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  1. dc1

    Chop Squad chopped....

  2. dc1

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    Here ya go Dave https://shooting-the-breeze.com/threads/winter-league-round-3-results-springfield.43260/#post-308452
  3. dc1

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    Ta ! Scores are up, top work Ian , and martin
  4. dc1

    Winter Draws On ?

    Well so long as u are giving it a fair trial thats ok
  5. Lane one target one on sunday was a 37?yards stander. Inside right,dont think so, wobble and hope
  6. dc1

    Winter Draws On ?

  7. dc1

    Winter Draws On ?

    Thats a very slimming parka
  8. That went well, well done to Woody on a clearance. Thanks to all for the course and letting us visitors have a play
  9. But thats the limit of your legendary flying barrel
  10. Weather permitting ill.give it a go
  11. dc1

    Winter Draws On ?

    They only do toy sizes
  12. dc1

    Winter Draws On ?

    Us the air freshener cos someone smells like a Moose? Btw, HOW MUCH FOR A PARKA?????
  13. The problem with listening to Simon is this He listens to Holly😁
  14. Thursday, friday latest,and this will be changed, along with various bits of kit
  15. So if i offer to check to tea wagon or khazi's , can I ask the BFTA to pay my travelling expenses?πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  16. Lol, well it is a public forum afterall
  17. Problem i find is none are long enough in the back, always ride up and youre forever tucking yourself back in. Kind of solved it with a "onsie" type thing, but you do have to make sure you are ,errr, empty before donning it😁. Number ones are ok but number 2s a different kettle of fish.
  18. To be fair, didnt the Royal Navy "bump" into a bit of Australia a few years back?