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  1. clubshot

    Lea Valley Air Gun Club - Hertford

    Club is still going Strong Still issues with Landlord - Shotgunners But Still operating on Club Day - Saturday's Check clubs forum board for latest News - via www.lvagc.com Currently Lost Sunday Access - BOB/R
  2. clubshot

    Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    To far for me - but aware Web sites bring in Members / Users No I do not make them - BOB/R
  3. clubshot

    Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    What No Link - does the Club not have a Web site BOB/R
  4. clubshot

    Coming back to FT

    The FT Section @ Lea Valley - Has Several New Steyr's in Use Next Match is Saturday 8th January 2011 = Kick off around 11am BOB/R http://www.lvagc.com
  5. clubshot

    Air Gun club bad experience

    We get more Shooters most weeks @ Lea Valley I normally do the paperwork and take them around Ranges But leave them to other Members - Most come back and say it's a real Friendly club But aware of issues where Both Full Bore & Air Gunners use Ranges But some do expect someone to spend the day with them - But majority accept that others are there to Shoot as Well But to assist where needed - But We @ Lea Valley have Several Ranges and Competitions that appeal to Members Where other just want to Plink / Practise We average around a 100 Shooters most Saturday's - through the Ranges - 0930 -1600 BOB/R
  6. We are Swapping Club Day's this Weekend 30/31st October 10 So our Landlords can Run their 99 Shotgun Shoot - without Effecting us later in the year The Club - Lea Valley Air Gun Club - will be Open Sunday from 0930 - to 1600 Instead of Saturday We will have normal Full Catering And running the Mike Alexander - Fun Shoot http://www.lvagc.com BOB/R
  7. clubshot

    Lea Valley Air Gun Club - Hertford

    Still going Strong Noticed bottom of Forum BOB/R
  8. clubshot


    Glade you enjoyed it New Team for FT - Edwards Family Sure they will have taken on Board your Comments It's a Monthly Competition - Open to Members & Visitors 2nd Saturday of Each Month - Ranges do Change 1st Saturday is Pistol HFT 3rd Saturday is Rifle HFT 4th Saturday is Rested Rifle HFT BOB/R
  9. Sunday 25th April 2020 UK Springer Championship @ Lea Valley For those that believe that Springers are the Best Chance to prove it Open to Members & Visitors More information on Following Link http://www.mfbb.net/lvagc/viewtopic.php?t=...mp;mforum=lvagc BOB/R
  10. clubshot

    It's HFT this Saturday 18th September 09

    Results on the Following Link http://www.mfbb.net/lvagc/viewtopic.php?t=...mp;mforum=lvagc BOB/R
  11. clubshot

    HW100 miss-fire

    Managed to get to Shoot mine Saturday Evening @ Club Following it's Repair / Service @ Hull Catridge Was real enjoyable - Really had forgot how much fun it was to use with Bipod and on Table @ distant Targets Must remember not to Fill up before putting away As seems it can damage exhust Valve - It took five years to do my one BOB/R
  12. Sees another monthly HFT Competition @ Lea Valley Open to Member & Visitors Book in by 10.30 - for a 11am Safety Brief Understand Course Setters are setting 15 in woods and 15 on Range One - Open Range Full Catering on site Ranges Open from 0930 http://www.lvagc.com BOB/R
  13. Saturday 11th September 09 2nd Saturday - so it's FT Competition Book in by 1030 for 11am Safety Brief and Start Open to Members & Visitors http://www.lvagc.com BOB/R
  14. clubshot

    HW100 miss-fire

    Sounds like a Sticky exhust Valve From leaving it Full charged to long As Explained to me after mine went in for Service But did take 5 years to Develop and countless 1,000's of Shots on mine BOB/R
  15. Lea Valley is Holding it's Monthly Rifle HFT Shoot this Saturday http://www.lvagc.com Book in by 1030 for a 11am Safety Brief / Start Over 30 Targets Open to Members & Visitors Entry Fee is £2.00 - Plates for Winners / Medals for places Plus Green Fee - Visitors £5.00 Adult - £2.50 Junior Ranges Open from 0930 - Catering on site Plus Practise Ranges - Other Ranges Open All Day Never Shot a HFT Before Mention it and will be partner with a Experienced Shooter BOB/R