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    Air rifle and air pistol target shooting and collecting and renovating old Webley pistols and BSA rifles. Organizing and running County and Midland Rifle Leagues(air rifle and rimfire) <br />bench rest shooting

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  1. baron

    Cocking Air Arms S400

    I'm sure he has sorted the problem by now. Its a very old post
  2. Welcome to this forum...can I ask why you didn't join the BBS forum where TD rules the roost..or does he still hold a grudge... Is there a clue in the username?
  3. Many thanks fellas Excellent club night last night. Perhaps we should have mince pies every week and our new Social Sec is spoiling us big time with his little delicacies. Happy Xmas to all members (everything in moderation Nick, that little helper still has work to do).
  4. A lovely thought but not recommended A stainless steel shaving mirror is first choice. No wonder you only scored 2 last week. baron
  5. He he...there's only me n thee read this section... And me baron
  6. Yep, a great day out Pete. Big thankyou to Kim (the only person I have ever seen bring down a plane with a 12 bore) and to everyone who helped make it such a good day . I am pretty sure everyone had a splendid time . Baron
  7. Longbow strung, arrows sharpened and black powder bangers are primed and waiting.I suspect most will remain as new Sighting cards will be available for those who have not been practising Catapult target will be available and a backstop so that Pete does not lose his balls during all the fun
  8. The BBQ info is now posted on BBS Collectors and General Sections Lets hope we have as good a day as last year Baron
  9. It's alright for you youngsters. When the Stella and tramadols kick in that's our day over Leave Dunks and the rest of us old farts to sleep it off
  10. baron

    Bench rest comp

    Hi Craftsman This is a link to L&D's website and gives opening times www.leicestershooting.co.uk/‎ Visit on a weekend and just ask the Duty Officer for info/membership details and a look at the ranges Benchrest shooting takes place mainly on the indoor 25yd range, but UKBR22 targets are also shot on the outdoor air rifle 50yd range Wednesday afternoons are also a good time to visit when BR shooting is taking place 1.30 - 4.30pm baron
  11. baron

    Bench rest comp

    Hi Craftsman If you and other club members wish to visit Leics & District to see the benchrest set up and get other info on the sport, just ask The Midlands Benchrest League shoot at either 20yds or 25 yds with teams of 3 shooters, 20shots/round and 10 rounds each season The league shoots to true (World/European Fed.)benchrest rules using front and rear sandbag rests. baron
  12. Good to see you back on here Nick. Hope to see you at the club early in the new year if you can make it. Happy Xmas to you and all the Melbourne members who visit here. Have a good break Kwaka 1- I'm sure you will. John
  13. baron

    Bench rest comp

    e-mail on its way to your hotmail addy (on here) with the rules doc and info on the Midlands Shooting League - Winter benchrest postals John
  14. Great day out and everyone appeared to have a good time. Some very impressive RC flying during the afternoon, unfortunately i missed the UFO Thanks for all the hard work Chris and Kim and to Mac for the FT set up- enjoyed it - . Good to see Nick could make it and the new faces Baron