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    Anyone know anyone who does anodizing (cheeply). Looks easy enuff on youtube Dunk in acid , 12v up its bottom, dye boil job done. But i think ill leave it to those that have gone before, hence looking for recommendations( or volunteers). I know ajp does and maybe that fella in facebook
  2. Well done mate, about time you won summat after all those years telling us wot we are doing wrong😁😁
  3. dc1


    Cheers Stan. Its butthook and riser post
  4. dc1

    The Return of Wardy ?

    They never come back
  5. dc1

    New baby for SEFTA.....

    Isnt that grahams spare
  6. Youre in luck Steve,thank me later https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323328130343
  7. dc1


    New toy for grandad??
  8. dc1

    BFTA GP booking in changes....

    Doubt itll be paypal due to costs. Couldnt use it for worlds if i recall correctly
  9. dc1

    Tinkering and Practice

    Ah theres the problem, we thought you meant along the fence,but you meant along the fence
  10. dc1

    Tinkering and Practice

    So we assume the other 8 were with the fleece on?? You missed more with it lol
  11. Wot you need is a clever bloke to make you an electronic trigger with soleniods and stuff. Hang on......
  12. Highlight of the day, john lloyd threatening to kick me in the balls if he missed his lane. Reckon he'dve missed those as well😁
  13. Cracking day out. Course great in the usual fantastic setting. Big thanks to all the Bisley/ central crew for their work. (Tho i did think one 5xbull target at 55 was a tad on the tight side😁)
  14. dc1

    Anschutz quality.

    so you stripped yours coz another mightve needed bits to try? Did quality control miss the broken one then?
  15. dc1

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Damn!!! Ive just bought popcorn!!! Ah well back to stb for the great prepayment debate (that wasnt asked for)
  16. dc1

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Well ive won thwe sefta showdown a couple of times First time it ws shutz 1 and 2 and 1 in the plate
  17. dc1

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Define "something" Anyway we like to stay in the shadows, encourages others with lesser weapons.
  18. dc1

    East devon , now open

    Its working well mate, it's duplicating "n"s🤣🤣
  19. dc1

    Anschutz Andy....

    Think he said was just to give it a run out
  20. dc1

    You Tube ?

    And i thought it was this;) https://www.chuckhawks.com/bc.htm
  21. dc1

    Progress ?

    Well done
  22. dc1

    East devon , now open

    If you dont wear a thick fleece in 35°s
  23. dc1

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    Im not feeling the love tbh..
  24. dc1

    You Tube ?

    Lot of -rubbish-s spoken😁 wtf is the ballistic coefficient of a rifle??? Combustion pressures???? Of a airgun???
  25. dc1

    Air Chrony

    Ive not played with the radar jobbie myself,just used it when its there. My only concern with it is what ia the minimiuim range it will pick a pellet.up at? Legal limit is 12ftlb muzzle energy, so if it needs say 3ft downrange to track its not measuring muzzle energy. Just wondering