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The DSRPA Summer League

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The DSRPA Summer League


Fancy a go at some paper punching from the comfort of your own club?


The Dorset Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Association has come to the end of it's winter league and will now be taking applications for the summer league.


You don't have to be in Dorset, in fact it's open to anyone in the British Isles. All you need is your targets, somewhere to shoot them, something to shoot them with, and someone to witness it.


It's open to all levels, from fresh beginners to England team members, and has classes for 10m rifle and pistol, and 6yd rifle and pistol, as well as a team competition. Over anything else it's a good way of just keeping track of how your getting on.


More info can be found at http://www.dsrpa.co.uk/ where there is also a contact form, which Barrie is always quick to respond to. You can also have a peak and mine and Rich's efforts in the 10m & 6yd rifle over the last season.


You never know, you might find out you have a knack for it, like this chappie here, James Huckle.



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