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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly I do not wish to overpower this rifle. I need it to stay within the UK limit of 12 ft/lb. Since buying a new .22 Walther LGU described as full UK power it has not performed as described inasmuch that the power level falls way short of what it was stated to be. It is my belief that Full UK Power implies that it is close to 12ft/lb output and I expected it to be, like my others around 11.30. However, it was out of the box chrongraphed on 3 different devices at 9.35 ft/lb in its standard form. Even after allowing a long run in period which has allowed the warranty to expire it still falls short at less than 10. It has been stripped and examined with no damaged seals or other component damage visible. Many different high quality pellet types and head sizes have been tried and shot but none raised the power any further. I have even tried weighing, sizing, washing and lubricating the pellets but that too had little noticeable effect. Reluctantly I have now bought a new complete 16 Joule (12 ft/lb) compression cylinder, complete piston and mainspring all stated as LGU original equipment from the manufacturer/exporter. My next move today will be to strip the rifle, compare the 'old' components with the new ones then install the new ones as a complete set and re-chronograph it. In the meantime has anyone any ideas, solutions or know of any like problems with this rifle? Thanks in advance.