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  1. Looks like a solo run to buccs , assuming i get up in time
  2. dc1

    The Shutz Barrel

    Google translate has given up on this one
  3. dc1


    After that, solve poverty in the UK and get everyone in the world to live in harmony
  4. A good thrashing ???? Are we on the same page here??
  5. dc1


    You now know how we feel
  6. dc1


  7. dc1

    The Shutz Barrel

    Errr wasnt that me??
  8. Do you not think the constant stripping down and rehashing could actually cause yoir issues???????
  9. dc1

    The Shutz Barrel

    Dont they do boil in the bag dinners??
  10. dc1

    CSFTA winter league Bisley 25 / 11 18

    Dodgy start due to sneaky bisley wind and proof that i was alive, mega pulse ,just couldnt settle
  11. dc1

    CSFTA winter league Bisley 25 / 11 18

    Hey dont get me wrong, im not knocking the course in any way. Any course i dont build or take in is ok with me
  12. dc1

    So...revisited heavies today.

    Theyre -rubbish-, dont waste your time
  13. dc1

    CSFTA winter league Bisley 25 / 11 18

    Cheers Bisley, great course but loooooooonnnnnnnggggg! Great company with Andy. Couldve gone so very wrong, 4 down in first 6 lanes but held on so happy with that
  14. Isnt that the toxic sludge lake somewhere in poland or some other dependancy of Britian?? Mind you ,if Nat drinks red , doubt if she'll notice the difference