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Forum Down Time Notice 24/08/07

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As of Friday 24th August 2007 the forum will be off line.

Time is yet to be set but will most likely be late evening.


Hopefully the forum will only be down for approximately 1 hour max.


Reason for the down time, I'm upgrading the system to the latest version.


Some of the changes will include :


* Personal profiles NEW!

* Buddy lists NEW!

* Comment within profiles NEW!

* Rate users NEW!


* Inline post editor

* Advanced poll system allowing multiple polls with multiple answers

* Automatic thumbnails created for uploaded images

* Admin control over file-types allowed as attachments


* Support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ screen-names

* Built-in user-to-user email system, without divulging addresses

* Complete private messaging system between users


* RSS Feeds

* Printable version for topics


* Users can e-mail topics

* Users can export topics as Word/HTML files


Though as of yet some of these functions may be disabled (or maybe not !!)


Fingers and what ever else crossed all will go as planned.


--Tech Support--

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