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  1. Hi, Lincs HFT is pleased to announce the first round of our Summer HFT competitions. 1st Round Sunday 5th June Both Club Members and Non Club Members are more than welcome. An additional fee of £1.50 will be charged on top of the normal range fees for those taking part. The club opens at 12:00pm and the competition will start around 1:30pm. Thanks Lincs HFT http://lincs-hft-club.co.uk/
  2. Cones


    I would start with the shoot through VFG cleaning felts. If this does not work then the VFG cleaning rods are designed for match air guns. They do a plastic rod with a brass end to attach the cleaning felt to. But if the pistol has only ever been used with decent flat head pellets I suspect that is will not need cleaning. At 10m ranges it won't make the difference it can to the groups on say a 12ft/lb air rifle used at 55 yards. HTH Mark
  3. Cones

    fwb80 value

    Probably about £250 to £300 for a private sale depending on condition. From a shop then probably quite a bit more. My pretty much mint Models 65 and 90 cost me £250 each. HTH Mark
  4. Hi, I have just added my review of the Feinwerkbau Model 103 Single Stroke Pneumatic 10m Match pistol to my website. Please find it under Airguns on my website here :- http://www.cones-stuff.co.uk/ Thanks Mark
  5. Cones

    Steyr target pistol advice

    Even an LP5 in reasonable condition for that price is a Bargain. A new LP50 is over £1300 and the LP50 is not £1000 better than the LP5!! Go back and buy it! If your not happy with it (and I am sure you will be) then you can sell it on here and not loose any money on it. HTH Mark
  6. Cones

    Steyr target pistol advice

    Hi, Yes, you can get a single shot magazine that you can use instead of the 5 shot one. You can then shoot the pistol in a normal 10m Air Pistol match event. You can see the two magazines here http://www.cones-stuff.co.uk/Airguns/Steyr...28Medium%29.JPG Do you know how old it is. The air cylinders are usually marked with the date. Does it come with the case, extra cylinder, fill adaptor, instructions? The later versions have a gauge fitted to the end of each air tube. The earlier ones should have a separate gauge in the case. HTH Mark
  7. Cones

    Steyr target pistol advice

    SPORTWAFFEN STEYR / U.K. ATTN. HARRY AND SUE PRESTON 18 MILLERS CORFT, COPMANTHORPE GB-YORK YO23 3TW phone +44-1904-705401 fax +44-1904-705401 steyr.uk@virgin.net
  8. Cones

    Steyr target pistol advice

    Looks like a new Rink grip is £154 http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/rink-...grip-p-384.html But that is worth it if the pistol is in good condition. Harry Preston is the Steyr U.K. importer and service agent. Any spares should be no problem. It might be worth ringing him to see if he has any grips available? HTH Mark
  9. Cones

    Steyr target pistol advice

    It does sound like an LP5 if it is an LP50 then that is a VERY good price. You had better ask if it is CO2 or air powered as well. The early pistols were CO2. No problem either way, they both shoot the same. http://www.formgriffe.de/ make after market grips if you struggle to get a manufacturers version. The Steyr would probably have had a Morini grip as supplied. My LP50 review is here if it helps? http://www.cones-stuff.co.uk/Steyr%20LP50%...et%20Pistol.htm Any more questions just ask away. HTH Mark
  10. Hi, After the perfection of the very old Feinwerkbau Model 65 I reviewed the other week I have now had time to add what is probably the current state of the art in 10m air pistol designs. The new Steyr LP50E. This could be up there in the best air pistol ever made category. :D Please find it under Airguns on my website here :- http://www.cones-stuff.co.uk/ Thanks Mark
  11. Round 2 of the Daystate Midland Hunter Series takes place at Lincs HFT club on the Sunday 8th Nov. Booking in will commence at 8:30am with the first session starting at 9:30 or when 60 shooters are booked in, whichever is first. Session 2 will start as soon as session 1 has finished and the targets have been repainted. Just a quick heads up for this event this Sunday. Thanks Mark Lincs HFT Committee http://lincs-hft-club.co.uk
  12. Cones

    5-shot recommendations?

    The new electronic versions of the LP10E and the LP50E have exactly the same trigger. I was told with your eyes shut you cannot tell them apart! HTH Mark
  13. Cones

    condition of pellets

    Try Harry Preston of Steyr UK About £10 a tin though I think. HTH Mark
  14. Looks like you have lost the inner second stage adjuster. This can and does happen. See here for details of what you should have. http://www.theoben.co.uk/files/evo_trig.pdf HTH Mark
  15. Cones

    5-shot recommendations?

    Be aware that Steyr are about to start selling the LP50E with the electronic trigger. About £1550 This may bring a few of the standard LP50 onto the second hand market, so as stated above put a wanted ad out there. Quality wise the Steyr really is in a class of its own. I have used my LP50 over the last few years and it still looks and functions like new. Even after several thousand pellets. I would wait rather than buy twice, otherwise it will end up costing you more in the long run. As you will ultimately buy one! :D Have Fun Mark