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  1. Artfull-Bodger

    2 years with the Falcon T50

    the Current one I am using goes down to 7yds, as have all the others?
  2. Artfull-Bodger

    2 years with the Falcon T50

    Turrets look like a good design Jon, I take it thats your doing? I paid £480 for my Bushnell which I thought was a good deal, and whilst it fits it's role on my HW77FT (clearance on loading port, weight) it is a scope you have to learn and concentrate with or you can easily misrange, the T50 in comparison has proven to be extremely easy to range with but it's weight unbalances the 77 making standers and high angle shots a pain, so it's been a horses for courses situation for me. I would prefer to use a T50 on my 77 but the Bushnell is the better choice on that particular rifle, on my HW100S however it's the other way round, I finished the winter seriese on 86% so it's definatly doing the job for me, I can honstly say any misses have been totally down to my failing to read the wind correctly, it never fails to amaze me my misssed shots are always correct for height! cant see any real alternative to the T50 without paying a lot more?
  3. Artfull-Bodger

    2 years with the Falcon T50

    It's been two years since taking delivery of the current T50B test scope, so where are we? Mechanically- The turrets are still working fine with no slip despite being reset for different temps and ammo several times, the clicks feeling as positive today as they did when I recieved it. The sidewheel has not developed any backlash or wobble, neither has the zoom ring. It holds zero , all through its zoom and parralax movement and has been tried on a springer too. Temperature- The T50 is on my HW100S and is used primarily for the winter season, it was set up in -1 deg C temps and has not been reset since, there is a temp shift around 14deg C mark, where it then under ranges by approx 2.5 yds, but as I use it in the cold I have seen no issues and it comes in on the marks same as when I set it up. optics- I have had two instances of whiteout, both at Tondu when the winter sun was behind the high targets, I could hardy see anything at all, but, neither could the guys shooting with me and we had quite a variation of scopes between us, so I suppose it's par the course unless your paying for top line March etc. Have had no issues rangefinding into shadow/ bright light or in the woods at Avon. in comparison to my Bushnell the optics are neither as bright or sharp ans the 8-32x40 elite, however the T50 is very easy to range with, snapping into focus quickly and leaving little chance of error, this contrasts highly with the Bushnell which fades in slowly and can easily be misranged unless you pay close attention. likes/dislikes- Likes- Easy to rangefind and a consistent performance accross a wide temp range, once shifted at approx 14deg C it holds constant up to 26 deg C (highest temp I have used it in) easy to rangefind with. sidewheel whilst nothing fancy has a good area to attach marking tape to inside the knurled edge. turrets are good, easy to use with gloves, solid clicks and easy to read without squinting in poor light (unlike my Bushnell) dislikes- Heavy and that can unbalance the rifle, found this more of an issue since using the bushnell. when re setting the turrets after zeroing it's fiddly to tighten up the grub screws and keep the turret square, theres a knack to it . the front flip up pin falls out, this has happened on all the T50's I have tested, so I dont use these flip ups any more on the front, rear one stays put though? conclusion- this scope has definatly improved my scores, it's doing the same job as a Diamond for £200+ less and has so far been 100% reliable, in fact the two diamonds I have used as a comparison have fallen short of the T50 in poor lighting conditions, but we all know Diamonds do vary, and having several T50's to test I cannot comment on how T50's may also vary. All told very good scope for the cash, cant really find any serious flaws in it. regards Mike
  4. Artfull-Bodger

    A RIPPER ?

    makes no difference to accuracy, but if you have a barrel that gets leaded up quick it can be a help! my HW98 used to start with a clean barrel zeroed and after about 150 shots the zero would drift right bit by bit until it settled approx 2 inches rt at 45 yds, then the groups opened up, it was worse when I tried 4.52, so I came to the conclusion I had a relatively coarse finish to the bore, I could see no other reason it would lead up so quickly! so I tried what I suggested above, putting a pull through in the middle of a length of cord and sweeping it back and through numerous times with brasso untill it had removed the lead and the colour stabilised, cleaned the barrel out with WD40 then tried again , and hey presto what i would describe as a normal clean cycle ( approx500 shots) before the groups started opening up, it stopped the right hand drift, but saw no detrimental effect!
  5. Artfull-Bodger

    A RIPPER ?

    could try popping the barrel out, holding it on a vice then using the pull through both directions with a bit of Brasso, takes a while but if the barrel is a bit coarse after machining this can help!
  6. Artfull-Bodger

    Falcon T50

    at £399 lets hope it encourages more people into the sport, many are put off by the prices of "Blooddy good" scopes!
  7. Artfull-Bodger

    Falcon T50 in the shops

    I will Hol
  8. Artfull-Bodger

    Falcon T50 in the shops

    first of the T50's are in the shops for sale I have been informed! been a long road, but got there in the end!
  9. Artfull-Bodger


    Put me and Bob down as well please Rob. Mike Long Robert Welcher
  10. Artfull-Bodger

    Regionals sunday ?

    I'm not going to try blaming the kit Simon I'll leave that to you didn't misrange or misdial a single shot so scopes fine, managed to make a hash of dealing with a changeable wind however so I have to take it on the chin! missed a few to sudden gusts but so did the guys I was shooting with so it was the same all round, but most of my missed were simply because I thought there was more wind than there was! all a learning process mate, early days yet!
  11. Artfull-Bodger

    Regionals sunday ?

    I'm saying -swearword- all my performance was not exactly stellar!
  12. Artfull-Bodger


    thats of interest to me, my HW77 is sorted and the Bushnells settling in fine! how many targets and how will we have to register Rob?
  13. Artfull-Bodger

    The regionals

    spent all afternoon checking out my gear, everthing seems happy so I will see you there Hol! on the subject of GP's, I am planning to do as many as I can this year in piston class now the 77 is sorted, not having done any GP's before I believe you have to register?
  14. Artfull-Bodger


    You have a Motor Torpedo Boat?
  15. Artfull-Bodger

    New shutz . old shutz ?

    I have the silencer fitted on my HW100S, I took it off once worried about the silencer causing fliers etc and the groups got worse at 55 yds, put it back on and hey presto back to normal, I can only summise the foam insert that HW use is absorbing a large proportion of the air blast , in a similar way to how strippers are supposed to work! not to mention the lack of the irritating "BLAT" on firing!