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  1. Now, you say that and technicaly you are correct, I was trained to do that, but once out of the training school stopped doing it, 30+ years in the aerospace industry and I've not had a complaint yet (apart from cutting the threads a bit tight)
  2. bulldog

    Question for Chairgun experts

    Fluffy, maybe need to work it other way around, assume(right or wrong) that it now produces 11.5 say, then what was it producing before?
  3. Only having a friendly josh with another turner, good to see the video posted to show people how it's done, wish one of our customers had seen it, might have understood when I told him I couldn't re'm/c thread on the end off his 4ft long undercarriage leg that had last foot bent 45deg, mind you he also didn't understand when I told him it was m/c'd when straight and in softened state then bent, then hardened and tempered, he just walked off muttering about us getting newer machines.
  4. Yep definatly something wrong with that video, for some reason the chuck gaurd isn't in use
  5. bulldog

    Its Great this new server

    Not a problem but just to say since the lattest changes have been made it has made a world of differance to my connection to site, previuosly this has allways been the worst/slowest site I have used on any sort of regular basis, now it just flies along
  6. there is a grub screw with hex socket, not sure modding silencer will make much differance as the spring makes so much noise, but seeing you are located USA maybe you have higher powered version which might be noisier. Didn't think silensers where allowed in US?
  7. bulldog

    BSA Lightnig XL tactical

    I was told by someone with a great deal of knoledge of gas rams ( no names in case it upsets theoben ) not to bother trying to upgrade lightning to FAC with gas ram as there is no real benifit due to it being a light gun and it becomes 'jumpy' as sam says, he made no mention of it damaging gun. He could have said 'that will be fine' and made a few bob for himself on the deal.
  8. bulldog

    BSA Lightnig XL tactical

    Did I see a teddy coming out of that cot? Now to continue with my attempt to provide you with some constructive advice, you are concerned as to arcuracy of lightning for hunting at 25yds, many on here will tell you a lightning is perfectly caperble of that distance, I myself have killed hundreds of rabbits with one and I don't claim to be a 'crack shot'. I was thinking that a gas ram may not solve your problem, have you tried different pellets, as I have found some will group tightly but others will stuggle to produce a 4" group.
  9. bulldog

    BSA Lightnig XL tactical

    If you cannot acuratly hit a kill zone at 25yd with a lightning then either you need a different technique, more practice or there's something wrong with equipment.
  10. bulldog


    I've posted this before but here we go again. Napier pellet lube has mixed results. If I use it on webley lazapoints(which are prelubed) it improves grouping, if I use it on AA hunters(which I don't think are prelubed) it doesn't have much affect. I have been running an experiment to see how long without barrel cleaning ,before acuracy is affected, if I use napier, its been so long now I can't remember unless I dig out reciepts when brought. You have to use napier very sparingly else it diseils, best way I've found is put couple of drops in tin lid, swirll around till thin coat on lid, put layer of pelets in, swirll around and tip into tin, add next lot off pellets etc.
  11. bulldog

    hard anodizing

    You could try Stotfold Platers, at Stotfold Beds. They may be close to you, but best know what you want as they don't take prisoners if they think you are wasting their time. We have used them for many years for anodising and plating, although have had to go elsewhere to get cad plating now.
  12. My first thought was the energy level at 13m would be about the same for light and heavy pellets, therefore the piont might have given extra penetration, but the pellet being lower normaly means lower speed, then i remembered that when i was playing about with diferent pellets tighter fit meant more recoil and on a springer(well mine at least) means shoots lower.
  13. Might be good idea to check power trou crono.
  14. bulldog

    Tuning springers

    Have put several thousand pellets throu my lightning and the springs still fine. I guess the manufacturers have got it sorted. Don't know if the cheapo guns have problems?
  15. bulldog

    Map scopes

    This puzzles me, with my mil-dot beyond my zero if the lazer pionts at 'X' then i aim at 'Y' this varies with range but appears to be consistant at different mag(but this could be that i tend to use certain mags for certain range) so i have to do a quick reconing in head to work out hold over. Seen advert for MAP and thought that will make things easier but it seems to only work at 6x and if you adjust mag you have to compensate which makes me think whats the point of using this on variable mag scope apart from using mag to fine tune for power/pellet set-up