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  1. waelwulfas

    SEFTA Winter league

    Yes, one stander, one kneeler. Although I pulled the stander, they didn't present any more difficulty than a long target; in fact, given the choppy wind today they were a better option for skill than guesswork.
  2. waelwulfas

    The Gps

    There's quite a few double entries, at least five I can see, did I offend you in a previous life
  3. waelwulfas

    Mad And the 2012 GPs .

    Dopper, I have to say that you built possibly the finest course SEFTA have presented and I don't just say that because of my result! Starting on lane 1 it was never possible to relax your shooting or gauge your final result until the very end. The shooters around me all seemed in agreement that the surroundings and the layout were superb, I heard only compliments (except for the wind). I think it was a course to test the mindset as well as the shooters skill, to achieve you had to dig deep, I missed a couple straight way on the hill and knowing the morning score was 45 it was all to easy to unwind and shoot 'off the boil' . Testimony to the 'press on regardless' spirit goes to Judit; I passed her after about 10 lanes and she was having serious issues with a new barrel unsighted over 40 or so yards. A few AA'ers in that situation would right off the day but Judit said 'Im not giving up'. To win C grade is a credit to her resolve and skill and clear proof that all grades of shooter could take on the course. And yes, the views from the hill are great. Ian
  4. waelwulfas

    SEFTA Winter League Showdown

    Are we a 9.00 start?
  5. waelwulfas

    Wendover GP4

    That's a very fair point Rob, that's going to happen, more so outside of one's own region where other competitors don't know your level of experience, grade etc. That's not a bother I appreciate anyone who's trying to prevent a dropped score Unfortunately on Sunday I was aware, notably on the silhouette range of derogatory comment in my background whilst shooting the racks. It's rather distracting, contrary to some views its still damn hard to set up a stander from the 'seated' position. My point is that we should be beyond questioning at the lane why a particular shooter is using these positions; the request is made by the shooter to the marshall at the start of the day, if there are any concerns over the validity of the disability these can be legitimately raised by the course marshal before they agree to sign off the shooter's card. I'm more than happy to chat to anyone about my situation if they have a concern/interest, I'd just rather they didn't discuss it behind me whilst I'm on a target! Grumble over, see you all at Iceni Ian
  6. waelwulfas

    Wendover GP4

    You're right there Holly, thing is it gets a little repetitive, fact is anyone shooting disabled has cleared it with the marshalls prior to shooting. I'm more than happy to discuss the protocol with other shooters, but not when I'm on aim! If I made genuinely disparaging comments behind someone on a tricky lane I reckon they might be a little miffed, particularly at GP level Ian
  7. waelwulfas

    Wendover GP4

    T'was indeed a superb course, would love to have shot that on a summer's day! Big thanks to all at Wendover. Started in the fir woods, nice and clear then fall flat on my back leaving the woods, EV's are incredibly solid as is the monster Nikko, cos I landed on mine, and it worked better than me after ! Decided not to look at my card at all, new tactic, shooting well. Enter the field where we end on those 6 jolly targets. Clear the first two, whereupon it's pointed out that I'm only four down, just need to.... Aaaaah, two double dinks later..................... From casual observation I saw more people already out of the running hit them, no complaints they were there to seperate the has from the has beens, need raise my game! Nonetheless an excellent days shooting even though I'm just storing the guns tonight after thorough cleaning. One tiny grumble. By now we should all be aware of the disabled protocol, it's been argued, debated and the decisions made. Is it really necessary for people to still question what's occuring as they walk past a shooter? Ian
  8. waelwulfas

    Need a large gun bag

    Hopefully tracked something suitable down, thanks folks for pointing me in the right direction, the little Steyr never needed a 'proper' bag. See you Sunday, please all be kind to me, I haven't qualified yet, no big scores please Ian
  9. waelwulfas

    Need a large gun bag

    Daft question from someone who's been shooting for yonks, but where can I source a nice large gun bag, that will accomodate my EV2 and Big Nikko, google isn't helping. Are FTX still making them? And yes, I've gone over to the dark side, shiney new Nikko arrived yesterday. Initial trials today indicate I may actually be able to rangefind again! Now if the wind ever dies down I can confirm my zeroes, or it'll be trial and error at ETL on Sunday. Can't be worse than Iceni Ian
  10. waelwulfas

    ETL xmas shoot

    What time's kick off Sunday, hadn't made plans as I'm supposed to be elsewhere, but might be able to rush over Ian
  11. waelwulfas


    Yep, we'll both be up on Sunday, snow permitting.
  12. waelwulfas


    Haha, Merry Christmas to the credit card company :D . Quite pleased, collect gun at 5.30pm in the dark, Saturday night. Arrive in -6 at ETL, 9.00am. Setup gun; never fired outside the factory, with a borrowed scope. Hit the course at 10 and put in a 32, making adjustments as I learnt my way round. Now to fine tune the set up and zeroing and drag myself back up the league table Ian
  13. waelwulfas

    Inter - Regionals

    Excellent work SEFTA, really sorry I had to push off early this year; although we were leading when I came off the course Ian
  14. waelwulfas

    SEFTA winter league . round 8 .

    Well that turned out well A massive thanks to Dan for the big score today that saved my bacon! Well done on an incredible season. A big thanks to Dave and Craig for a battle royale this winter. Thanks to Keith, Simone, Dave Croucher together with all the course builders and club officials that make this league happen.
  15. waelwulfas

    Iceni Winter League

    "Welcome to the SEFTA Winter League round 6, (usual briefing)...not much to add today........................................................................... .......; oh yes, the slight breeze eddying around the woods might just leave you hammering your head into the nearest tree and doubting the wisdom of pursuing this sport ever again" Well done Dan and Todd for the high scores, thanks Iceni for a superb new layout and great hospitality. If anyone draws Holly next round bring your own pen and stopwatch, you'll be marking your own card :D