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  1. loopyloo


    This for everyone to read but only some to act upon Those that took BFTA insurance in 2009 this will end MIDNIGHT 28th FEB that means you will not be insured unless you have chosen someone else to go with. This is then up to everyone who visits a club to shoot to check that they are insured. Please dont take the risk your life is not worth a few hours of fun. Now that means if you continue to be affiliated to your region and require shooters cards this year i need a copy of your current insurance this should be given to your regional rep(via e.mail or hard copy) which should be then passed to me. I then will give the green light to Phil Tetsall for your shooters cards to be released. Any questions please ask away loopy
  2. loopyloo


    Mostly financial as most are aware the BFTA actually put some of the money in to help keep costs down but we cant keep doing this. Only having 50 clubs taking it up we had no room to barter. If you see the prices of NSRA you will agree they are more competative. If there are other insurances out there better please spread the word. lyndeen
  3. Even though many reading this feel it has nothing to do with them i urge you to please talk to your club as insurance is a big issue and im sure you wouldnt want to find out the hard way that your club hasnt done anything about insurance. I have sent e.mails out to clubs(please e.mail me if your club didnt get one) that have taken this insurance. This is to say that your cover stops 1st March and the BFTA will no longer hold this. You must find another place for your insurance. The NSRA will have an offer for those that were under the BFTA umberella of £30.00 discount for their cover which starts January. http://www.nsra.co.uk/index.php?option=com...240&Itemid= i will send a hard copy of the forms needed which should reach early next week. As before im on the end of an e.mail and will carry on being insurance and developement officer on behalf of BFTA. Lyndeen
  4. Well we are starting gently with a 80 shot on Oct 25th 2009 The Bisley Classic we are also going to let you shoot 40 shots and stop for a lovely break feet up before continuing punishing you with the other 40. The only reason for not holding a real biggy is they are all ready being done. Shires 100/europeans/gp series/anglo/nefta classic and people really dont want to keep doing big shoots every weekend. The 80 was always a csfta shoot but since Otmoor no longer exists and with favour from the rest of the clubs in the region Bisley decided to take it on under the wing of an existing comp. Saving another date in the very busy calendar The calendar for Ft is extremely full not only for the clubs but for the whole world. We could honestly be shooting everyweekend throughout the year in many different countries as well as the UK. Some clubs are even holding widweek competitions too. God forbid if you fancy doing a bit of HFT too. There are really not enough days for shooting. loopyloo
  5. October 25th is the Bisley Classic 80 Shot Field Target course pre booking your place would be advisable l.calvert@btinternet.com please put in the subject BISLEY CLASSIC also that we have your name/grade/club so that we have card ready for smoother stats running and an idea how many for lunch. Remember your new grades will be out the start of October Booking in 8am - 8.45 shoot starts at 9.00 sharp 40 shots morning 1 1/2hr for lunchbreak 40 shots afternoon entry £10 plus a £1 each bingo card bonus for cash prizes Trophies for all grades 1st-3rd Also Trophies for Top SFT Top .22 Top Recoiling Class Top Junior Top Lady Hog Roast or BBQ for lunch with a big dollop of Eton Mess
  6. loopyloo

    Grand Prix 9 at Sywell

    i dont hear anyone else complaining maybe you shouldnt go then if you feel youve beaten the ground and can not enhance your shooting. i am sure if lea valley wanted to do a GP they would say so maybe next year lyn
  7. bring your easter bonnets to bisley Only a club shoot but would make it more interesting and you can show us csfta lot how we should be shooting regards loopyloo i could rustle up a couple of easter eggs( im sure the kids wont mind)
  8. loopyloo

    NEFTA Spokesman Wanted.

    The person that actually answered you seems to have a guildford number which means he has access to bisley shooting ground so maybe the NRA spokesperson may help. Or terry doe is good with reporters. If its that important to him why can he not just go up M4 it wont take long and he could always put lunch on his expences To be honest though unless your good at thinking on your feet and say the right things always its wise not to talk to reporters as they never seem to have anything in the right context. We could end up with egg on our faces. regards loopy
  9. loopyloo

    the worlds

    i think ive dug up an answer didn't norway want the worlds next after south africa and as south africa lost to ireland things sort of carried on from there. Then i imagine some bright spark played with the sort ascending button. loopyloo
  10. loopyloo

    the worlds

    i thought it was agreed to go to the next on the list considering we would of been voting now for the 2011(old system) wouldnt it be fair to ask the next one on the list whether they would definatly be having a worlds and give them a time limit to say yes or no(same time frame as last time May wasnt it). so the next one has a chance to step forward. I wander if anything is already being sorted regards lyndeen
  11. loopyloo

    FT practise

    I go down the club and have a cup of tea when fed up go home i watch this http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9sa7ODrtWMY&...ted&search= Makes me laugh but doesn't make me shoot better loopyloo
  12. I had the good fortune to shoot beside james when england hosted the worlds and unfortunetly his gun went down and used the reserve so the score wasnt as good as his shooting would suggest. What lovely young man and i could see what a great shot he was becoming only a tinge of sadness that he went heavy into 10M and didnt stay with FT but boy was it worth it http://www.shooting-the-breeze.com/forums/...osted=1#post756 just had to copy this from the other forum WELL DONE JAMES regards lyn and mick
  13. loopyloo

    Its Holly's Birthday

    Will he have enough wind left to blow all 65 of those candles out? Will he now give up lycra for tweed,pipe and slippers? Many happy returns lyn and mick
  14. loopyloo

    The Aged ?

    happy birthday hols What would you want with reduced entry to the GPs when you can get free travel to all 9 with the price of fuel your saving a mint regards lyndeen
  15. loopyloo

    BFTA Site - Revamp

    LLLLOOOOOOOOOK http://www.bfta.net/News/Index.php The BFTA are coming into the 21st Century and they are looking good Steve you are a miricale worker i salute you now all we need is for everyone to put a little something on it come on holly more trousers and less mouth Watch this space my insurance page will be the bees knees regards loopyloo