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  1. robF

    Yin Tong pellets....

    Correlation does not equate to causation.
  2. robF

    And so my friends, the end is near....

    Isn't this it?
  3. robF

    Now there is a Funny Thing ?

    does big ben have more error when you look at it than your analogue wrist watch?
  4. robF

    World Class Veterans....

    2019 The only rule which doesn't come into effect is the PCP team size reduction, which is noted in the rules. We did have the proviso that we didn't need to accept any rule changes that caused us organisational difficulties but these don't. https://wftc2019.com/wftc-2019-rules/
  5. robF

    World Class Veterans....

  6. robF

    World Class Veterans....

    I'm afraid it's not. It was voted on last October/November by the WFTF Reps. It's done. There was plenty of discussion beforehand, each country is asked for it's opinion when a proposal is made, before it's voted on. The WFTF is busy enough without going over old ground because less than a handful of people on social media aren't in agreement with the outcome.
  7. robF

    The Pellets ?

    They're the new 8.4's, that look like 7.9's... Not tried them. But the Premiums looked short as well, and were 8.4... they appeared to drop more than 8.4's or 7.9's, but grouped really well. Down range we put about 20 through the chrono at 55yds (when I mean through, I mean though the bit you're supposed to) and we had less than 6ft/s variation.
  8. robF

    Been thinking about my shooting

    Oh you're talking about flowers. For some reason I pictured you falling asleep head first in a tub of chocolates...
  9. robF

    Been thinking about my shooting

    Brazilian Darkness or Country Fudge?
  10. robF

    Anschutz Service Kit

    I know. I know someone that bought an LG400 and an LP400 new, delivered, for the same price as an LG400 in the UK.
  11. Shame you couldn't make it Hols, hope things get better and you can make the next one.
  12. robF

    Anschutz Service Kit

    Can't see it's the germans being the problem seeing as I can buy the kit direct from them in the uk. I know neighbouring countries don't have the issue either as one shop has said about 7 days from them to you which is about what I got. It seems to be buying the stuff over the counter in the uk is the problem. It's a strange set of affairs. I thought it was supposed to be different. Then again in the past I had issues with Walther parts so just went via a dealer in Germany. Never looked back. It's not like volume is an issue as one country I can order parts from has a tiny amount of shooters compared to GB.
  13. We were down there today, didn't relish the idea of rain in 3 degs but that's course building for you. The ground is pretty sheltered, despite there being less foliage on the ground the rain didn't seem to get in and it was far from unpleasant. As tomorrow is supposed to be drier I'm quite looking forward to it. The course is in the other side of the woods from the plinking range and will shoot almost 360 degrees and looks interesting.
  14. robF

    Anschutz Service Kit

    It seems a peculiar state of affairs. Bless the internet.
  15. robF

    Anschutz Service Kit

    I am but this was for someone else who likes a tinker...