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  1. kilty

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    That was soooooo close!
  2. I think you'll find that between our little mangé a tróis that you are currently trailing myself and Uncle Neil... menage a trois peut etre
  3. kilty

    Kilty's Bean Bags

    Simon Evans is trialling a 6 inch deep large bum bag. apparently this depth is now BFTA and Worlds approved. might take a few more beans?
  4. kilty

    The Return of Wardy ?

    He was there today. Setting up a lovely Ripper AR5s in JW stock. Someone sold him a tin of AA pellets👍 He will be back.
  5. After the fun of the 17th December shoot, Springfield have decided to do it all again. FT and HFT shooting together on Wednesday 27th December. Entry fee just £5 visitor and £2 members. Free tea and coffee Gates / Plinking open about 9.00am Briefing 10.50am 30 White targets with black kills. 2 targets shot from each position ( lane or peg ) Pegs will be in place for HFT shooters. Any questions please call 07818445510 Cheers Barry
  6. kilty

    9015 Alutech....

    ...and Lord Briscoe had two of them absolutely identical. And guess who bought the other one?
  7. kilty

    Springfield Arc . For a GP ?

    You are very perceptive Mr H, it must be that sea air or something Chris puts in your tea?
  8. kilty

    So, Kent and Essex Opens....

    One name NATHAN REEVE. ESSEX OPEN 2017??
  9. kilty

    Thanks to TARTAN

    A big thank you to Ian Young for running the SEFTA Winter League stats this season. Never shot a pellet but was there to get the results up quickly and there today to run the Showdown. Credit where due Thanks Ian
  10. kilty

    SEFTA Showdown

    Well Done Dave Shooting has really improved since you joined Springfield
  11. kilty

    FWB. 800FT

    Just to let you all know that there is an 800 FT for sale on BBS This rifle is like new Worth a look if in the market for a new toy
  12. kilty

    ETL 50 this Sunday....

    Thanks to all at ETL for the shoot today. Excellent course, excellent company with David Clark and great weather. Well Done to Neil Hague for the win after the shoot off with Helen Carragher. Both finished on 44! Unlucky Helen. Great shooting.
  13. kilty

    Dave Harrison

    Just heard from Jamie, Dave's Son. Dave has been fighting an illness for a few months and he is currently in very poor health. Shot with Dave on numerous occasions and can only hope that we might share that privilege again. Keep fighting Dave Kilt
  14. Where random hikers stroll directly behind target 1. Very sorry about that Steve but they were trespassers and had no right to be anywhere near the shooting ground!! Did you blow a whistle to cease fire or get the marshal to sort them out?
  15. I expected more from you Siy-co and less from you Holly