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Michael Richardson

Give Credit where due

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hi guys,


I would like to post a message of recommend the following companies.


Specksavers Dover branch, the staff there are fantastic and have bent over backwards to sort out my Oylimpic champion shooting glasses, the tech guy in the lab Paul is a shooter and understands our needs.


The seccond and by no means least is:


Simon Goldsmith FCOptom, DCLP

Sports Vision Optometrist



70 Hollway Road, Stockwood, Bristol, BS14 8PG, UK

Tel: +44(0)1275 838532 Fax : +44(0)1275 835075

email: info at stewardsportsglasses.co.uk insert @ sign as removed to help prevent spam



The reason for posting this is from time to time we all need glasses for our sport.


I had my eyes tested by specsavers in Deal Kent, I was after a lens for a pair of Oylimpic champion shooting glasses, when the lens came back to my shock and horror I could not use it, I contacted specsavers they faxed my perscription over to the Dover branch who were very understanding, they allowed me to turn up to the store with my gun, found a nice room out of the publics eyes and worked dam hard to sort out the problem. They set up the lens and tested it with my gun, it appeared to be ok and indeed it was until i tried it out on an indoor range at the club where it still was not perfect.


Being really fed up I contacted Simon Goldsmith of J.H.Steward (Bisley) LTD as he is a specialist shooting optician, he asked me a few questions and told me to contact specsavers to release any information that he required to help which I did, within the hour he called me back and informed me what he had said to the guys at Specsavers, furthermore he gave good clear advice and said he would send a couple of bits to me in the post without any charge and would only have to pay if I kept them.


A big round of applause to both companies for going beyond the call of duty working fast to sort out my problem.



Hope this is of use to anyone needing glasses for our sport.


I have no financial reason to support either company, but as a shooter if I can point another sportsman in the right direction I will do so.


Regards to all





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I also used specsavers when getting my shooting glasses insert glazed, they were very friendly/helpfull and although they said 'expect a week' to get the insert back- they actually did it in under 3 days!! (just in time for my next shoot) and they were £30.00 cheaper than my local optician!





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