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Cant log in? Password forgotten?

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The most common access problem on the forum is that the member is trying to use their DISPLAY name instead of their LOGIN name when attempting a login.


An additional security feature requires users to login each time access is attempted from a different computer.



It's not uncommon for members to lose passwords and even login, thus preventing access to the board.


The forum's password recovery procedure works fine, but ONLY if the email address registered on the forum is still valid (a good reason to check your profile from time to time). If the email addy is no longer valid, Admin receive a warning message but can do nothing about it, because there is no way of contacting that member.


In order to retain your post count, username, continuity and joining date, all the member has to do is drop an email to admin@airgunforum.net explaining the problem and admin will help you to sort it out. There are many members on here who can attest to the success of doing just that.


Sadly, it's too much hassle for some, who either give up or register YET again, as a newbie. :wacko::wacko:

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