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  1. OLD JUD

    Sharp ace .22

    Explodingfish, the part on the left is the piston, the part on the right is the pump head, set the gap between piston and brass locking nut on piston head to approx 116MM. The pump rod can be slackened off at either piston or pump end to set correct gap. The inlet valve spring and exhaust valve spring will need replacing, as well as bolt seals and transfer port seals. Make sure the three tiny screws that hold the barrel to the action are tight as well, a dab of semi permanet Locktite wouldn't go amiss on these. They tend to loosen through the vibration of pumping, resulting in a wobbly barrel and poor accuracy, as well as air leaking from transfer port.
  2. Hi Chaps, how does one adjust the power output of the above? mines running at 10.5ft/lb, before i strip it down is the power adjustment the same as the FX Cyclone? Answers by PM or e-mail please.
  3. OLD JUD

    Baikal Drozd

    XX Semi hysterical rant sunshine! just what section of the public do you think will try and modify these 'Dangerous' guns? its so easy for the criminal element to get hold of REAL guns. Are you suggesting that the chav's have got the intelligence to modify the circuit board to vary the rate of fire?
  4. OLD JUD

    Falcon strip and rebuild guide

    What thread? :D
  5. OLD JUD

    Falcon strip and rebuild guide

    A belated thanks Sam!
  6. Has anyone got a link to a guide to stripping down and rebuilding a FN12 multi-shot? or any similar Falcon?
  7. OLD JUD

    The old wood work area Again!!!!!!

    These Sharps are Japanese, the stocks are made out of old railway sleepers! do what i did Craig, stick some woodfiller in it, stain it walnut.
  8. OLD JUD


    Buy a replacement spur?? the gun is straight-forward enough to stripdown.
  9. OLD JUD

    Loss of air pressure?

    No its not normal m8.
  10. OLD JUD


    Jamie, try a 170bar fill....
  11. OLD JUD

    air arms s400

    very easy to adjust, but make sure you have access to a chronograph before you start!
  12. OLD JUD

    Skan Chrono

    Having a more accurate chrono is only half of the equation, you need the EXACT pellet weight as well, no use having an extra decimal place if you only have an "Approximate" weight. But i take it you have some scales on the way Craig?
  13. OLD JUD

    Sharp Innova Parts....

    Good luck m8, any probs just shout!
  14. OLD JUD

    Sharp Innova Parts....

    The air chamber is brass m8, but the exhaust valve is steel, i suggest polishing the valve with something like Solvol Autosol, it will smooth it and it has a rust inhibitor, then maybe a coat of Moly paste? The inlet valve is a steel ball, give that a dab of autosol as well, but if the ball has ANY rust or pitting replace it, or you may have problems, get the PTFE seal upgrade as well.
  15. OLD JUD

    Sharp Innova Parts....

    If i remember correctly it was new, i think he wanted £35 for it, but if he still has it make him an offer... What are you going to use the WD40 on? Sharp recommend oil on the pivot points, i prefer moly grease, dont use WD40 around the pump head, or you will have a gunked-up air chamber!