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Air Arms NJR100 regulator problems

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I have an Air Arms NJR100 which I bought in 1993 from Nick Jenkinson\Link Arms . The rifle is set up with a regulator extension for approx 18.5 ft\lbs

I am having a problem with the NJR100 regulator.

The rifle was clocking about 870fps consistently for about 60 shots with H&N barracudas. Recently the power went down so I opened it up to give it its 2 yearly service. I refilled the regulator to 140bar. The velocity now is very erratic. It starts off at 700fps [at 180 bar fill press] and creeps up to 900+ then creeps down again over 40 shots.[it seems to be consistent for a few shots when the fill press is around 155 bar] I have tried adjusting the striker spring screw and the striker screw itself but cannot come right. What is the difference between these 2 adjustments? What do you suggest?

The striker is clean and has no oil on it.


Guido Del Giudice www.delgi.com

Cape Town

South Africa



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Perhaps a quick email to Nick might point you in the right direction. I think this is Nick's latest email address maybe NeilM can confirm.




Hope it works out, thumb.gif




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You need to replace the PTFE seal every time you alter the reg pressure.

PTFE has no memory- Once disturbed it inheritantly will not go back in the same place as it was before it was slackened off.

Bearing in mind the seal is not working it has let in whatever pressure you have filled the air tube to, ie 180 bar and you may have a minor problem letting the air out of the reg- use a longer screw down the thread to force the valve off its seat.





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