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Found 2 results

  1. www.The-Airgun-Channel.com

    Full Auto Friday (plus How to Outfit an Evanix MAX AIR)

    (This is not a Review Video) Happy Friday. This video shows the new 2019 Evanix MAX AIR high powered PCP rifle in .25 caliber. ..as well as a custom Full Auto Conquest in .25 and me and my old friend, Bad Medicine, (a .25 cal Full Auto Evanix Max with A.I.) do some messed up stuff to keep us all safe from paint cans. Thanks for Watching! -Nate
  2. There may not be many people out there who think much of these rifles, but they are possibly the most misunderstood air guns ever made. Evanix are not known for accuracy or reliability. They are however some of the most accurate and reliable PCP rifles available. The semi auto and full auto models they produced until a few years ago got a reputation for not working well. That was all due to people loading their magazines incorrectly (and other mistakes) because they were not properly instructed on how to operate these awesome rifles. I get 1 hole groups at 50 yards with my full auto Evanix and I never have a jam or mis-feed. Not ever. Find out why in this informative Evanix tutorial video: How to Run any Full Auto Evanix Rifle Here are some sample groups I shot with the rifle in the video: Thanks for Watching! -Nate