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  1. robF

    GC2 Action .

    No what I am saying is that it's nonsense the GC2 is the only consistent reg in cold weather. It's also nonsense about your reference to the worlds because that's run in summer. It's also nonsense that the Walther hasn't been up there because it has apart from the worlds it's won everything else, and unlike the GC2 it has done it in living memory. And if the GC2 was worth a re-release those chaps that like to make money would surely put it out there, to make money. The simple fact is that as lovely as they are the GC2's have been surpassed. You must agree or else you wouldn't have been trying every other rifle under the sun (except a Walther) since...
  2. robF

    GC2 Action .

    By your logic only a GC2 could have then... but I don't remember one even coming in the top 50 in the last decade since this thread was started. For what it's worth, Mr Ayres was 2 points off winning in Germany having lost 2 shots in his last lane cross shooting it. I don't think you can put that down to a reg. Most summer winter issues are nothing to do with the reg anyway.
  3. robF

    GC2 Action .

  4. robF

    GC2 Action .

    Almost as old as this thread... it's coming up to it's 9 year old anniversary!
  5. robF

    OH YES .

    And then Andy moved the firing line back....
  6. Yep the rules on 15's are a pain and really limit things in my opinion. They don't need to be crazy but at the moment they're severely restricted and given their max range and the rules about targets closer than 20yds being perpendicular to the line they don't leave many options. Looking forward to round 1...
  7. robF

    New Scope

    I'd say the 5 MOA per revolution is probably the bigger hurdle. You might get 25-55 in 5 depending on scope height and pellet, but you'll be way more than a turn out from 25-10. Luckily close targets are losing their fashion but it's the sort of thing you need to be careful of when they do crop up.
  8. robF

    The World's 2019 and it's coming home...

    Come and watch then Hols. It's a great venue, should be plenty to do, full course access, free entry, all the action. Bar overlooking the shoot-off area.
  9. robF

    New Scope

    Scopes are a personal thing. I'd have a look at them all if I was shopping, including the March's. I'm fortunate in that I've got access to pretty much all the superscopes, apart from the Kahles, which I haven't looked through since prototype. The delta is worth a peek as well. Some of the scopes vary in weight considerably so this is something to consider. It can make a difference.
  10. Can't lose the lane you're in, what happens if you miss both targets before you call? We don't need to ruffle feathers, that doesn't help anyone, we're just looking for a fair solution to a problem.
  11. Yeh, sounds fair to me. Although I probably have a rep for rules I really don't think they are needed unless there's a problem. In GP's and WL's I don't see that as being a problem. Target calls tend to be for pretty valid reasons, snags, strings, obstructions and targets that have moved. On a well drilled course they can all be really minimised to the point of elimination. I have been told that calling was an old time tactic, but I've not seen it in FT at GP's or the WL leagues i've done, so it's probably in the past. I've only done a couple of MFTA/SWEFTA in recent years but CSFTA has been pretty good for all the time I've been doing it, the standard of course building is good these days and each year the level gets better.
  12. The problem is, if you have a competition of 225 shooters in one session, like Poland, it only takes 1/10 people to call once, and that's 22 calls, and you have the same situation. So if you have a target which shooters think is faulty, for whatever reason, and keep calling, and it's not, but they keep calling, the yellow card doesn't do anything because if it's one target they won't make a second call. What we need to do is make shooters realise that calling a target (without clear confidence that it's faulty) gives them or others no benefit (which it can be used to do at the moment) and that overall it hinders the competition. So it doesn't need something hefty, just something that says "are you sure you want to call, because if it isn't faulty, you lose"... which might make a proportion think "hmm maybe it was a split, or maybe i didn't see it land"... and then not call. And obviously not sit in the lane having a debate about it either because that's now against the rules as well.
  13. robF

    Prize ?

    You gonna do one for Open Class in Winter League if we run one this year? 😄
  14. robF

    Prize ?

    I don't have a single trophy with my name on it. The ones that do are perpetuals and have gone back. The ones I've been given just have whatever place and grade I won and the event and year.
  15. robF

    Prize ?

    Agreed Colin. I have to say I've only kept my 1sts. The rest are in a box. It's a shame they're all different otherwise they'd be useful. The glass man is my favouritte.