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  1. The Euros ?

    Read the FAQ hols. It's not 90%.
  2. Winter League V Summer league

    Get the club to get the idea to me, we can send it around the region for thoughts. An open would be nice.
  3. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    You don't need to touch the action, just the chassis... you can bend any gun, Steyr dual slot is quite easily distorted by tightening up the bolts unevenly... but the stuff up front does naff all. If you were brave you'd just lop it off.
  4. Cancelled. Snow started falling today making the approach and parking dubious for future use over the next 24 hours.
  5. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    Lots are fitting Ti tube. These are only lighter that steel. For the ones we've seen that are for Walthers they're 200g heavier than tubes of the roughly the same capacity (judging from the outside). I lost 300g by doing as per Holly says, cutting off the parts of the stock my hand never touches and the support which doesn't support anything.
  6. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    Darron, as far as I remember the 10-60x52 weighs about 80g more than the Leup comp. The 8-80 weighs a lot more, which is one of it's downsides in the comparison between the two. But as you say there's more to it than the scope. It's a component of the package, not the whole package. I pulled 300g off my Walther just by cutting off the bit that never gets used. Interesting the thread on stocks for the 9015... one thing to suggest is that manufacturers stop connecting stocks to varying pressure tubes and dispense with supporting something that doesn't need it... and if you feel you need 300g of aluminium to protect it then perhaps you shouldn't be handling it ;)
  7. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    You can have snap and something light that doesn't move except temp and that's the 10-60x52. Problem sorted. I'll weigh it later. If you can't make the scope lighter, make the rest lighter.
  8. Atom rifles

    To be honest if I was to look at making another rifle then that's the route I'd take and considering Anschutz & Steyr are friends with benefits I'd then look to a deal to slot in with that, carefully profiled not to cause conflict with their current offerings. The Steyr reg is pretty sweet, it's small, light, works, and when set up right, shuts off fast and doesn't move. The Aluminium cylinders are much lighter than Ti offerings and have a QF option & gauge option as well. Anschutz trigger blocks are off the shelf items and a LW barrel is as well. So stock and block left them. To be honest I'd probably use the Steyr cocking stabiliser as well and then just concentrate on the aspects of most rifles which cause issues in the field with HFT & FT. You could opt for an off the shelf hook as well & other Mec furniture like the pistol grips meaning you're probably narrowing things down considerably. Wouldn't be cheap but it would allow you to look at the things that might make a difference rather than making things different so they might. Stock looks like it could do with some work. Seems to be following fashion rather than being ahead of the curve.
  9. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Ah, didn't know that matt... interesting ta
  10. Enjoyed the course. All my misses mid 40's. First shot went low on kill 40 odd yd target. No real idea why except the crosshairs were low of the kill after the shot so I probably snatched it... the fact I didn't observe the movement concurs. Lost another to a split when I gave just inside left and it moved 5mm left on a 40 odd yd target. Could have been cant (can't remember if I check these days but it's part of my routine so should have), but suspect it was wind as I felt it after the shot. Uphill long stander, wasn't right behind the scope, should have raised butt, didn't and paid for it. Lost another high 40's across the plinking range, first one hardly moved, second I think went way across but couldn't see it land. Didn't land shy. Lost high kneeler across the plink to a snatch. My other long kneeler wasn't great either but went. Lost 2nd to last shot 40 odd yards, aimed right edge, hit right edge. Had to work hard on a lot of targets to hit even at short ranges. Even the 30 yard full size kills had you thinking...
  11. The SteyWhei

    Got a LW match barrel for you to play with in the car.
  12. Airgunforum, what future?

    It's possible because the forum places a cookie with the time you last visited and the threads you viewed. Thus it can work out which threads you've viewed and if they contain any new posts on your next visit. If there are new posts on those threads what it does is take you to the first of them. If the behaviour has changed since the upgrade it's either a change in the settings, or a function that's changed.
  13. Back to basics

    I'd say (as a qualified coach) leave any preconceptions about what you think need aside and talk to a coach first who may be able to help guide you with sound principles to come to ideal conclusions about what you need for where you want to go from where you currently are.
  14. Airgunforum, what future?

    He's still a member of staff. But well done on the upgrade, seems nice and zippy and clean as well.