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  1. Richardio123

    The Edge 10 Metre Target Rifle

    Anyone used or seen the Walther Lg30? R
  2. Richardio123

    zero shifting on steyr

    I would look at the scope, my Steyrs have been great from +28 to -5
  3. Richardio123

    New World Champion....

    Congratulations to all but especially James, what a shoot off that must have been. Next year John ;-) Rich
  4. Richardio123

    Sporting Rifle

    Many thanks I will have a read! Rich
  5. Richardio123

    Sporting Rifle

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if I can use a Walther GSP semi auto rifle for Sporting rifle in comps? It has an adjustable cheek piece etc!!! Cheers Rich
  6. Richardio123

    scope mounts

    I think quality is the key, use BKL double strap for dovetail or Warne mounts for weaver rail! Just my thoughts! Rich
  7. Richardio123

    Australian Youth Olympics - Sydney

    Totally agree, hopefully success will bring support! Well done to all the shooters! R
  8. Richardio123

    James Huckle going great guns!

    Shooting James Huckle won gold in the men’s 10m Air Rifle event today after a strong performance throughout the competition: “Qualification started off really well for me. I followed my routine and was looking forward to the final. In the final it is all about securing the medal. I was pretty consistent. I started steady and I knew that if I kept composed it would be pretty good at the finish. “In training I was shooting pretty well so I knew that if I kept up that level I would get a medal. “This is a stepping stone towards London 2012 for me. I love the kind of intense atmosphere at these competitions and I want more.”
  9. Richardio123

    New S and B

    Surely a scope of that magnitude does not need a side wheel! I thought it was written! " For you shall look down the scope of S&B and the number of the click will be given, thou shall not click nor more or less for disaster will strike the plate and the -swearword- wont go down! Nice one Kilty I look forward to being in the presence of said precious metal and glass ;-) R
  10. Richardio123

    Commonwealth Youth Games - Pune India

    Just wanted to say a big congratulations to James Huckle, he took the 10m air, 50m prone and the 3P gold medals! Awesome shooting Results here, Shooters from across Britain doing very well! http://results.sius.com/Championships.aspx r
  11. Richardio123

    told you So .

    I agree, a pair of welly's and a jumper if needed! (winter only)
  12. Richardio123


    Love the idea of a milk bottle scope!!!! The HFT boys can have a little foil lid with a neat little hole in the middle too ;-) Up the S&B! Down with the Euro, it just went to 0.82 today grrrrr
  13. Richardio123

    Scope hold over adjuster required

    I think Harry at Steyr does one, make sure you get the right pellet weight or it wont work!