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  1. Thank You PPI ?

    My prediction After next tuesdays sesh at the club it will be: New gc2 block Old (No2) shutz barrel Old (No3) gc2 trigger cos it aint stuffed wiv grease and he keeping nee one as backup A random selection of Orings to try to dampen the twanging of a slack barrel. Wifes steyr's muzzle break hammered on, after all shutz own steyr so itll fit. March scope, unless there are only 6 letters in the day then its the loop cos its sunny. All squeezed into that nice Mr Cane's woodwork ????
  2. Thank You PPI ?

    Use is one word for it
  3. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    https://m.facebook.com/airrifletech/posts/706491982885790 Theyve polished a turd
  4. Grading

    Kieth If a ahooter is AA they are shooting agianst AA grade ahooters for top slot in that grade, also had a chance of winning open trophy if there was one . Now if they are A they are shooting agianst A grade shooters for top slot in that grade. Also for overall trophy if its an open or something. And so on down the grades How is this elitist?? As.someone that was barely AA and is now A i dont give a damn, the numbers say Im A then Im A And we all know you.cant buy a championship
  5. The Regional's .

    No they -covered in gore- didnt
  6. Grading

    Until say,A graders keep missing the mini and become B graders You assume that everyone will.be trying to.maintain a grade lol
  7. Jon Horwood

    Not really Hols, he had you on block.

    After the one-armed bandit flopped her 2 "lucky " standers on the first lane (her words not mine),Nat never looked like she was gonna miss one. To knock me out Top shooting ,no shame in losing to Steve in the final
  9. Grading

    Think youre missing the point of open class Stan
  10. Fixed that for you mate??
  11. The Worlds

    And what is wrong to have to qualify for a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, rather than being quick on a mouse??
  12. Grading

    Fantastic!!!! Its now on 3 forums???
  13. Well you already got tights and hairpiece
  14. I want to see the "he's had it 2 months" pics on.canes website?
  15. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    Yeah but you cant get those custom shops' anymore