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Rob M

"No New Airgun Laws" Petition LAST DAY

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I was under the impression that the "No New Airgun Laws" petition closed at midnight last night, but it looks like it's open until midnight tonight... Sorry for the misinformation, but it means that if you missed last night you still have chance to sign...


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Just Hours to go now until the end of the "No New Airgun Laws" petition, and we have only just passed 3,700 names...


Please consider signing the petition, we need every name we can get on this. There is still a powerful campaign against airguns in Scotland, they have had a setback in that they will not be allowed to make their own 'Scotland Only' gun laws (prohibiting or severely restricting airguns) but they are still doing their damnedest to get a ban! The proposed airgun restrictions or even a complete ban were on the cards for Scotland alone, but Jack Straw (UK Home Secretary) was looking favourably on the Scottish campaign for a ban on airguns, he was recorded as saying he wanted to help them ban airguns and would see how it went as "he was minded to do the same across the whole UK" if it went ok! He is also on record as wanting to close down Bisley Shooting Ground as he has no respect at all for legal shooting sports or sportspeople.


So come on! This could STILL affect airgunners across the whole UK... Write to your MP objecting to any further restrictions on legal and safe sports and pastimes, write to Gordon Brown, write to Jacqui Smith and Alex Salmond too while you're at it, and please, SIGN THE PETITION!!!


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