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  1. Scores from CSFTA WINTER LEAGUE BISLEY SHOOT 25 / 11 18 Tim Goodall 37 Terry Holt 37 Cliff Church 36 Justin Wood 36 Steve Lucas 36 Steve Privett 35 Dave Croucher 35 Alan Holloway 34 Ashley Holloway 34 Tony Pond 32 Mel Hills 32 Simon Pattle 31 Clinton Bedding 31 Glenda Privett 31 Pete Terry 30 Dave Hollingdale 30 Andy Winch 30 Mick Kelly 29 Barry Warren 29 Lyndean Calvert 28 Keith Pitman 28 Bethney Pitman 28 Paul Whitehouse 28 Mark Stanley 28 Mick Woodhead 28 Glen Newman 27 Chris Hepworth 24 Adam Riffert 22 Geof Ames 22 Geoff Hawes 20 Richard Bright 14 John Watson 4 Golde Bunny John Watson
  2. pokeandhope

    Winter League V Summer league

    Agreed,Hertfordshire 100 and Ottmoor 80 were superb shoots .Is it me or did we all seem to enjoy more back in the day ?
  3. pokeandhope


    The field target community were deprived of witnessing Holly v Monty (Thriller in Manila or Rumble in the jungle) . I guess we will have to wait till next year, but i'm sure it will be worth it just like Joshua v Fury .
  4. pokeandhope

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    Can't get pictures on here but i don't think a picture does Gary's stocks justice.
  5. pokeandhope

    Csfta Bisley winter league

    A very interesting day , temperatures just above freezing , fickle wind ,bright sunlight at times and lots of head scratching . Scores on the doors ; J . WOOD / C.CHURCH ( 38) S. LUCAS / R. FARNWORTH / S .EVANS / D. PURCELL / D PAGE-STAR/ D. HOLLINGDALE (36) A.RIFFETT / T.HOLT / G .AMES /B.WARREN (35) K.PITTMEN / M.HILLS / S.PRIVETT / C.BEDDING (34) T.ORD / T. ROSCOE / P.TERRY /ALLAN HOLLOWAY (33) ASHLEY .HOLLOWAY / B . MCCRAW /G.NEWMAN / A. WINCH (32) T.POND / C.HEPWORTH / M.KELLY / G.EDWARDS (31) D.GODWIN / G PRIVETT (30) G.DAVIDSON / T. ELDERFIELD (29) jUAN LAMBREAS (28) P.WHITEHOUSE / A.SLADE (26) S.POULTER (25) P.COSHAM / B . PITTMAN (23) G . HAVIES (22) S. MERRIT (20) M. READ (19) G.WATSON (12) K.MULFORD /R.BRIGHT (10)
  6. pokeandhope

    Csfta Bisley winter league

    Holly was on form today , even used "Rope-a-dope"tactics on his partner Tony .
  7. pokeandhope

    CSFTA @ Basingstoke

    It was good to see Holly shooting again , as well as the new faces in the region
  8. pokeandhope

    CSFTA @ Basingstoke

    They normally do , check with Simon
  9. pokeandhope

    CSFTA @ Basingstoke

    A big thank you to the Basingstoke crew for a great course , blustery wind, bright sunlight and a course with something for everyone . Special mention to the SEFTA posse and Simon Evans and the Doc who travelled from Wales. Possibly a record attendance for a winter league shoot 52 shooters ? Good to hear some old fashion banter and laughter as well as seeing grow men cry . Scores on the doors Un graded ------------ Tony Pond 31,Glynnn Edwards 30,Chris Hepworth 24 , K Hulford 22,Richard Bright 18, G Westbrook 14 , D kirby 8 ,J Watson 5 C Grade ---------- Melv Read 31, Mel Hills 28 , Phil Cosham 25, Steve Merrit 23 ,Bethnay Pitman 22 B Grade ---------- Keith Pitman 36 , Gary Robinson 34 , Glenda Privett 34 , Dave Starr 33 , Mick Woodhead 30 ,Simon Poulter 29, Tony Elderfield 29 , Andy Winch 25 , Geoff Hawkes 24 A Grade ---------- Alan Holloway 35, Clinton Bedding 35, Stephen lucas 34,Terry Holt 32, Barry Warren 31, Terry Ord 31, Mick Kelly 29 Lyndean Calvert 28, Pete Terry 25, Dave Hollingdale 25, Adam Riffat 23 AA ----- Simon Evans 38, Rob Farnsworth 38, Justin Wood 36Steve Privett 35, Dave Croucher 35, Ahley Holloway 35 , Cliff Church 34, Tim Roscoe 34 Dave Hatfield 32, Dave Godwin 31, Glen Newman 30
  10. pokeandhope

    isp airstream

    CZ on both of mine , gives me great accuracy ,wide selection of pellets to choose from and doesn't need much cleaning.
  11. pokeandhope

    isp airstream

    hi John, I've got 2 of them no 12 and 35. I've been shooting mine for 5 years and its never let me down . Rob Montani and Andy Simpson have two each as well and they are very happy with theirs. The beauty of an ISP is that Shaun can build it to your specifications involving you with the choice of barrel, trigger type, and finish (titanium or blued). Shaun sets them up spot on so they are crisp to shoot with a very quick lock time. He services them any any mods can be added . I've only had mined serviced twice in 5 years and it shoots great on paper and very consistent on the chrono. Hope this helps but if you need more info just send me a PM
  12. Talking of lubing, I'm sure it was Holly who showed up to a shoot with his pellets swimming in FP10 . He learnt quickly that once the lube gets in the back skirt its game over. "Less is more"
  13. pokeandhope

    What's new for 2018?

    I had a TM for a while , couldn't fault it. I think that TM/ISP'S are seen as old tech similar to Ripleys /GC2 which dominated back in the day. Maybe foreign engineering has more sex appeal ?
  14. pokeandhope

    What's new for 2018?

    I stand corrected Colin , however, it's still a rare beast amongst FT shooters and i can't work out why ?
  15. pokeandhope

    What's new for 2018?

    I could of sold my ISP many times over at the worlds, still surprised i was the only person shooting one at the worlds ?
  16. Your spot on Neil , I'm sure when i shot the worlds in Norway there was less than 100 shooters. It was basically same course which they changed daily . Great times in a beautiful country.
  17. Thanks to the work that the IOW crew have put in it's one of the best shoots in the region. Well worth the trip over and the early morning start .
  18. Agreed with everything Neil and John have said. It was a superb event if you didn't go you certainly missed out. Simon Evans deserves special praise for his tireless work and organisational skills. The 3 minute rule worked well and i can see it happening at GP's ?. For me the opportunity to meet new and old friends and have a shooting holiday is what is all about. The bar has been set very high when the worlds are held in England next.
  19. pokeandhope

    The weather at the World's....

    Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. According to the stats I'm the only person shooting an ISP ?
  20. pokeandhope

    The Wife's Steyr ?

    Holly with an ISP, that would be interesting . "There goes the neighbourhood "
  21. pokeandhope

    Bisley This Weekend .

    If memory serves me wasn't he the original 'Pokeandhope" ?
  22. pokeandhope

    Something new coming

    As Holly once told me " You can never have enough quality "
  23. pokeandhope

    Something new coming

    Holly, with an ISP ?, "there goes the neighbourhood "
  24. pokeandhope

    Holly's hip-Op....

    Speedy recovery mate
  25. Colin in csfta we are honourable gentlemen , whoever wins it will have been well deserved