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  1. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Mine might get same treatment
  2. dc1

    Far Coly ?

    All about wind?? You got that covered holly!! As for Dan ,didnt you reckon niel a few hundred posts back
  3. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Thats where we all going wrong boys and girls, we dont have the guidance of God that leups provided😁😂😂 https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/providence I hope he means provenance😁
  4. dc1

    GP7 Anston.....

    And I larfed and larfed and larfed....
  5. dc1

    isp airstream

    The rust wouldve suggested otherwise
  6. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Robf has to take his little victories where he can😁😁😂
  7. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Its ok, the unofficial GP team had theirs supplied by a generous team member. (Again,for the 2nd year running) No really , dont thank him , he didnt mind .
  8. dc1

    The challenge of East Devon

    Thats was last week
  9. dc1

    Fit to shoot .

    Im still struggling with how a bike that propells itself is gonna help😀
  10. Now 6" problem solved
  11. dc1

    Another new baby for SEFTA....

    Looks a bit mason icish
  12. Well done mate, about time you won summat after all those years telling us wot we are doing wrong😁😁
  13. dc1


    Cheers Stan. Its butthook and riser post
  14. dc1


    Anyone know anyone who does anodizing (cheeply). Looks easy enuff on youtube Dunk in acid , 12v up its bottom, dye boil job done. But i think ill leave it to those that have gone before, hence looking for recommendations( or volunteers). I know ajp does and maybe that fella in facebook