..yu torch dimmed and messed your distances up)... the reason to all this info? its a doddle to change a driver...tons on the net about it. (and shhhhh most the T6's are running way hot to get every last lumie they can..its dont do the led any good.. one amps plenty...and lasts way longer than surefire fed 1.7 amp for the vertualy same amount of distance). if your after longivity e.g. i want to light the range up for a couple hours to 50m.... easy peacy, get a 15 quid bike light, and use astep down driver from a 4 18650 series pack... about a 300mah draw on it.(several hours with real batteries lol) a hint for parallel stackers, till you get up in the numbers tisnt worth going more than two in parralell.. yu get less per extra rack up to 4 lots in parralel, yes the maths sais 'capaciries add' but.. in real life 2x is twice the capaqcity 4x is more like 3.2x ish.. give or take dor temperatures and electronics verses draw lol..whatever, much better off changing the double pack over to another. du dahh.. fu 20 quid and a 20 quid charger you get more than adequate...or gor 40 plus yu get nicer quolity bodies. (tbh the fenix stuff does feel much better lol but owch the cost). edit.. ffff give or take 0.40 precent aveage devience per spelling lol..sorry..
  11. stoogey


    oo torchs, some info for you guys. little torch, fits AA's was 2.79 p+p included, i looked on the uk net thinking 5'ver to a 10'er over here, nope, 45 quid cheepest up to 145 quid!! for exactly the same thing, so ripped off we are being. that said, there is a diference between the quolity and the feel of something like a fenix tactical, weather the paint jobs better or the alloy grade etc i couldnt say, but the proper cheep is preopper tat, usualy adequate if you pick the right one. first off, two types, lens focused or open faced (no lens) with a bezal shaping the beam, the most light comes from the unfocused, but, it's a trade of of what you want here, if you focus strongly you can get down to literaly only a red square at 100 meters, by this i mean no side spill and very little in between, just a red square at tuther end. the open faced lights the feild, the focused surch's a square at a time... nar then, if you want one for the 20 minute pack up any AA krypton type up tp a cree will do yu... but, should you be longer gues it'll be dark lol..... for weight per watt its lithiums all the way. (be fair warned surefire are seriously cwapage! they are recycled, and recyled badley an a very standard 1 amp, even if they wright 65 amp on the side, theyre still only 1 ampers, and dicey at that...). with lithiums you need a propper charger, not the crappage that comes with the ebay kit, heres why. 1. poor electronic design = fire hazard 2. they literaly dont tuen off at the end, theyre in oposittion, which is to say the voltage in the battery is holding off the charger battery voltage in oposition, the largest voltage wins..in short about 4.2v or something, is forsing against 4.2v something, both volts being 'about' or might be might not be...which = fire or dead battery prematurely... a simple hobby charger like a copy B2 will do for lithiums.. or an intelli charger, eather way make sure the thing doesnt just charge at 4.2v then satay on, IT MUST TURN OFF or risk yu life and those in the house..(same with nicads and lead acids only less of it lol). and...its a constant current charge that switchs to a constant 4.2v voltage charge at the end... nar then, many other ways will charge a battery, right down to the early days method of plug a car battery into your nicads.. yes it worked and yes a fair few died or plain old blew up..truth is of the 'other methods' the life exspectancy goes right down. so do it propper like you'll get more out of your battery in every sence. btw.. when i say blow up, i mean one bang like a shotgun cartridge, the room instantly fills with noxious gasious toxic metals and other luvlies that you'll breath in and instantly absorb through your lungs...but no doubts theres idiots abouts spouting 'it wunna hurt yu'.. lol in a charger with two batteries the other vanashes...and apears some where else, and so do hot cynders and bits of battery. about an hour latter you may find a warm dancing orage glow some where unexspected like...its called a fire starting. (ermmm yes it does i was sat 18 inch's away when it happened to me!) get a fire bag, theyre like 2-5 quid, and an nice peace of mind, they do work. nar to bizness.. that 2000 luminum mentioned above in a tuther post, the chap is correct, lum's are measured and calculated in a very diferent way, the chinese have this small room thing where they put a meter at 1 meter on a wall in a small space, its the highest mearment method you can jimmy eig up lol.. as a rule of thumb divide by 10.. ish. 200 lums (real lum) its near enough 200 meters to make out rabbit shapes and up to 300m eye shine on a good night, IF its set up right. 200 lums is an xml t-6 running hot.(i say T-6 cuz theyre the most common and fairly cheap, theres loads better but with the better comes a higher amp draw, theres guys running 9-10 amp leads about the place). the T-6 '2' or there is a newer T-6 out that is a bit better and runs 'more efeciently'...but efeciency is another maths game they play lol.. 18650's, theres only 2000 2200 3000 3300mah (not including lower capacieties..) there isnt any 6 amp or the likes, they havent got the materials or the amount of the stuff to fit the 18650 size. even if the advert has boobs and chocolate waving about! if you want more capacity.. its up a size, 26650's. they do do 4 amp capacities. as in burn a 1 amp draw lamp for 1 hour with no dimming.. 4 amp capacity that dilvers the 4 amp to your torch. (i use sochines in mine..theyre 4,2 amp new and diliver it) theres another size up that has 5amp batteries, theyre like a D size nicad type big size.. protected verses non protected. you will be doing the protect thing in one way or the other, be it on the battery (easiest) or with some gadget like a hobby battery monitor or curcuit with the non protected, or...once the lithium goes below its low voltages its kackered dead. the diference is if you want realy hi discharge rates use the donky kong unprotected types, theyre 4 amp in 26650 and 5 amp (plis) in the larger one, as soon as you 'protect' the battery they release less, but were talking 4 amp release on a protected sochine np's...but like 10 plus amp on unprotected kong batteries.... to the torch end... they all have an led, and a led driver in them. the majority are pwm (pulse width modulated) or some such hibrid, some are straight burn off. the diference is pwm are switching on and off to acheive the correct voltage and current, the other is burning off the exsess. next is the drivers have limits of input, like one cell 2 cell etc, or its put in volts and amps, like a 1 amp 3-12v input, thats to say it supplie 1 amp and you can imput up to 12v's (any 12 yu like). there are constant current drivers, these supply and hold at the stated amp (or as close as), theres constant volt ones...they supply and hold at the stated voltage. and theres constant volt and amp ones...the prices just went up lol.(the nasty end ones dim like the old krypton set ups..dwindling painfully off). of all the driver types there three sub catagories. step down, i.e. higher voltage in they step down the voltage. (buck) step up that take a lower voltage and step up.. (boost) and buck boost types that will hold the oputput till the bitter end (they dont dim at all) no matter weather the input is higher or lower than the output, with these though (and the step up boost ones) theres a trade off, they draw more current the higher you step them up. nar nar nar then... the clicky modes. ermm.. anything up 16 or ive seen a 24 click mode.. ffffff i want mine to turn on and off at the same place.. NOT CLICKIDY CLICKIDY CLICKIDIDY VLICK TO OFF EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  12. stoogey

