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    Taken up the airgun again after 40 years due to rats in the garden. Started with a QB78, moved on to Gamo 440 and Webley Longbow. Also acquired a Webley Nemesis pistol and joined a local target club.
  1. Mike95

    Looking for Font Sight Inserts

    The 15mm dia inserts are hard to come by. I have an old Walther LG55 which takes this size, also an HW55. You can get some acrylic inserts made...try neilwprice@aol.com (UK Neil) I have adapted a couple of the HW55 inserts to fit an old BSA 12/15 but I prefer the acrylic inserts. Mike95
  2. Mike95

    Sloppy Meteor barrel

    Will probably be wear in the jaws, cured by a squeezing session in a padded workmate! Remove the barrel from the jaws before squeezing! Also check the pivot pin which might also be worn...new one from Chambers or you can make one from the hardened shank of a suitable drill bit. Mike95
  3. Mike95

    improving my air rifle

    The simplest method of reducing "twang" is to put some "heavy tar" on the back 2 inches of spring. Motorcycle chain wax does a similar job. The heavy tar looks like...well..tar! From Maccari in the USA...google the website. This will reduce your fps by a little but not enough to notice. I have used this on a succession of renovated Meteors/Originals etc with success. More sophisticated methods include a tighter fitting spring guide, piston liners etc but I wouldn't bother on a budget type springer. Mike95
  4. Mike95

    10 Meter

    Feinwerkbau 300S or Junior if you can find one. I am not aware of any quality springer 10m rifle currently made. Could also use HW55, Walther LG55, all difficult to find however. I use all these older German spring rifles for 10m. The Air Arms S200 (PCP) is a very competent 10m rifle if you decide a PCP is the way. Mike95
  5. Mike95

    My old meteor

    My compliments on your photographic display! Something I have never got round to, when renovating Meteors.As for metalwork, I have successfully used grey car primer and Plastikote gloss black enamel, using "flash" coats and a warm environment. The trick is to retain the "Meteor" etching on the cylinder and I have tried various methods. I have oversprayed, then etched out the paint with a scriber, filled in the etching with a gold lining pen.....you can also put wax or vaseline carefully over the etching, anything which will stop the paint from filling the etching. I have also carefully masked the etching, sprayed the cylinder...when the cylinder is dry, remove the masking, mask the rest of the cylinder and use very fine flash sprayings over the etching, using gold paint and a very fine brush to re define the "Meteor" marking. Blend in the paintwork then spray with clear acrylic lacquer to protect the lot! Another tip from Lawrie Amatruda....use a white or gold wax crayon over the etching. The wax will stick in the etched grooves, clear varnish again to protect. You might well think of another method of retaining the "Meteor" logo. The crayon method also works well on the Webley Mark 3 etching. Mike95
  6. Mike95

    Is my Meteor safe?

    Just in front of the plastic cap you can see the end of a large metal pin and it is this which takes the pressure of the spring..so should be OK. Mike95
  7. Mike95

    10mtr target pistol for Pentathlon

    I assume you have to have a single shot pistol? The Tau 7 is a single shot CO2 pistol and will give 70 shots from a single 12g capsule..I assume this would be plenty for you. Very accurate gun. I believe that Tau now have a precharged version of their pistol on the market. A good s/h Tau 7 would go for around £200. Mike95
  8. Mike95

    BSA meteor barrel finish

    I have only ever seen blueing on the Mark 1 and some Mark 2 Meteors. The rest were good old BSA black enamel...very easy to touch up the paint. Mike95
  9. Mike95

    Gamo diopter rear sight

    Now sold. Mike95
  10. Mike95

    lightweight air pistol - target

    Problem will be grip size for a 10 year old. I am sure I read somewhere that the Gamo pneumatic single shot was used in youngsters comps? A small 10 year old might have problems in cocking the single shot pneumatics, however. Obvious question but what are the other youngsters using in the comps? If it must be a pcp the Rohm is about your only reasonably priced gun. If CO2 is allowed, the Tau is excellent but the grip might be too big for a youngster. Mike95
  11. Mike95

    Gamo diopter rear sight

    I have a boxed Gamo diopter sight in vgc, fits standard scope rail. Bought for a project and not used. This is the same diopter sight fitted to the Air Arms S200T and can be fitted to any S200 but you would also need to buy the front barrel fitting foresight from Air Arms. I have also used the Gamo successfully on various old 10m springers and the HW77. £23 posted. Mike95
  12. Mike95

    Airsporter piston

    There are lots of ways of curing "twang" but the simplest method is to put some "heavy tar" on the back 2 inches of the spring. Heavy tar looks just like tar and deadens the spring vibrations on firing. You do not need a lot. I got mine from Maccari in the USA...order online. I hear that motorcycle chain wax has a similar effect. You will get a small reduction in muzzle velocity but nothing to worry about. Other and more complex methods of curing twang include a better fitting spring guide and a piston liner. On the MK 6 Airsporter the piston head is held to the piston by a pin driven in from the side. I have not stripped a late model Airsporter so I do not know if some movement is normal. Might be worth checking the pin since I assume if it shears off, the piston head will become detached from the piston and could cause a number of problems. Mike95
  13. Mike95

    Springer 'twang' - how to reduce

    I agree last post. Heavy tar on the back 2 inches of spring.... will reduce fps a little but works. Have also seen motorcycle chain lubricant used to deaden the twang. A better fitting spring guide will also help but you would have to have this made. Mike95
  14. Mike95


    Looked again! I think you are talking about the buffer washer between the piston body and the piston head...made of some sort of plastic, which disintegrates with time... replace with one made from a tap washer...doesn't really do anything. Mike95
  15. Mike95


    Usually nylon or aluminium but I have heard of steel! TR Robb makes a one piece item in PTFE just to further confuse the issue! Mike95