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Neath / Swansea HFT - Ft Club

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I have for several weeks now been making enquiries into setting up a club in the Neath /Swansea area. I have a number of contacts with land owners from my work covering Mx events etc but as with everything its finding the right piece of land with good accesss and good shooting potential.

Did think Neath and District ( NaD) would be a name and we could use different grounds each time to host a Wafta shoot.

Thus we would become the Go-Nads club!


Anyway. There are quite a few tondu FTC members travelling from the Neath / Swansea area and indeed there have been many past members that have come from the area. I know the cost of travelling has put some off keeping up membership at tondu and of course there is the Road access.

Thus, I think there is scope fr s club in the neath area.


All in the planning stage at the moment but will keep members informed as to my plans.

Possable name will be Neath and District Hunter - Field Target Club


Club would cater for HFT /Ft and general shooters (Plinkers).


If your interested in the idea and think you may be a potential member, please let me know so i can judge initial potential membership.

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