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  1. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    I think it would be nice if the BFTA had a volunteer to do that, I mean what's the point in suggesting it if there isn't one?
  2. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    The info is there... you just have to do the research. When I mean you I actually mean you Matt (or Anschutz). Otherwise you can't validate it and it's just 2nd hand info. I would have thought perhaps asking the various bodies in an official capacity would maybe yield more fruit than on an internet forum that only a handful of people visit. It might look a little more professional or committed as well.
  3. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Think it was a lot less than that at the end Jon. Kept blowing breech seals on the last two days when the temp was up, in the end he ran out. Said it was dropping over a kill low. For the shoot off he got a bucket of ice and poured it over the gun to try and get it cool so the breech seal would stay on.
  4. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Ok, anything. Even a moral victory. Hmm, I wonder if this is going how Matt expected it to... 😄
  5. robF

    Progress ?

    Is that why he didn't do Nelson?
  6. robF

    Progress ?

    Banned in WFTF.
  7. robF

    FWB 800 X ?

    Profound Hols, profound. Do we need to credit that if we use it? 😄
  8. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    The only thing he didn’t win was the Euros if I remember correctly. Ill be seeing king him soon but he’s probably going to be too preoccupied with getting married that day to write the titles and years down. Is there only two people that have won something with an Anchutz?
  9. robF

    East devon , now open

    Ah so the rumours about you sucking on a fisherman’s friend weren’t far off then.
  10. robF

    FWB 800 X ?

    Yeh, Mark really seems to be struggling with his 😄
  11. robF

    Anschutz roll of honour

    James Woodhead 2009 WFTF World PCP Champion : Anschutz 2002 Matt, you can probably look up anything Dan or James did on the BFTA website and WFTF website and go from there.
  12. robF

    JSB ‘Heavies’

    You should have come to Wales, the standers were no where near as long as that and I managed to miss 4 of them...
  13. robF

    JSB ‘Heavies’

    Which CZ? CZ is a collective of companies. We found differences between the 16 & 15mm, one of which had a choke so tight you could not rod a pellet though without using a metal rod and small hammer. And that isn’t an exaggeration.
  14. robF

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Never seen the sense of hanging gear off a pressure cylinder that changes shape and then strapping it to the barrel. Suggests a designer that doesn’t understand what they are designing. Stocks will evolve again over the next few years as the forward thinking manufacturers start junking metal cylinders. Walther already doing this. Then it will be down to where the weight is and where it can be put rather than where a moulding left it and where you can squeeze in the adjustment. Some of the off the shelf stuff is woeful. Why do most guns have 6” of stuff hanging off the front of the gun they never ever use except to maybe screw up their POI? You get a different feel with the material but that can be changed again with the bedding interface. There’s no right answer just preference. But ideally you need a stock design that you aren’t making up for deficiencies with to start with. Things like hooks and grips are also very important. Anschutz had it not too bad but from the next evolution now seemingly cannot resist throwing out function to replace with looks. Mec ok but haven’t evolved. Gemini more adjustment but hard to do and set. Future development limited by Issf rules which some manufacturers are trying to find a way around and thus development will suffer. See the short cut now for 3p is to swap entire rear end including grip for each position. Its because the Issf and German manufacturers snuggle up. The factories are happy because they don’t have to design a solution for adaptability they just make 3 expensive parts which you are attracted to buy. Issf happy because they can squeeze a convoluted finals procedure into something maybe tv friendly. At the other end of the scale you have people cooing over a design copied for the last 2 decades and just picked up by the latest person willing to undercut. There is no magic bullet but some of the biggest improvements will not be the material used but how it’s used. And I don’t see that changing soon. Look at the 9015 One.