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  1. dc1

    New Scope

    For wot??
  2. dc1

    Fit to shoot .

    How do u know it was scottish?? Did it have an accent??
  3. What he said⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ How the hell is it suddenly that the targets need changing??????? Take a step back , look at what youre saying and get real!!!! On the back ofOne badly run shoot organised by people that wouldnt listen to sound advise ??? What needs changing is attitude of shooters, we all know those ones that struggle to hit a cows -bottom- with a shovel . Explain to them ,in simple words À SPLIT IS NOT A HIT
  4. Jeez!!to think there are people out there that think FT will become an Olympic sport. 20 years Ive been shooting knokovers along with Holly Collin Kieth and all the others. Suddenly "Oh no!! These are no good ,we must change the targets cos some people cant get it in the round bit" Beggars belief
  5. What a crock ok doodah!!! A SPLIT IS NOT A HIT,ITS A MISS, IF IT GOES YOU'VE HAD A BONUS Frankly im shocked that well.experienced shooters are "backing" this call to change targets. There is nothing wrong with decent quality targets now. The problem is largely people cant/wont/refuse to believe that they have sent a teeny little bit of lead downrange,in a stiff breeze and missed!!! All this discussion based on one shoot (2018 worlds) ,just how many of you guys were there? Quality targets I memtioned before,not the use of homemade,gamo targets and baler twine as reset cords. Despite being advised against it by experienced shooters , organisers still insisted on stick said -rubbish- targets up a cliff face. Im assured that tje problems with all the calls was more of a tactical issue. Once it was realised the targets were the aforementioned ones, they just called and called, knowing they were likely to get a few awarded. This is not a problem that changing thousands of targets will stop.
  6. dc1

    The Worlds in Poland....

    As i said to a shooter at Kent once, I'll check it,but if you make me walk out there youre not getting it anyway😂😂
  7. dc1

    Prize ?

    No, its cos youre the shooter that most needs cleaning
  8. dc1

    Prize ?

    Holly, that was for 5th in WHOLE series😁 appaerntly a lot of open shooters shot in grades coz they want to enter worlds next year
  9. dc1

    Springfield today...

    Fixed that for you🤣🤣🤣
  10. dc1

    Fit to shoot .

    Get yourself an activity tracker paired to app on phone(samsung health in my case). Its worked for me . Lets u see what youve eaten, burnt off and sets realistic target for weight loss etc. Got one for sale😁😁😁
  11. dc1

    The Shutz Barrel

    They wont
  12. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Mine might get same treatment
  13. dc1

    Far Coly ?

    All about wind?? You got that covered holly!! As for Dan ,didnt you reckon niel a few hundred posts back
  14. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Thats where we all going wrong boys and girls, we dont have the guidance of God that leups provided😁😂😂 https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/providence I hope he means provenance😁
  15. dc1

    GP7 Anston.....

    And I larfed and larfed and larfed....
  16. dc1

    isp airstream

    The rust wouldve suggested otherwise
  17. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Robf has to take his little victories where he can😁😁😂
  18. dc1

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Its ok, the unofficial GP team had theirs supplied by a generous team member. (Again,for the 2nd year running) No really , dont thank him , he didnt mind .
  19. dc1

    The challenge of East Devon

    Thats was last week
  20. dc1

    Fit to shoot .

    Im still struggling with how a bike that propells itself is gonna help😀
  21. Now 6" problem solved
  22. dc1

    Another new baby for SEFTA....

    Looks a bit mason icish
  23. dc1


    Anyone know anyone who does anodizing (cheeply). Looks easy enuff on youtube Dunk in acid , 12v up its bottom, dye boil job done. But i think ill leave it to those that have gone before, hence looking for recommendations( or volunteers). I know ajp does and maybe that fella in facebook
  24. Well done mate, about time you won summat after all those years telling us wot we are doing wrong😁😁