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Found 2 results

  1. Hello folks, New member from Canada here, with a question re. my beloved Webley air pistol. I bought this back in the mid 1980s from a local Canadian retailer; it's seen a lot of use (and a bit of abuse) over the past 3 decades. I've recently rediscovered the joy of airguns, and have just finished giving the old Webley some TLC and a tune-up (new spring and seals, lube, etc.) My Tempest was originally in .177 but I would have had it in .22 if the retailler carried that, so I took the opportunity to order a .22 barrel when I was getting the spring and seals. I did not realize until it arrived, that the barrel was 5.6mm rather than the 5.5mm that I'm accustomed to here. I hadn't even known .22 had a 5.6mm option, till now. Some research now has revealed that Tempest barrels apparently have been made in .177, .22/5.5mm and .22/5.6mm calibers. Anyways, I went ahead and installed the 5.6mm barrel, though the only pellets I can get here are labelled as 5.5mm. The combination seems to work ok, I'm getting about 330 to 350fps with 12 to 14 grain pellets, or approximately 3.3FPE which I believe is normal for a Tempest in .22cal. There is some dieselling but I think that's also normal for a freshly lubed Tempest? I am worried though, that if the pellets are too loose for the barrel, that it might be damaging the pistol. I tried simply pushing a pellet through the barrel and it was fairly easy, although not noticably easier than say a Crosman 5.5mm barrel. When I load a pellet, it does drop easily into the breech to the point where the skirt is about 1.5mm inside. So I have three questions, I'm hoping more knowledgable folks can help me out with. Do the 5.6mm and 5.5mm barrels actually have different bores, or are they both ".22" and the difference is just in labelling / marketing? If the 5.6mm and 5.5mm barrels really are different bores, will I damage my Tempest by continuing to use 5.5mm pellets? And if the bores are different and the wrong pellets might damage the Tempest, is it worthwhile trying to find an actual 5.5mm barrel, or were they only made for the 'export' market (i.e. Canada / USA) and probably impossible to source now? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi All, I've recently purchased a Ruger Air Magnum .22 Pellet Rifle to help rid my garden of squirrels, groundhogs, opossums and any other critter that decides to eat my garden veggies. I live on a 1/2 acre lot with several neighbors. So there are a few things that I want to improve on my air magnum to help my situation. 1. Accuracy: It seems to tack shots in very tight groupings, which is perfect, but there are two parts of accuracy that are missing on this rifle. a. The first is the scope can not be adjusted to shoot any lower. My current sighting in distance is approximately 30 yards and aiming dead center on the target I hit about 3 inches high every time in nice little groups. What can I do about this? b. The front optic sight is viewable in the scope. This sucks. Is there a way to lower this. Also using the iron sights adjusted such that it aims the lowest still groups the rifle about 3 feet too high on a 30 yard target. This is absolutely terrible. Is there a way to adjust the way the rifle is shooting such that it shoots lower with iron sights as well? 2. Noise: This thing is loud. Im shooting 16 grain predator pellets and I am not going super sonic as it does not have a crack, however the noise still sounds like a paintball gun or a nail gun going off, neither of which are allowed in the neighborhood. Is there a way to maintain the killing power but reduce the noise factor? Perhaps a way to do this for when I'm going after squirrels vs that blasted ground hog? Other than those two things this gun is pretty solid, I just need some help fixing those two problems, unfortunately they are major problems, especially number 1. Thanks,