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Interesting event for springers?

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At my club I got fed up with people moaning there was a lack of events for springers. It seems that almost everyone has one at the back of the wardrobe, but unlless it's used for hunting or (rarely around here) for HFT, there it stays.


So as I was club captain at the time I decided to provide people with an event specifically for springers & gas rams, which I included just to increase the numbers shooting. As we're predomihnately a paper punching club I set it up to shoot on NSRA P14/06 targets, which seem to give about the right amount of a challenge.


The event is shot over seven three weekly rounds during the summer (just like a postal league competition). Shot on two targets per round, one at 25 yards and the other at 45 yards - ten shots on each target. Any sights may be used but the sights may not be adjusted between targets. Shoot either target first and set the sights however you wish but don't adjust them until you've shot both targets.


Shooting position is sitting at the bench with the elbows (only) rested on the bench. No other support allowed and no specialised shooting clothing or slings or gloves etc.


This event has proved very popular and is certainly a challenge for the good shots while not being so difficult it puts us lesser mortals off. Because of the limited numbers shooting in our internal club competition I score it using a handicap system similar to a Macrae handicap where everyone is shooting against their own average.


I offer this freely to anyone who wants to try it - alter or amend it as you see fit for your club or group. Believe me it's quite entertaining to get the old springers out again and shoot them on paper. I personally use a .177 HW98, a .177 Prosport and a .22 BSA Lightning, alternating the guns from round to round just to have the pleasure of shooting them all. Some surprisingly good scores can be made if you're any good. Of course the practice with a springer has improved people's shooting all round as well.


If anyone does try this event please leave some feedback to let us know how you got on.

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