    Bull Pup V normal sized FT rifles .

    i've heard about the exit times etc as well as longer barrels, but tbh, if you've no follow through you wont be needing more than a ten inch barrel any way lol.
  13. stoogey

    A Good Excuse For Missing ?

    ((((((hugs))))) dood, you'll cope and we'll think of you...
  14. stoogey

    Off His Chump ?

    so after all that big foot is real?? (and yup footware does make a diference lol).
  15. stoogey

    Bull Pup V normal sized FT rifles .

    hiy guys, nice to see the old place is back onto shooting instead of old women bitching lol.. i've been thinking on the whole gun stock thing and realised i've never in 30 years had a gun that fitted me! it could have a huge bareing on the situasion.. just a thought like. another is the shape of that wood, i find the purdy looking round ones the worste to handle basically, followed by good looking but angle...never sits right where you want to shoot lol. then along came a shorter riffle, shorter stock called the bull pup..'designed' and fits yu nicely........ooo dunt it shoot nice.(barrel was still full legnth). eather way at eather end of the stick, longer barrels are still better at longer distances always have been, e.g. ever seen that movie with the 50 call, karbine barel? no..basically cuz it just wont do the distance and totaly ruined the film lol. any way, back to the bull pup, they went rare, izzit because they cost more than a car these days? or was it just a fantazy craze trend? hmmmmmm......they look weird. ooo suits you sir, do you want it, really really want it..neh the price has doubled thrice already and we havent got into 'suits you sir for the third time...lol. i'd have thought with the state of tecnology these bullpups would be dead easy to make and even easier to sell? so mucho's cheaper... just a though like.