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  1. I'm not put off shooting FT so much as finding HFT is more related to the time period and equipement used when I stopped shooting FT. Stepping out of one and back to the future in the other.It was really enjoyable then setting the ground for the future of FT,by the seat of your pants,everything was new. EG.no rangefinding scopes(Zeiss 3-9x36 Diavari duplex reticle) bracketing used as is now'ish. Today equipment is so technical and I can't justify the cost anymore,but it is interesting shooting against FT'ers at times in sporting and finding my HFT set up, GC2 and Bushnell fixed power 3200, are not so far off the scores and sometimes above them. Antiques for ever. :D HERX77 .
  2. herx77


    One thing that sprange to mind was on the rifles up to the 'spring airgun championship of 1990' there was no parallex range finding, only coming into its own after this date? How does this fit into the formulea. :D . HERX77
  3. herx77


    On that specification my HW77 of circa 1983 can't be used but my GC2 of 1990 can strange very strange. HERX77 .
  4. herx77

    GC2 Action .

    Holly. Had my GC2 done by Dave at Staffordshire custom rifles and the filler replaced by a Daystate mini and a sleeve machined for the female connection,posted back ready for the worlds at Kelmarsh.Good price and quick.Have the packeaging for posting left if you need to send yours off anytime Holly. So far so good,unfortunately the Daystates 'select' I ordered are not as good as the 'old' ones I bought last year;groups are wider and drop more at 55yds. Trialed Daystates select, Exacts, FX's, Mossies, Super Field and Superdomes. Days before the Worlds I had to buy 4 tins off the shelf of Super Fields the winner of the 'limited trials I had time for. Weight spread is bad from 8.1 to 8.9ish but by grouping weights 8.3-8.4 and 8.5-8.6 and using for comp only 8.3-8.4 preference first they seem to fit the bill but not as good as last years Daystate Selects. Ratings for the groups were :- 1-Superfields. 2-Fx's. 3-Exacts.Mossies. 4-Daystates Selects. The Superdomes although not as good as those of 1986 on were holding a good group but dropped more than the rest of the group test. Why do manufacturers change the shape/weight of a winning formula in pellets but don't tell anyone until you find out yourself when buying them.They are then a completely different animal. ps,as much as you would like it ,it didn't p*ss down,muddy but fun. HERX77 .
  5. herx77


    '25 full size and 5 mini kills! Were they? Later perhaps, but what about from the mid..1984 onwards, before and after the 40mm dias came in. HERX77 .
  6. herx77


    Interesting ver interesting . Does that mean the gun only or with a scope of that generation,eg my HW77 FT gun of the 80's era with the Carl Zeiss 3-9x36 I used? HERX77 .
  7. herx77

    Keen Or Mad ?

    With a good scope Holly the 'GC2' should get you good results.I find using Daystate selects get you in the standings,but this year might try cost cutting and try Superdomes.Initial results look good,and at their prices worth a try. No, the Mad crew arn't 'MAD'just ahem...normal HFTers doing their thing.Gets to be addictive after a while. HERX77 .
  8. herx77

    GC2 Action .

    Nice to see someone else is getting good results with a GC2,turned a few over at the worlds HFT this year.Not bad for a rifle out of production for 16ish years;and can still keep up with the best! HERX77 .
  9. herx77

    Which type of oil?

    Its worth giving the manufacturers a ring, they told me that Danish oil doesn't fill the wood.After 10 coats cutting back with wire wool I gave up and finished with walnut wax used for hiding scratches on furniture. HERX77 .
  10. herx77

    Pre-load Piston Washers

    Do you need them to fit over a spring guide?or over the standard split tube that poses as one. Measure the 'guide tube' outside dia add 0.1 inch for clearance. Measure the internal dia of the piston tube and deduct an amount for clearance eg 0.20 inch. The thickness will depend on readings taken,and to avoid spring binding. HERX77 .
  11. herx77

    HFT Books

    Thanks for the acknowlegement Holly,'the old ones are the best ones',bit like the GC2 at the worlds. Didn't it do well. The book is old but some good info there,I was toying with putting something in writing,when I was made redundant,might be a market for it now,problem is I can't remember what it is I was writing about. . HERX77 .
  12. herx77

    Pistol Shooting At The Club .

    If you really want accuracy use a Falcon FN8,doesn't seem to have many competitors at the moment,but that can change if people put in the practice. Not much. :D Come down to Lea Valley Holly 1st Saturday of the month,the competition is really hotting up and you might find it interesting. HERX77 .
  13. herx77

    HFT Books

    There is a book written by Ian Law and Les Herridge called 'Airgun Field Target Shooting'.Not strictly HFT but some useful information there although not entirely up to date. HERX77 .
  14. herx77

    ft scope advice

    RobF,What is the major fault with the 10-40x50 Deben,enough to have a replacement?. HERX77