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  1. dc1

    OH YES .

    Is that the bloke i heard about years ago that liked to practice his stalking on metal targets? And thought he was good cos he could get REALLY close to them?🤣🤣🤣
  2. dc1

    Essex 50 pix

    Or there is Warren
  3. dc1

    FWB 800X

    And with no sights😂😂😂 im impressed!!!
  4. dc1

    Essex 50 pix

    Err, Dan ditched the sling ages ago. Just keeping you up to date mate
  5. dc1

    OH YES .

    Isnt every course?
  6. dc1

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    The word is incorrect
  7. dc1

    OH YES .

    Oh god no!
  8. dc1

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    That was the hoped for reaction
  9. dc1

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    Oddly enuff i was asking about this only yesterday
  10. dc1

    Essex 50

    Im sure the club hasnt folded because a few peeps left. Itll be alright
  11. dc1

    Essex 50

    Did i? Oh well, Only asking as a couple of members asked about it commenting they couldnt find it anywhere
  12. dc1

    Essex 50

    I seem to recall essex 50 is on 7th oct? Cant find anything online, stb etc
  13. Probaly too far to just pop up, but good luck with new club
  14. dc1

    New Scope

    For wot??