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peter p


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hi what method is best to clean the bore of a match air pistol as i have heard that cleaning rods may damage the rifling .i have a secondhand morini and dont know when it was last cleaned and i have had it for about 4 months and put at least 1500 pellets through it .any replys much appreciated thankyou pete

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I would start with the shoot through VFG cleaning felts.


If this does not work then the VFG cleaning rods are designed for match air guns. They do a plastic rod with a brass end to attach the cleaning felt to.


But if the pistol has only ever been used with decent flat head pellets I suspect that is will not need cleaning. At 10m ranges it won't make the difference it can to the groups on say a 12ft/lb air rifle used at 55 yards.






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Agreed - I use felt pellets in my Steyr and my Morini. Not often probably every 3000 pellets or so.


Don't use the cheapest -rubbish- you can find - you don't want any bits of fibre detatching and getting into places they shouldn't. Buy decent cleaning pellets - they are cheap enough.


As a tip, you can fire the pellets into a soft towel so you can recover the pellet to see how dirty it is. If it is very soiled, put another one through. If not, then stop.


Also, I have heard some people put a normal pellet in backwards in the belief that the skirt will act as a scraper cleaning the barrel - no idea if it works or not.


Personally I'd avoid using a cleaning rod - you are pushing dirt down into the action area where the seals are. A pull through would be better if you don't want to use cleaning pellets.




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