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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, This little $300 Yong Heng PCP compressor in 110 volt turned out to be very high quality. I actually destroyed the compressor BEFORE I was able to start it..but this is 3/4 of an awesome review video. This video shows you this compressor Up Close and tells you everything you need to know to preform the basic set up of your Yong Heng compressor before you use it. I also show you where to buy your Yong Heng. In this video you will also find out why you should ONLY BUY a YONG HENG brand PCP compressor and never the generic Chinese PCP compressors offered online. This video also features an up close look at some Hawke Airmax scopes, the NEW $1000 Weirauch HW44 PCP pistol, and the Ataman AP16 pistol. About this compressor: If you shoot PCP at all you really need to get this item. I can't believe I used to go to the Scuba shop and pay $12 a fill. Once you get a pump like this you realize how ridiculous getting your tanks filled a a scuba shop really is! Click here to see the YONG HENG (the $300 PCP Compressor) Up-Close Look and Review Video Thanks for watching! -Nate Coming next: The KRAL ARMOUR is here!!
  2. If you have been wondering if you can afford to get into PCP shooting this may be a game changer for you. I sure wish I had one of these around this month when my Fill Station air hose was on order. At this price it’s good just to have around. Thanks for Watching! -Nate Click here for the $39 PCP Hand Pump Up Close Look & Demo
  3. $39.00 PCP Hand Pump Review (Video) with Exploding Targets! The Airgun Channel on YouTube is getting really good. My latest video is a review on the $39.00 (4500 PSI) PCP Hand Pump now available. I’m also working on some give aways to celebrate my 100th + subscriber. Thanks to all my Subscribers. Happy New Year! -Nate Click here for the $39 PCP Hand Pump Review on Youtube. Also coming soon: Review of Ataman AP16 Compact and Standard in Silver and Black Review of Hatsan Sortie .22 with Wood Stock How to Make Exploding Targets Coming some day: FX Crown Review, Trick shots, Extreme Test and more (saving up for that one) Coming Next: How and Where to Buy Air Rifles (new and used) plus Review of Best Air Pistols for Sale today