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  1. some bloke

    Firearms chat

    Erm - that would be so that only those who have a FAC can get relevant advice and tips about FAC matters to which the UK public should have no access.
  2. some bloke

    1/2" UNF = 1/2" X ?? threads per inch?

    I think it's 20 - but I'm sure someone who knows for sure will be along soon
  3. some bloke

    Advance Warning of Downtime

    That was quick and painless job - well done mate
  4. some bloke

    chrono cb-625 combro

    In my opinion EVERY air gunner needs one if you have to travel to shoot - unless you know the gun is underpowered. It would be extremely rare to get stopped by plod - but in the event you get your gun checked it could well be sold, oops sorry destroyed for the slightest amount over the 12ftlb threshold. It's best to consider it as an essential accessory that can give you peace of mind. You may well find that your gun is very underpowered - and choose to do something about it - or likewise overpowered and do something about it. Please be advised that if you ask a registered firearms dealer to check it for you, he is (allegedly) required to steal-sorry I mean confiscate the gun - but what happens to it then? All for the sake of £40. you could also buy one, check your gun - and sell it again. EDIT: I'm cynical early in the morning
  5. some bloke

    Firearms chat

    I'm a bit deaf in one ear - could you speak a bit louder for me please while I watch your lips? :D :D :D worth a bump
  6. Ok mate, will we be advised when it's all clear?
  7. some bloke

    virus from this forum?

    I've just been sent the same one again??? Dont open any emails from this forum till this has been resolved is my advice
  8. some bloke

    virus from this forum?

    yea - all I did at the start was to open the email... to find nowt usefull except the links I subsequently clicked on the first link which pointlessly takes me to invision....but I dont have an account with vision I also tried the link to de-register for emails... which took me to the same place could admin please not send me any more emails please?
  9. some bloke

    virus from this forum?

    I just got an email from this forum - the hard drive started to rumble then norton intercepted a download trojan. While this was occuring I franticly tried several times to "end task" with the task manager - which did'nt respond... At this moment, nothing seems to have gone wrong with my Pc - but I probably wont know till I re-boot