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  1. SEFTA winter league today

    One armed bandit!!!
  2. Lollipop targets

    That is only implied stan . it does not actually say that in the rules . it says the target must fall when hit . face plate colour white or yellow . but it does not say you have to have a face plate ??? HOLLY
  3. LGU stock

    Or a 20-50
  4. The Single Most ?

    Gun, definately a gun cos throwing pellets 55yds accurately is hard Oh And a scope
  5. Scopes ?

    He dont often talk sense
  6. Scopes ?

    So is the bsa now First ones gotta be getting on for 15yrs old now
  7. The Jacket and the Hat ?

    He reckoned his jacket cost him 3 or 4 targets today. Not enough support
  8. You aim 2 inches higher
  9. Messing with a Steyr .

    Beltsander will sort that out
  10. Airgunforum, what future?

    Did you guys deliberately choose to ignore this post or completely dismissed these two members who have contributed over the years...Probaly
  11. The Gimp ?

    Youre exactly right.FT used to be about moving forward and trying new things but there a few who dont think like that. How else do they think we are using the gear we are using now. And then the internet came along , so all the experts didnt need to leave hoise
  12. Grandad

    Send him my regards when you chat to him
  13. Old school comp

    it was a nickel plated protarget.With gold highlights. But dont let the truth get in the way of a thread
  14. Old school comp

    I had a .22 gc2 There was talk at the time.that it was that fellas before
  15. CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    Play nicely you 2